When Tom Morello Became a Stripper to Buy a Hot Tub

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello recalled the time he became a stripper in his student years so he could buy a hot tub.

He and his roommate believed that fitting out the living room of their apartment would improve their dating lives, even though they knew they could never offer a luxury edition of the experience.

“We of course couldn’t afford a hot tub,” Morello told Howard Stern on SiriusXM. “We figured out how much money it was going to take to buy an indoor kiddie pool, a water heater and this, that and the other to simulate a hot tub. And then we worked toward that with extracurricular activity.”

He wound up working at bachelorette parties. “You’re wearing a suit, and you knock at the door, ask for a cup of sugar, [the Commodores’] ‘Brick House’ comes on the stereo … it wasn’t awesome, I can tell you,” he said. “It was weird; it didn’t last long. We were just trying to make a certain amount of money to get that horrible hot tub in our place. And then we retired.”

Morello outlined just how horrible the resulting construction was. “Having a three-and-a-half foot tall, 10-foot diameter, 101-degree roommate is a horrible roommate,” he said. When Stern suggested he could go back into the stripper business when he isn’t touring, Morello replied: “The rates have gone up considerably!”

You can hear the interview below.

The conversation led to a discussion of RATM’s famous nude protest against the PMRC at Lollapalooza in 1993. Instead of playing their 15-minute expected set, the band stood onstage for the allotted time without clothing, with tape over their mouths, each with one letter of the PMRC title scrawled across his chest.

“Ironically, this is the day the record company sent everybody down to the show,” Morello said. “’The hottest new band on Lollapalooza! You’re gonna see them in all their glory!’ And we didn’t even play! It was like a 15-minute feedback protest of nudity … and then we left the stage. I remember talking to one of the record execs afterwards, and he was like, ‘Thanks a lot for that.’ I’m like, ‘Hey, man, you sign a band named Rage Against the Machine, you get rage against the machine!’”

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Tom Morello + Slash Almost Got Blown Up at an Ozzy Osbourne Show

It’s not uncommon for the occasional mishap to occur when guests are invited into a set, but guitar greats Tom Morello and Slash found themselves unknowingly in danger of serious bodily harm while joining Ozzy Osbourne at his 2015 Voodoo Music Experience headline set.

Morello relayed the story to SiriusXM host Howard Stern as seen in the video below. This show in particular was an “Ozzy and Friends” set, with the legendary Black Sabbath vocalist also welcoming Geezer Butler as the other big name during the Halloween performance.

The Rage Against the Machine guitarist starts laying the groundwork for the events to come stating, “It’s me and Slash and we’re playing in New Orleans with Ozzy … and we’re all coming out to play ‘Paranoid’ at the end for the big finale. He plays ‘Iron Man’ and then it says ‘Mama I’m Coming Home’ on the setlist and then ‘Paranoid.’ And the crew says, ‘He never plays ‘Mama I’m Coming Home’ so after ‘Iron Man’ get ready to go out there and rock ‘Paranoid.’ Got it. So we got our guitars on and he finished ‘Iron Man’ and Slash and I walk out there and Ozzy goes, ‘The next song’s called ‘Mama I’m Coming Home.'”

According to Morello, he and Slash quickly retreated realizing they weren’t supposed to be onstage yet and found a spot at the back of the stage to wait until it was time. But the story doesn’t end there.

As Morello tells it to Stern, “There’s a crew guy gesticulating wildly. He’s apoplectic and I can’t hear him because it’s super loud and we’re like ‘What?’ He must have been afraid or had been scolded that you can’t come across the stage for any reason, but he’s trying to convey what’s really a very important message to us. So finally, he can’t stand it and he runs over and says, ‘You’re sitting on the pyro.'”

Though that evening may be memorable for the near catastrophe, Morello did have some highlights that will stick with him. He first appeared during the second song of the night, “Mr. Crowley,” and also played on “Bark at the Moon,” “Iron Man,” “N.I.B.,” and yes, finally “Paranoid” to conclude the night (according to Setlist.fm)

Tom Morello Reveals the Time He and Slash Almost Got Blown Up at an Ozzy Osbourne Concert (SiriusXM’s Howard Stern Show)

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Tom Morello Overseeing Music for Netflix’s ‘Metal Lords’ Film

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello is adding to his busy schedule, signing on as the executive music producer for the upcoming Netflix film Metal Lords from the Game of Thrones team of David Benioff, D.B. Weiss and Greg Shapiro.

