Carcass’ New Song Is Death ‘N’ Roll Perfection

Carcass‘ new album Torn Arteries may not be coming out in 2020 as originally promised, but the band is at least serving up a four-track EP platter titled Despicable. With “The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue” already out, the shape-shifting death metal unit has now dished out “The Long and Winding Bier Road” as the follow-up in advance of the EP’s release.

“Well, the COVID situation has put the release of the new Carcass album on the backburner for the time being,” said bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker. “Given that we said there’d be new music in August, we thought it would be cool to have a stop-gap release and let you hear some of the tracks that never quite made the cut. Don’t say we never give you anything. Enjoy.”

“The Long and Winding Bier Road” draws parallels to Carcass’ divisive 1996 record, Swansong, which stood as their last until the comeback record Surgical Steel was released in 2013. This is the more rockin’ side of Carcass, though not without those choppy, staccato riffs that keep the band’s sound rooted in the extreme.

Listen to the new track below.

Despicable will be released Oct. 30 through Nuclear Blast. Pre-order your copy here.

Carcass, “The Long and Winding Bier Road”

Carcass, Despicable EP Artwork + Track Listing

Nuclear Blast

01. “The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue”
02. “The Long And Winding Bier Road”
03. “Under The Scalpel Blade” (album version)
04. “Slaughtered In Soho”

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Deftones’ New Song ‘Genesis’ Is Heavy as F–k

Deftones can do no wrong, and their newest song “Genesis” is one of the heaviest of their career. From the highly anticipated Ohms, Deftones mix fat grooves with the violent, yet etherial vocals of Chino Moreno.

The title track to Ohms was received with massive fanfare earlier this year, easily wracking up three million views on YouTube in a month. While “Ohms” fits into the more atmospheric, transcendental side of Deftones’ sound, “Genesis” is uncompromising and vicious, expertly balancing a simple, two-note main riff from a reinvigorated Stephen Carpenter, who sat out for much of the Gore writing sessions.

Check out the lyrics to “Genesis” below via Genius:

[Verse 1]
I reject
Both sides of what I’m being told
I’ve seen right through
Now I watch how wild it gets
I finally achieve
Balance, balance, balance, balance
Approaching a delayed
Rebirth, rebirth, rebirth, rebirth
I’m positive
There’s no sense to what I’m being sold
Yet here I go
I watch how wild we get
Oh, can you taste your life?
Balanced, balanced, balanced, balanced
How will you spend your time?
Reborn, reborn, reborn, reborn

Climbing out of the ashes
Turning time inside out
We’re miles beyond the sound

[Verse 2]
We’ll start again
Taste a lifestyle that never gets old
Yet here we go
Just watch how wild it gets
I finally achieve
Balance, balance, balance, balance
Approaching a delayed
Rebirth, rebirth, rebirth, rebirth

Climbing out of the ashes
We’re turning time inside out
We’re floating off in the ether
We’re miles beyond the sound

We’re everywhere
No need to return
I’ll show you the way
We’re everywhere
No need to return
I can show you where
No need to return
I can show you

Climbing out of the ashes
We’re turning time inside out
Floating off in the ether
We’re miles beyond the sound

Oh, can you taste your life?
How will you spend your time?

“Everybody gets together and we lock ourselves in a room and we write together, which I think that’s the important part, that we’re not just sending ideas over the Internet,” Moreno recently explained to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. “We’re actually writing music together. But once we do that, everybody steps away and goes back into their own little worlds, and then we take a tally on what’s this and what’s that and then we can work that way. So it’s worked out for us.”

Ohms was recorded at Henson Studios in Los Angeles and Trainwreck Studios in Woodinville, Washington, reuniting the band with producer Terry Date. Listen to “Genesis” below and you can pre-order the album ahead of the Sept. 25 release at this location.

Deftones – Genesis (Official Music Video)

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NSFW: Alpha Wolf Debut Violent ‘Restricted (R18+)’ Music Video

Alpha Wolf, an ascending metalcore group out of Australia, have just put out what has to be the year’s most disturbing music video and one that requires a warning for all potential viewers due to its extreme and graphic themes. The rated-R clip for “Restricted (R18+)” makes no effort to mask the uncomfortable reality of domestic abuse, suicide and thoughts of revenge and murder.

