Rob Halford Describes ‘Massive Crush’ on Sean Connery

Rob Halford has revealed that, in his youth, he masturbated to a picture of Sean Connery.

“I used to have a massive crush on Sean Connery as a child,” the Judas Priest frontman said on an episode of The Dennis Miller Option, which you can hear below. “I wasn’t a child; I was a teenager. I had a little cropped out color photograph of his hairy chest. And I used to pleasure myself looking at this picture of Sean Connery when I was in my early teens.”

Halford publicly came out in 1998, and he spoke of the positives of the moment in December 2019. “First of all, you become extremely powerful because you’re in control,” he said. “And then you don’t have to lie anymore. You don’t have to hide. You take away the innuendo, the whispering. It’s all gone. It floats away. I tell you, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and you. You live a much better life after you’ve stepped forward and proclaimed who you are.”

But he noticed that he inadvertently spilled the beans two decades earlier, on “Raw Deal,” a track from 1977’s Sin After Sin. “When I wrote the lyrics to that song, I’m sure there wasn’t an agenda on my part. It just felt like a very natural thing to do. It talks about Fire Island, which is the big gay hangout in New York. And I talk about these guys in the bar and everything.”

The lyrics didn’t faze his bandmates, however. They simply thought it “fit with the mood and the atmosphere” that they were going for. “But you listen to that song,” Halford continued, “it really is almost like a coming-out experience for me. And it never really registered. It’s only been in recent years that people have picked up on that song.”

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Rob Halford Is Finally Working on His Blues Album

Rob Halford said the blues album he’s wanted to make for years is finally underway.

The Judas Priest singer decided to bring back the band that recorded last year’s Christmas album Celestial. He’d been talking about the prospect of laying down a blues record since at least 2015 and discussed the idea again last year.

“I’m happy to say that this blues project that’s been in my mind for the longest time, it’s actually started to take root now,” Halford told Antihero during a recent interview. “My brother Nige and my nephew, Alex, a bass player – same as his dad, Ian [Hill] from Priest – they’ve started knocking around some really, really, strong ideas. In my phone I’ve got 12 or more practically completed blues ideas that they put together.”

He added that they “had such a blast doing that Celestial album last Christmas that I thought, ‘Well, these guys are great musicians. Why don’t we think about this other possibility of a blues record?’ So, that’s being pieced together as we speak. I had two really cool ideas from the guys yesterday. They’re putting it together in my kitchen in Walsall. They’ve got a little studio set up, they’ve moved everything around and I go in. … I’m making a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich, and then they start noodling some blues and they’ve got some great ideas.”

Halford also noted that, while an end wasn’t in sight, the next Judas Priest album was coming together. “That first writing session back in March was absolutely brilliant,” he said. “We had a ton of ideas, and because of what’s happening now, there’s still – much like this blues record – there are still pieces being accumulated and going back and forth, but we’ll get the job done.”

He explained that the band has “many albums and hundreds of songs that could sustain us, for our tours especially, for as long as we wanted. But we’ve always felt that going through the process of writing and recording keeps you vital. You’re not living on your past glories.”

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Judas Priest Planning ‘Some Kind of Party’ for ‘Painkiller’

While the pandemic has thwarted a lot of plans, many acts have found alternate ways to celebrate the anniversaries of their biggest albums. You can count Judas Priest among the acts that won’t let an opportunity slip by, with Rob Halford revealing plans are underway to recognize Painkiller‘s 30th anniversary.

Speaking with podcast host Jeremy White (as heard below), Halford explained, “We’re looking at all the opportunities. I’ll tell you, these kind of things [album anniversaries] creep up on you .. But Painkiller is a very special album to Priest and to the metal world for everything that it stands for and still gives to people and we’re aware of that.”

He continued, “We as a band and management and the label, we’re always looking at opportunities to celebrate these milestones. And so we just direct everybody to the main Priest account on Instagram and Facebook and whatever, Twitter, and that’s where all the news is. But there’s definitely gonna be some kind of a party.”

The Painkiller album was released on Sept. 3, 1990 and while the date may have passed, it’s encouraging to know that the group will find a way to still celebrate the record. The set featured the killer title track as well as “A Touch of Evil,” and remains one of the most beloved works in the band’s catalog.

The album received a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance and went on to be certified gold by the RIAA.

Though Halford would exit the band after the album, he returned to Judas Priest in 2003 and has remained their vocalist ever since. The group has been working on new music for a potential 2021 album, which would be their 19th studio album overall and the follow-up to 2018’s Firepower.

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