Watch Arlo Parks cover Patti Smith’s ‘Redondo Beach’

Arlo Parks has taken on a Patti Smith classic, performing a rendition of the latter’s hit ‘Redondo Beach’.

Presented by Parisian La Blogothèque, Parks’ performance was captured as part of the film-making publication’s Reprise series, which showcases ten artists from various music backgrounds as they cover a cult track from a different part of the music scene to their own.

Parks’ rendition of the song – taken from Smith’s 1975 debut album ‘Horses’ – explores the similarities between pop and punk culture. Park’s delivery is a far cry from the reggae-infused, bass-driven punk classic offered up by Smith.


Captured live at Studio Ferber, Paris, France, the video opens with a shot of Parks entering a studio as Smith’s original version plays. The London singer-songwriter then provides a voice-over, saying, “For me, punk is pure self-expression that isn’t afraid to challenge the norm.”

She then begins her gentle and unique rendition sat at a grand piano.

Watch the interpretation below:

[embedded content]

Recently, Parks performed her single ‘Black Dog’ on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The track is lifted from the singer’s debut album ‘Collapsed In Sunbeams’.


The artist has also been nominated for the 2021 BRIT Awards, taking place next month, given a nod in three categories – Female Solo Artist, Breakthrough Artist and Album Of The Year for her debut offering.

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Crumb announce new album ‘Ice Melt’

Crumb have announced the forthcoming release of their second album, ‘Ice Melt’.

The album will follow their 2019 debut ‘Jinx’, produced by Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado and now released on the band’s own Crumb Records.

‘Ice Melt’ is supposedly named for the blend of coarsely ground salts used to dissipate ice on your front steps – absorbing water and giving off heat – available cheaply at US hardware stores.


The record will feature the three singles ‘Trophy’, ‘BNR’ and ‘Balloon’. 

Crumb's 'Ice Melt'
The cover of Crumb’s ‘Ice Melt’.

Crumb recorded most of ‘Ice Melt’ – due out April 30 – in Los Angeles with Rado, demoed first in 2019 by frontwoman Lila Ramani on a trip.

In a press statement, Ramani described the record as a “return back down to earth,” and an in-depth look at “real substances and beings that live on this planet”.

The band teased the album announcement with a cryptic video of a Pomeranian dog walking through the streets of LA, with new music apparently playing in the background.


Speaking to NME in 2019, Ramani said Crumb’s debut ‘Jinx’ was influenced by months of constant touring.

“A lot of the experiences of being together on the road and that extreme versus being back in New York and not having a job have definitely made their way into the album,” she said.

The tracklist of Crumb’s ‘Ice Melt’ is:

1. Up & Down
2. BNR
3. Seeds
4. L.A.
5. Gone
6. Retreat!
7. Trophy
8. Balloon
9. Tunnel (All That You Had)
10. Ice Melt

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Paris Texas announce debut project ‘BOY ANONYMOUS’ and share ‘Force Of Habit’ video

Paris Texas have announced their debut project ‘BOY ANONYMOUS’ – you can watch the video for their latest single ‘Force Of Habit’ below.

The LA duo’s first full release will be an eight-track EP where, according to a press release, they “explore a dizzying range of textures and moods but never fall victim to a lack of focus or cohesion”.

“A truly singular body of work, ‘BOY ANONYMOUS’ showcases the versatility and power of LA’s newest musical force, Paris Texas,” it adds about the mysterious pair, Louie Pastel and Felix, behind the group.


[embedded content]

‘BOY ANONYMOUS’ is set to be released by Paris Texas on May 14, and the pair have previewed the project today (April 14) by sharing the Illimiteworld-directed video for their new single ‘Force Of Habit’.

The clip, which you can see above, features Louie Pastel and Felix as well as Chvdnler, DNA, Filthy Peralta, Fjuckstin, Saru, Theo Myst and Venniel Nephew.

You can see the official artwork and tracklist for ‘BOY ANONYMOUS’ below.

Paris Texas - 'BOY ANONYMOUS'
Paris Texas – ‘BOY ANONYMOUS’
  1. Casino
  2. Pack 4 Da Low
  3. Better Days
  4. Situations
  5. Area Code
  6. A Quick Death
  7. Heavy Metal
  8. Force Of Habit

‘Force Of Habit’ follows on from Paris Texas’ two previous singles, ‘Heavy Metal’ and ‘Situations’.

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CHIKA announces her retirement, citing the “mental toll” of the music industry

Rising rapper CHIKA has announced her retirement from music, citing the “mental toll being in the industry” has had on her.