“The following clip contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing, including scenes of assault, violence and suicide. Viewer discretion is advised,” reads a warning before the music video begins.

In “Restricted (R18+),” Alpha Wolf blend feral, brutish hardcore rhythms with scenes depicting a woman tormented by an abusive father figure at home. As the video plays out, we see the woman flash back to violent scenes from her childhood as she blankly stares down the manifestation of her younger self in the home’s halls. In the present, the father figure remains prone to violent action, which prompts thoughts of murder in the woman’s mind. We see this urge play out, but only in fantasy as the video ends on an overhead shot of the woman lying in a tub filled with blood-soaked water, her bleeding arm lying over the edge as blood pools on the floor.

Read the lyrics to“Restricted (R18+)” directly below and watch the NSFW video further down the page.

I had a dream I slit your throat
I saw you bleed, I saw you choke
Found peace in the prophecy
Though it left when I awoke

Trouble on my mind, digging graves in my sleep
Turn me loose, I might snap.

It’s the devil in broad day
Smile make a pretty face

Blame it on the bloodline, no
Blame it on the state of mind

Suffering soul, never let it go
Suffering soul, exorcise the ghost

Don’t you ever think I would forget
Don’t you ever think I would forgive
I’ll keep having these thoughts
Until you’re fucking dead

Been spinning webs in my head
Bending my mental backwards
Dying to justify insidious intentions

I had a dream I slit your throat
No sweet dreams, no goodnight

Predator, prey
Dreams a reality
Predator now prey
Now pray

If I were you, I’d wanna kill myself too

The song comes from Alpha Wolf’s forthcoming second album, A Quiet Place to Die, which will be released Sept. 25 through SharpTone Records and Greyscale Records. To pre-order the album, head here.

Alpha Wolf, “Restricted (R18+)” Music Video

Alpha Wolf, A Quiet Place to Die Album Art + Track Listing

1. “a quiet place to die”
2. “Creep”
3. “Golden Fate; Isolate”
4. “Akudama”
5. “Acid Romance”
6. “Rot In Pieces”
7. “bleed 4 you”
8. “Ultra-Violet Violence”
9. “The Mind Bends To A Will Of Its Own”
10. “Restricted (R18+)”
11. “don’t ask…”

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Rise Against Unleash First New Song in Three Years + Batman Video

Rise Against have just debuted their first new song since 2017, “Broken Dreams, Inc.” The track acts as a companion piece for DC’s Dark Nights: Death Metal comic books, debuting with a music video inspired by the limited series.

Dark Nights: Death Metal is a seven-part series promising to act as the final battleground for Batman to take on one of his most evil and sadistic foes, The Batman Who Laughs. The first three issues, created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, have already been released, with the remaining four scheduled into 2021.

As for “Broken Dreams, Inc.” the Rise Against track bridges the DC universe with the social issues the United States faces today.

“’Broken Dreams, Inc.’ speaks to today’s changing landscape of American society, the opportunities that are available to some but not to others, the people who are able to benefit versus those who get left behind, who suffer and end up as casualties. How do we level the playing field so everyone can have a real chance at attaining the American Dream?,” says Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath.

“One word, ‘disruption.’  You have to put power into the hands of the people, not business, you have to value people and community over profit. You can’t have a shareholder-run country or a shareholder-run world, a world that values profit above all else, because profit above all else can result in dangerous repercussions for humankind.”

“Broken Dreams, Inc.” is the opening cut to the official Dark Nights: Death Metal soundtrack, which also features Marilyn Manson’s “Warship My Wreck.”

Watch the video for Rise Against’s new track below and click here to check out Dark Nights: Death Metal.

Rise Against – Broken Dreams, Inc. (DC – Dark Nights: Death Metal Version / Lyric Video)

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Hear Fu Manchu Cover Rush’s ‘Working Man’

Fu Manchu have recorded a version of Rush‘s “Working Man” for charity as a tribute to drummer Neil Peart, who died this past January.

The band wrote in a Facebook message: “In tribute to the Professor, Neil Peart, we are releasing our version of Rush’s ‘Working Man’ that we recorded January 2020. All proceeds will benefit Brain Tumor Research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in his memory.”

