50 Cent deletes Instagram post about exposing the TV industry

50 Cent has deleted a recent post from his Instagram in regards to exposing the TV industry.

The rapper and G-Unit leader has had an illustrious career in the TV industry, including having co-created and executively produced the popular crime-drama series, Power.

On Sunday (March 25), he posted that he would expose the TV industry if he could. In the now-deleted post, he allegedly captioned a picture of FOX 5 News correspondent Lisa Evers saying: “This lady from Fox 5 News called asking if I would speak to her about my experience in television production.”


He finished the anecdote by saying: “I said, ‘Like [about] real behind-the-scenes’…if she does this the TV is going to go black.”

In another post – that is still available on his feed – you can see him boast about his resounding media success in an infographic of where he’s worked.

Noticeably, he crossed out Starz, the original streaming platform and production house for Power and its series.

In the caption, he claimed that “…there is not [one] African American person with green-light power in all of television. WTF, I gotta turn it up now!”

This isn’t the first time that 50 Cent has posted and then deleted something on Instagram. He recently came under fire for creating some hysteria around Grand Theft Auto 6 by captioning a picture of Vice City and saying he’s working on something “bigger than Power.”


In other news, Ja Rule has addressed Melle Mel‘s claims that him trying like 50 Cent ended his music career. He also is headlining this year’s Wireless Festival alongside Playboi Carti and D-Block Europe.

Meanwhile, in February, according to Variety, 50 Cent signed “a non-exclusive broadcast direct deal to develop scripted dramas, live-action comedies and animated series through his production company G-Unit Film & Television” with Fox Entertainment.

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Craig Charles reassures fans “he’s not dying” after falling ill live on air and being hospitalised

Craig Charles was hospitalised after he fell ill live on air.

The DJ was in the middle of presenting his BBC 6 Music show on Wednesday (March 22) when he reportedly developed a number of concerning symptoms.

Charles described on air today (March 24) how he suffered from “tingling” in his fingers, as well as a “pain” in the right shoulder which lanced up his neck and head. Despite concern from his production staff, Charles continued with the show and only went to the hospital following the end of his slot on 6 Music.


“My hands couldn’t grip the pen and my fingers were tingling,” he told listeners (as per Mirror Online). “I had a pain in the right side of me shoulder going up my neck and into the back of my head.”

Craig Charles
Craig Charles was rushed to hospital after he fell ill live on air during his BBC 6 Music show. CREDIT: BBC

The former Red Dwarf star added that his producer had asked if he was OK, to which he replied:”Not really, but we’ll get through the show.”

Charles was then reportedly urged by BBC colleagues to go to hospital, however, it wasn’t until his wife Jackie became involved that he was rushed to A&E at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester.

The DJ explained what happened when arrived at hospital during his show earlier on today. He described to listeners how he was given an ECG test straight away to rule out any heart problems, though he added that he spent 24 hours in hospital undergoing a number of tests.

Charles said that a CT scan was all clear with Doctors telling him that “nothing [is] wrong with the brain, and the blood flows going quite nicely from my neck up into my head so I’m fine”. He also underwent an MRI while in the hospital.


Charles added that doctors still don’t know what’s wrong with him, but reassured listeners on his Friday show that he’s “not dying yet”. He quipped: “So nearly 24 hours in the hospital and they still don’t know what’s wrong with me but at least I’m not dying yet.”

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Billie Eilish’s ‘Swarm’ role was inspired by a real-life cult leader

The real-life inspiration behind Billie Eilish‘s role in the Donald Glover-written and produced Amazon Prime Video series, Swarm, has been revealed.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Swarm’s co-writer and producer Janine Nabers revealed that the role – Eilish’s first – was inspired by the infamous Hollywood-adjacent cult NXIVM and its leader Keith Raniere.

In Swarm, Eilish stars as Eva, the young executive director of a female empowerment group that later is revealed to be a cult.


“There is a cult that existed in the world that was very prominent during that time,” Nabers told The Hollywood Reporter. “And that is the kind of true-crime element to that episode. And I think that when people think of the idea of artists or celebrities, there is this idea of thinking about the cult of Taylor Swift, or the cult of the Beatles or whatever. What we were really interested in was just seeing someone who worships at the altar of ‘something,’ and (exploring) this idea of what is the cult of the mind.”