The 2021 Grammy nominee made the announcement via her Twitter on April 11. In a candid statement, CHIKA said, “the mental toll being in the industry has taken on me is not something you bounce back from easily.”

The 24-year-old also discussed the backlash she had received after earlier mentioning the prospect of retirement.


“Today I told Twitter [about retiring],” she said. “What followed was a hoard of psychotic fans rejoicing in the decline of my mental health, harassing me as if I spoke to them first.

“It’s not fucking cool, it’s not “trolling” or “stan culture”, you’re pushing people to a point of no return.”

Read CHIKA’s full statement below:

CHIKA has thus far used her platform to discuss sociopolitical issues including race, gender, and body image.

Nominated for Best New Artist at this year’s Grammy Awards, CHIKA dropped a new EP last month, entitled ‘Once Upon A Time’. The release followed on from two EPs, ‘Full Bloom // A Poetry’ and ‘Industry Games’, released in 2017 and 2020 respectively.


In 2020, the Alabama MC released an empowering single, ‘My Power’, which featured on the Netflix film Project Power.

Having broken mainstream ground in 2020, CHIKA was approached by Snoop Dogg, who asked her to write him a song.

The two hit it off during an Instagram Live session, with Dogg praising CHIKA, saying, “I’m here to tell you I fuck with your music. I love your shit.

“I play it, I enjoy it. I wanted to tell you that. I didn’t want to, like, let you hear about it. I want you [to] hear it from me, from the Dogg’s mouth.”

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Ducks Ltd return with new single ‘As Big As All Outside’

Ducks Ltd (formerly known as Ducks Unlimited) have shared a new single, ‘As Big As All Outside’, part of a new re-release of their debut EP, ‘Get Bleak’.

The re-release will arrive May 21 with three additional songs, and comes as Ducks Ltd sign to independent label Carpark. The new single picks up where the band left off, sharing similar jangle pop stylings to the EP’s original tracks.

Listen to ‘As Big As All Outside’ below:


[embedded content]

As the Toronto band explained in a statement, the new song is about living in decline and eventually escaping the sense of dread that constantly hangs overhead.

“Over the last several years I don’t think I was alone in the sense of decline that seemed to be hanging over a lot of day-to-day existence, and on my bad days I can really let that feeling permeate everything. I’m consistently awed by all of the little things that can pull me out of it though,” the band said.

“Things as simple as the extended Canadian Club mix of the 1991 Sisters of Mercy single ‘Vision Thing’ which gets a mention in the third verse. The original version of ‘Vision Thing’ is good, but for the extended mix they just add on two and a half minutes at the end of Andrew Eldritch doing spooky laughs and vamping and it totally fucking rules.

“Never fails to remind me that in spite of everything the world is capable of being very good and fun sometimes.”


Ducks Ltd were featured in the NME 100 for 2020, with ‘Get Bleak’ praised for “[echoing] the jangly glory days of Sarah Records and [bringing] to mind the likes of Belle & Sebastian and Johnny Marr”.

It isn’t immediately clear why the duo changed their name slightly, but an Instagram post suggests a legal threat may have had something to do with it: “We’re called Ducks Ltd. now and we are absolutely NOT going to get sued by any wetland conservation organisations.”

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Crumb return with two new singles ‘BNR’ and ‘Balloon’

Crumb have returned with two new singles, ‘BNR’ and ‘Balloon’.

It follows the release of ‘Trophy’ last month, which marked their first new music since the release of their 2019 debut album ‘Jinx’. ‘Balloon’ and ‘BNR’ were co-produced by the band and Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado.

Both new tracks continue the band’s signature woozy, hypnotic psych-pop sound, with ‘BNR’ arriving with a music video. The clip, directed by Joe Mischo, follows vocalist Lila Ramani in a dichromatic world of black and red, the two colours the song is named after – watch it and listen to ‘Balloon’ below.


[embedded content]

[embedded content]

In a press statement, Ramani said ‘BNR’ was simply an ode to her two favourite colours.

“I had a weird obsession with those colors in winter 2018-2019 and felt like they would follow me around everywhere I went,” she said.

Ramani added that ‘Balloon’ was about a “a girl that dances so fast in the club that her head falls off”.


Crumb are yet to announce whether these new tracks will appear on a forthcoming album or EP to follow up ‘Jinx’. Speaking to NME last year, Ramani said their debut was influenced by months of constant touring.

“A lot of the experiences of being together on the road and that extreme versus being back in New York and not having a job have definitely made their way into the album,” she said.

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