The film centers on two high school kids who are the only metal fans in their school who decide they want to start a heavy metal band. Jaeden Martell (Knives Out, It), Isis Hainsworth (Misbehaviour, Emma) and newcomer Adrian Greensmith are set to star in the film.

The subject matter seems something that would be right up Morello’s alley as the guitarist has often spoken about his early attempts at bands and shared eloquently some of the group’s that inspired his love for heavy music,

For Morello, this continues a relationship that he’s held with the Game of Thrones creators. Fans might remember in 2019 when Morello joined Weiss as well as fellow guitarists Scott Ian, Nuno Bettencourt and Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djwadi for a jam session rocking Fender created Game of Thrones-inspired guitars while playing the Game of Thrones theme.

Weiss will serve as the central writer for the movie and the film project also has Peter Sollett attached to direct, who previously worked on another music-centric film, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. While an official release date has not been announced, Metal Lords is expected to be released by Netflix globally “later this year.”

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We Finally Know Why Tom Morello Never Cuts His Guitar Strings

Many of life’s biggest questions remain unanswered: What’s the meaning of life? How are the Giza pyramids so precise in measurement? Why does Tom Morello never cut the strings off the headstocks on his guitars? At long last, we have the answer to that last question, straight from the man himself.

The answer came as part of the Rage Against the Machine axeman’s appearance on The Howard Stern Show where the the legendary radio personality secured an answer to a longstanding question, as has been his knack throughout his decades on the air.

The short and long answer to it all basically boils down to the fact that those loose ends of strings just look really cool. The dilemma for Morello, however, was that the coolness had to be earned.

“By the way, why do you not cut your strings? Why do you always have your strings sticking out? I feel like it’s an accident,” asked Stern (transcription via Guitar World) after engaging Morello in conversation about his pre-Rage Against the Machine group Electric Sheep.

The guitarist clarified that the move was “no accident” and that he “didn’t cut the strings because I thought it looked cool.”

Other musicians in the area had a different opinion though and weren’t bashful about expressing their thoughts directly with Morello.

“I was shamed by a musician friend. He said, ‘Who do you think you are? Do you think you’re in the baddest band in town?’ I thought, ‘I’m definitely not,’ so I cut my strings,” he relayed. Certainly, this was before his band went on to pen the iconic line, “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.”

Eventually, there came a time in his life where he felt comfortable letting his strings hang out. “Years later, when I was in Rage Against the Machine, I was in the baddest band in town and so I let my strings go,” he beamed.

That baddest band in town also a candidate for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame‘s class of 2021 having received their nomination earlier this year.

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Watch Guitarist’s Jaw-Dropping Cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’

If you can make guitarists like Tom Morello and Vernon Reid stand up and say wow, you might be onto something. That’s what happened for young Polish experimental guitarist Marcin Patrzalek, who just delivered a jaw-dropping version of Led Zeppelin‘s “Kashmir” that’s making the Internet rounds.

This isn’t the first time Marcin has graced Loudwire’s coverage for his playing, previously blending Beethoven with System of a Down during a 2019 appearance on America’s Got Talent. The guitarist has a knack for not only being nimble across the fretboard but also being able to slap his instrument adding percussion into the mix, and his arrangement for Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” is something you’ve got to see.

For his performance, Marcin sets up in the middle of a parking garage, finding the acoustic particularly beneficial to his performance. Have a look in his Instagram post below.

Shortly after the post went up over the weekend, word quickly spread online. Tom Morello offered, “Some people are just really talented,” with the hashtag: #HogwartsAxeslinger nodding to Marcin’s coat and clean cut look. The guitarist hadn’t even posted yet on Twitter when he spotted Morello’s comment.

The Rage Against the Machine guitarist wasn’t the only one providing praise. Living Colour‘s Vernon Reid stated, “Jimmy Page ain’t seen THAT coming!
Got DAYUM.” KISSPaul Stanley offered “WOW!,” while commenting on the video. And Jeremy Edge Project singer-guitarist Jeremy Edge called the performance “amazing.” Marcin is also now on the radar of Michael McKean, also known as Spinal Tap‘s David St. Hubbins, after the actor spotted Alyssa Milano’s post on the young guitarist.

Marcin later tweeted his appreciation for all the love shared online and added, “Check out my full videos on YouTube or if you’re brave enough there’s guitar tabs on my website! Much love.”

The guitarist signed to Sony Music in 2020, but fans can still check out his musical interpretations online. For those interested, you can check out his guitar tabs via his website. You’ll also find performances via his YouTube and Instagram accounts.

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