Yard Act to release new version of ‘100% Endurance’ with Elton John

Yard Act are set to release a new studio version of their track ‘100% Endurance’ featuring Elton John.

The reworked track is slated to release on July 1, and will feature vocals and new instrumental arrangements from John, per a press release.

Yard Act first released the original cut of ‘100% Endurance’ in January as part of their debut album ‘The Overload’. The track served as the album’s closer.


In a press statement, Yard Act’s James Smith revealed how the collaboration came to be: “Elton John saw our stuff and he started telling the press he thought we were good and then we chatted on the phone and after a few calls I said ‘Elton, do you want to come to the studio and play piano on a tune?’ because, fuck it, it doesn’t matter if he says no. Anyway, he said ‘yes’, so it doesn’t matter that he didn’t say no.”

Speaking to NME in October last year for a Big Read cover feature, Elton John spoke of his fondness for the Leeds band, describing their musical style as “a different ballgame”. He added: “I can’t do it but I love it and I wonder how they do it.”

Yard Act released a stripped-back cover of ‘Tiny Dancer’ in January and finally got the chance to speak to Elton John on his Apple Music 1 show, Rocket Hour to promote their newly released album.

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“As you probably know, I’m a big fan and have been since I first heard your first record,” John said to Yard Act. “I like the fact that young acts are actually writing about what we’ve become, what the world is like now, how unjust it is, how awful it is.”

Elton added: “I would love to catch up with you and see you in person, buy you dinner, come to a show. And I wish you all the best, all the band and everything.”


Yard Act are set to perform at Glastonbury this weekend, followed by a tour of the UK in July. You can purchase tickets here.

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