The show’s protagonist is played by Dominique Fishback who added, saying Eilish was “respectful of the craft” and “came in with ideas, wanting to talk about it, being game to rehearse.”

Set between 2016 and 2018, Swarm follows Dre (Dominique Fishback), a fan of the fictional music icon Ni’Jah, whose love for her favorite singer crosses the line from obsessive to murderous.

Swarm is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video now.

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‘The White Lotus” Will Sharpe to direct Japanese Breakfast’s ‘Crying In H Mart’

Japanese Breakfast‘s Michelle Zauner has announced that the film adaptation of her memoir, Crying In H Mart, will be directed by Will Sharpe.

The book, which arrived in 2021, explores how the death of Zauner’s mother forced a reckoning with the musician’s Korean-American identity.

Zauner dealt with her grief by writing music, and explained in a press release that being creative while “embracing of Korean food and culture” made her feel closer to her late mother.


The musician previously confirmed in 2021 that there would be a film adaptation of her book. Now, she has revealed that Will Sharpe, who plays Ethan Spiller in The White Lotus, will be on hand to direct.

Speaking about Zauner’s memoir, Sharpe told PEOPLE: “There were lots of things that resonated with me as somebody who is half-Japanese, half-British, spent my childhood in Tokyo. Some of the descriptions of being jet-lagged in your family’s kitchen felt very familiar to me.”

Zauner added that Sharpe’s “sensitivity as a director and an actor, his ability to find humour and grace within the tragedy of the everyday, and his own personal experience, having grown up between two cultures, make[s] him the perfect director for this film.”

Zauner previously gave an update on her progress on the film in 2022. Speaking to Consequence, she said: “So I actually just finished the first draft of the screenplay.

“My producers really like it, so hopefully the revision process won’t be too brutal. And yeah, hopefully that will come out sometime in the next couple years. I’m just playing a lot of festivals and being back on the road, and Crying In H Mart the movie [will arrive] maybe sometime in the next few years.”


Zauner’s memoir was developed from an essay she wrote for The New Yorker in August 2018, also titled Crying In H Mart.

Japanese Breakfast are set to play a number of festivals this summer, including Primavera Sound, B-Sides Festival and Roskilde Festival. They’ll then perform several shows in North America as part of Beck and Phoenix’s co-headline ‘Summer Odyssey’ tour. The stint will take place between August 1 and September 10, with Zauner’s band joining them for dates in California, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado.

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Riley Keough took inspiration from Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin to play Daisy Jones

Riley Keough has named Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin as some of her reference points for her characterisation of the title character in Amazon Prime Video’s Daisy Jones And The Six

Keough explained that she looked at men for inspiration for Daisy Jones as she felt like the show’s protagonist was “ahead of her time” for a frontwoman in a band in the 1970s.

“I was like, ‘I’m not going to exclusively look at women; I want to look at Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix’. I pulled influence from men because I felt like Daisy was ahead of her time, in terms of how open and how willing she was to go into a space and be confident. I think that was really hard for women to do,” she told Porter.


“I watched so many videos of [singers] in that era to get a sense of their movements. There wasn’t the freedom there is now for women, and that is evident in how they behaved on stage. It was much more restricted in the 1970s, so I struggled with that because my body movements are so inherently of my generation.”

Daisy Jones
CREDIT: Prime Video

Keough also discussed the manner in which she wanted to portray Daisy’s substance abuse. “Because this is something I’ve experienced in my family,” she explained, “I wanted the moments in which you see Daisy’s addiction to not feel glamorous; to make sure that those moments had weight to them; that we’re seeing the humanity behind the closed doors of what people are perceiving to be glamour.”

The actress also revealed that the adaptation of Taylor Jenkins-Reid’s bestselling book was meant to be filmed in 2020, but was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We ended up having a year to rehearse and learn our instruments, and we became a pretty legit band [over Zoom],” recalled Keough. “I was like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe we’re playing live and we know what we’re doing’. We didn’t have to fake the confidence in ourselves – it was authentic. In hindsight, a month or two of rehearsal [as originally planned] would have done nothing for us. It would have been a lot of pretending.”

Some fans of the show noticed an Easter egg in the second episode of the show referencing Keough’s grandfather, Elvis Presley.

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