Even though Peart didn’t perform on the studio version of “Working Man” – original drummer John Rutsey played on Rush’s 1974 self-titled debut album – Fu Manchu chose to cover the song because “members of our band and our manager were in the audience on Aug. 1, 2015, when this was the final song played by Neil, Geddy [Lee] and Alex [Lifeson]. We are forever grateful for all of the music and memories.”

You can listen to Fu Manchu’s cover of “Working Man” below.

Back in 2018, Fu Manchu enlisted Lifeson to play guitar on “Il Mostro Atomico,” an 18-minute track from their Clone of the Universe album. The connection came via their respective managers, who are friends. As frontman Scott Hill recalled, “Without asking us, our manager was like, ‘Hey, would Alex want to play on their new record?’ His manager asked him and got back to our manager, like, ‘Oh, yeah, he totally will. Send him a song!’ When he told us, we were all like, ‘Holy shit!’ We immediately reverted back to the Rush fans we were in seventh grade!”

The band sent a demo of “Il Mostro Atomico” to Lifeson with instructions: “Dude, do whatever you want, wherever you want!” The guitarist responded with several ideas, and they chose what Hill called a “really effected guitar riff” and “stuff with a bunch of different effects, all these sci-fi sounds and pick slides. … He really added to it. That riff that he played, that wasn’t even in the song! I remember leaving the studio that night after we first got it back from him, and we were all like, ‘Fuck, this is insane!’”

In 2011, Fu Manchu released The Covers, a collection of songs originally recorded by Van Halen, the CarsBlue Oyster Cult and others. This past April, they put out their version of the Doobie Brothers‘ “Takin’ It to the Streets.”

“Sounds like they are having fun with the arrangement,” Doobies guitarist Patrick Simmons said at the time. “I always thought it was a sort of an angry indictment of the establishment in many ways when I first heard the song. This arrangement sounds plenty angry! Thanks, guys!”

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When the Beatles Overcame Doubts to Release ‘Yesterday’

When Paul McCartney came up with the Beatles classic “Yesterday,” he played it for as many people as he could.

It wasn’t because he was looking for criticism, but because he wanted to know if people recognized it. He was concerned that, instead of having written it himself, he’d accidentally stolen it from someone else.

Famously, McCartney dreamed the melody, then woke up and rushed to his bedroom piano to figure it out. “For about a month I went round to people in the music business and asked them whether they had ever heard it before,” he said later. “Eventually it became like handing something in to the police. I thought if no one claimed it after a few weeks then I could have it.”

He eventually felt comfortable enough to present his creation to the band but, for the first time in their history, it was determined that there was nothing for the other three Beatles to contribute. Instead, producer George Martin suggested a string section, which McCartney originally rejected, arguing that the Beatles were a rock ’n’ roll band. McCartney eventually agreed to use a string quartet, and he worked with Martin on the arrangement.

Martin oversaw the recording in June 1965, and although George Harrison’s voice is heard in the studio, he didn’t join in. The producer even questioned whether it should even be credited to the band. “I discussed this with [manager] Brian Epstein: ‘You know, this is Paul’s song … shall we call it Paul McCartney?’” Martin recalled later. Manager Epstein countered: “No, whatever we do we are not splitting up the Beatles.”

The band themselves felt it was too different to the rest of their output, and didn’t feel it was right for a single. “That would have been getting above yourself,” McCartney said. “We were always watching each other for any signs of that. … It was such a democracy. So ‘Yesterday’ would have meant that the spotlight would go on me, so we never did that. In America maybe. We would allow it there because we weren’t living there… but here, no way on earth.”

Their American label, Capitol, did indeed launch “Yesterday” on seven-inch vinyl on Sept. 13, 1965, a month after appearing on the British release of the Help! album. It went to No. 1 and stayed for four weeks.

The string section helped usher in the sub-genre of chamber pop, leading to such classics as the Beach BoysPet Sounds, the ZombiesOdessey and Oracle and the Left Banke’s “Walk Away Renee.” For the Beatles, it gave them the first taste of instrumentation not regularly used in rock, which would soon pay dividends. It also helped change the minds of an older audience, since it showed that they were quickly maturing both musically and lyrically.

It was eventually released as a single in the U.K., in 1976, and it reached No. 8. By that time, dozens of other artists had delivered their own versions. Said to have been recorded over 2,200 times and performed over seven million times, it was twice voted the best pop song of the 20th century and inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Its most recent return to the limelight was as a key plot element in the 2019 fantasy movie also titled Yesterday, in which a struggling musician wakes up in a world where no one else remembers the Beatles, and begins to plagiarize their work, including “Yesterday” – an interesting twist, given McCartney’s original concerns about the song’s origins.

The Beatles – ‘Yesterday’

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Rise Against’s New Song to Be on DC Comics Death Metal Soundtrack

Rise Against‘s first new song in three years, “Broken Dreams, Inc.” will be arriving on Sept. 16 as the lead track off the Dark Nights: Death Metal The Original Soundtrack, the companion album to the seven-issue DC Comics series, Dark Nights: Death Metal.

“Personally, being involved with this soundtrack is really fantastic,” commented Rise Against singer Tim McIlrath.

Recollecting a favorite memory, McIlrath continued, “Growing up, my little brother and I would ride our bikes to the newsstand near our house and spend all our money on the latest comic books, and Batman was a favorite. Also, Zach, our guitarist, is probably the biggest comic book geek in our band. He’s talked about how, along with his brother and father, they were all big DC fans — Batman, Robin, Superman, Aquaman, all the comic book series, the TV shows, and feature films. So, yes, we’re all very excited about being part of this.”

Listen to a teaser of “Broken Dreams, Inc.” further below.

The soundtrack was executive produced by Tyler Bates (Guardians of the Galaxy, the John Wick franchise, Dawn of the Dead reboot). The iconic composer offered, “In Dark Nights: Death Metal, Loma Vista Recordings and I saw an opportunity to bring artists together to create a diverse soundtrack that is inspired directly by this incredible comic series.”

Addressing the elephant in the room, Bates clarified, “Our intent is not to literally create a death metal soundtrack, but instead, to illuminate the darkest corners of each character’s psyche from an authentic perspective that is thematically inherent in death metal music.”

“But a soundtrack is merely a collection of songs unless it is holistically intertwined with the story teller’s original work,” Bates added, “With the support of DC and Loma Vista Recordings, and with the help of several artists, I’m creating a short-form animatic film series derived from Greg Capullo’s original artwork for Dark Nights: Death Metal. I’ve invited artists on the soundtrack, and pop-culture personalities alike, to voice the characters illustrated in Scott and Greg’s masterful take on classic DC characters. This has possibly never been more relevant to real life than the challenging time the world is currently experiencing.”

“Broken Dreams, Inc.” will be the first new song Rise Against has released since putting out their eighth album, Wolves, in 2017.

Rise Against, “Broken Dreams, Inc.” DC Comics Trailer

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Dark Tranquillity’s Melodeath Reign Continues on ‘Phantom Days’

Swedish melodic death metal veterans Dark Tranquillity have revealed that Moment will stand as their first new album in four years. “Phantom Days,” the album’s opening track, has also been selected as the first single.

It’s never a question of if Dark Tranqullity will go heavy on the melodies; it’s more about how they will use them. On “Phantom Days,” the band gets playful with their songwriting, letting that soaring chorus rip before crashing back down with thrashier bits to round out Dark Tranqullity’s perfected sense of dynamism.

Listen to “Phantom Days” below.

Eager for fans to hear what else is to come, Dark Tranquillity, exclaimed, “It’s happening again! We are proud to announce that our 12th album Moment will be released on November 20 worldwide. This has been in the works for a long time and we hope this finds you well and gives some sort of respite in these trying times. Crank up ‘Phantom Days’ and find the best pre-order option. Cheers from the DT camp.”

This year saw the formal departure of founding guitarist Niclas Sundlin, who had taken a break from the band in 2016 to focus on family life. In his place, Dark Tranquillity made guitarists Christopher Amott and Johan Reinholdz permanent members, both of whom had been touring with the group since 2016.

Pre-order Moment hereand view the complete track listing and album art further down the page.

Earlier in 2020, Dark Tranquillity keyboardist Martin Brändström launched the metal-only social media app Bandbond where fans can follow bands and their members directly, without any nagging algorithms that only show you a small portion of the posts from accounts you follow.

Dark Tranquillity, “Phantom Days”

Dark Tranquillity, Moment Album Art + Track Listing

Century Media

01. “Phantom Days”
02. “Transient”
03. “Identical to None”
04. “The Dark Unbroken”
05. “Remain in the Unknown”
06. “Standstill”
07. “Ego Deception”
08. “A Drawn Out Exit”
09. “Eyes of the World”
10. “Failstate”
11. “Empires Lost to Time”
12. “In Truth Divided”

2020’s Best Metal Songs (So Far)

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Hatebreed Debut Bruising New Song, Announce Eighth Album

Hardcore heavyweights Hatebreed have finally unveiled all the details to their long-awaited new album, Weight of the False Self and alongside this news comes the album’s bruising title track.

“Weight of the False Self” couldn’t have come at a better time. Amid a dark 2020 comes this new Hatebreed anthem which implores listeners to unleash the power within and be the difference they want to see in the world.

The 12-track record will be the eighth from the Connecticut-based group and will not contain the “When the Blade Drops” single that was released earlier this year, before the album’s announcement was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Weight of the False Self will be released on Nov. 27 through Nuclear Blast. View the track listing and album art (by Eliran Kantor, who has worked with Testament, Soulfly, Hate Eternal, Iced Earth and others) further down the page. To pre-order your copy of the album, head here.

Read the lyrics to “Weight of the False Self” below (via AZ Lyrics) and listen to the song further down the page.

If you want to make a difference in the world it means
You have to be different from the world you see
Free yourself from burdens that you know exist
Don’t carry the curse of the fatalist

If you want to make a difference in the world it means
You have to be different from the world you see
Free yourself from burdens that you know exist
Don’t carry the curse of the fatalist

If you want to make a difference in the world (It means)
You have to be different from the world (You see)
Free yourself from burdens that you know exist
Don’t carry the curse of the fatalist

If you want to make a difference in the world (It means)
You have to be different from the world (You see)
No victim mindset, raise your standard
Your true self calls and you must answer

Life the weight of the false self crushing you
Lift yourself up from malevolence
Lift the curse of the fatalist haunting you
Lift yourself out from the death grip
Lift the burden upon your shoulders

There’s a challenge that’s begging to be risen to
There’s a voice and it’s your true self calling you
End the cycle, kill all willful self-abuse
Never justify another excuse

If you want to make a difference in the world (It means)
You have to be different from the world (You see)
Free yourself from burdens that you know exist
Don’t carry the curse of the fatalist

If you want to make a difference in the world (It means)
You have to be different from the world (You see)
Lift the burden keeping you from being free
Holding you to standards you’re not meant to reach

Lift the weight of the false self crushing you
Lift the curse of the fatalist haunting you
Lift yourself out from the death grip
Lift the burden on your shoulders

If you want to make a difference in the world (It means)
You have to be different from the world (You see)
Never justify another excuse
Lift the weight of the false self and you will be set free

Catch Hatebreed on the road in North America in the fall of 2021 as they head out with Parkway Drive, Knocked Loose and Fit For a King. Head to this location to see if the tour is stopping near you.

Not content to idle amid a down 2020, Hatebreed recently launched their own signature beer, ‘Breedbrew,’ in collaboration with Connecticut’s Witchdoctor Brewing Company. Meanwhile, frontman Jamey Jasta also eyed a new business venture, readying his own line of pasta dubbed ‘Jasta Pasta.’ Get the details on both here.

Hatebreed, “Weight of the False Self”

Hatebreed, Weight of the False Self Album Art + Track Listing

Nuclear Blast

01. “Instinctive (Slaughterlust)”
02. “Let Them All Rot”
03. “Set It Right (Start With Yourself)”
04. “Weight Of The False Self”
05. “Cling To Life”
06. “A Stroke Of Red”
07. “Dig Your Way Out”
08. “This I Earned”
09. “Wings Of The Vulture”
10. “The Herd Will Scatter”
11. “From Gold To Gray”
12. “Invoking Dominance”

See Hatebreed in 2020’s Best Metal Songs (So Far)

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Disturbed Cover Sting’s ‘If I Ever Lose My Faith in You’

Disturbed have had the golden touch with covers of the years. Will their take on Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You” be the next cover to race up the rock charts?

David Draiman‘s powerful vocal brings life to Sting’s heartfelt tale of love, faith and trust. Disturbed definitely put their own stamp on the cover, initially turning it into a haunting piano ballad before adding some grit and rock heaviness later within the song.

The band says, “We have loved this song for a long time, and even though it was released in 1993, it seems strangely applicable to today’s world. The song is about losing faith, and might initially sound pessimistic, but it’s about the importance and power of personal relationships, and how they can save you and provide solace in an increasingly confusing world.”

Disturbed enjoyed huge success with their take on Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence,” had an early career hit with their cover of Genesis’ “Land of Confusion” and they’ve also taken on Tears for Fears “Shout” and incorporated covers medleys into their live shows.

“If I Ever Lose My Faith in You” initially appeared as the lead single on Sting’s 1993 album, Ten Summoner’s Tales. The song hit No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 5 on the Mainstream Rock chart. The track won the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance Grammy. It was also nominated for Record and Song of the Year.

If you like the Disturbed version, it’s currently available via the platform of your choosing here.

Disturbed, “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You” (Sting Cover)

Warner / Reprise

40 Best Covers by 40 Rock Bands

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Listen to Timothy B. Schmit’s New Single, ‘Cross That Line’

Eagles bassist Timothy B. Schmit has released a new song, “Cross That Line.” He also revealed that he’s recording a new album.

“I’ve had this song in my back pocket for almost a year now, and I’m not sure why I’ve waited so long to release it,” Schmit said in a press release. “Then it became clear to me about two weeks ago that now is, indeed, the time. There is nothing else I can say about this piece other than the song speaks for itself.”

Schmit co-produced “Cross That Line” with Jeff Peters. The track includes contributions by guitarist Smokey Hormel (Johnny Cash, Beck), pedal steel session legend Greg Leisz and drummer Herman Matthews. Schmit’s three children can be heard as part of the chorus.

According to a press release, the song “addresses the MeToo Movement along with Donald Trump’s ego.”

You can hear the song below.

It’s the second new song from Schmit in the past 12 months. Last November, he released the nearly eight-minute “The Good Fight,” which featured Sheryl Crow. It’s unknown if “The Good Fight” will be found on the new album, which will be his seventh solo LP and first since 2016’s Leap of Faith.

Meanwhile, Eagles are planning the Oct. 16 release Live From the Forum, a collection of 26 classics performed across three shows in Los Angeles in September 2018. It marks their first official recordings with Vince Gill and Deacon Frey. The tie-in concert film premiered on ESPN during the Fourth of July weekend. Two tracks from the upcoming album – “Lyin’ Eyes” and “Hotel California” – were recently released.

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Listen to Previously Unreleased Tom Petty Song ‘Confusion Wheel’

A previously unreleased song by Tom Petty has been released in anticipation of his upcoming Wildflowers & All the Rest box set.

“Confusion Wheel” was written by Petty in 1994 and has remained on the shelf ever since. The tune begins with the late rocker singing over a jangly acoustic guitar part. From there, the song slowly expands, as drums, vocal harmonies and electric guitar add extra layers to the poignant track.

Lyrically, Petty explores internal fears, searching for safety in a chaotic existence. “So much confusion has entered my life / So much confusion has torn me apart / So much confusion has made me afraid / And I don’t know how to love / And I don’t know who to trust / And I don’t know what I did,” he sings on the song’s chorus. Still, Petty tries to maintain a positive outlook, noting that “One of these days we’ll drive away / Drive away singing a brand-new song / We’ll wake up singing a brand-new song.”

You can listen to “Confusion Wheel” below.

The song is one of 10 tracks that make up the All the Rest portion of the upcoming set. The box will also feature the original Wildflowers LP, a collection of 15 Petty home demos, live versions of 14 songs recorded between 1995 and 2017 and 16 alternate studio versions of Wildflowers tracks.

Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Ultra Deluxe editions will offer the set in various forms, with varying bonus material, including a lithograph, tour-program replica, reproductions of handwritten lyrics and specially commissioned illustrations accompanying some of the versions.

Wildflowers & All the Rest will be released on Oct. 16; it’s available for pre-order now.

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