George Harrison’s ‘All Things Must Pass’ Set for Expanded Remix

A remix of the Phil Spector co-produced All Things Must Pass was one of the late George Harrison‘s long-held goals. Asked about his monumental debut years later, he reportedly said: “Too much echo.”

Harrison’s son, Dhani, is now shepherding that dream to reality, with an expanded – and, yes, remixed – 50th-anniversary edition of Harrison’s first post-Beatles recording. An official release date for the new set is still forthcoming, but the Harrison estate has shared a tantalizing sample with an updated version of its title song. You can listen below.

“The new stereo mix of the album’s title track is just a taste of more things to come in 2021 as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of my father’s legendary All Things Must Pass album,” Dhani Harrison said in an official statement. “We’ve been digging through mountains of tapes, and they just kept coming – boxes and boxes of them. Making this album sound clearer was always one of my dad’s greatest wishes and it was something we were working on together right up until he passed.”

Dhani partnered on the project with Grammy-winning engineer Paul Hicks, who’s overseen recent remixes of the Rolling StonesGoats Head Soup and John Lennon‘s best-known songs on Gimme Some Truth. All Things Must Pass was released 50 years ago today; the title song was one of several rejected by the Beatles during Harrison’s final sessions with the group.

“My Sweet Lord,” the first No. 1 hit by a former member of the Beatles, will also be re-released today. This special 7″ “milky-clear” single arrives as part of 2020’s Record Store Day‘s Black Friday event. Each 45 will be individually numbered.

You Think You Know the Beatles?

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George Lynch, Jeff Pilson Announce Covers Album ‘Heavy Hitters’

Dokken duo George Lynch and Jeff Pilson announced a new covers album, Heavy Hitters, out Dec. 18 via Deadline Music, a division of Cleopatra Records.

The 11-track project, available on CD and colored vinyl, features new versions of songs by Prince (“Kiss”), Oasis (“Champagne Supernova”), Duran Duran (“Ordinary World”), R.E.M. (“It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”) and Carole King (“I Feel the Earth”), among others. The complete track list is available below.

In a recent interview with Audio Ink Radio, Lynch said that he’s retiring the Lynch Mob name after recently issuing their “reimagined” 30th anniversary edition of Wicked Sensation.

“With everything going on right now in the world, it was really sort of an epiphany moment,” he said. “I just kind of woke up and said, I think with this record, this is our swan song. I think this would be a good place to exit the stage, that we’ve created this book end — an answer to the first record. The name itself, of course, has always been problematic, and now it’s inexcusable to keep the name. So, things have just sort of all conspired. A lot of different events triangulated to this point where it just makes sense on every single level to let it go and wrap it up with an nice neat bow with this record and move on.”

Lynch and Pilson’s most recent collaboration before the covers project was The End Machine, which also featured fellow Dokken member Mick Brown. Earlier this year, Lynch took part in a joint tour with the current lineup of Dokken, although it was curtailed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

George Lynch & Jeff Pilson – ‘Heavy Hitters’ Track List

1. “One Of Us”
2. “You Got The Love”
3. “I Feel The Earth”
4. “Ordinary World”
5. “Music”
6. “Apologize”
7. “Nowhere To Run”
8. “Kiss”
9. “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”
10. “Champagne Supernova”
11. “Lucille”

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December 2020 New Music Releases

December 2020 gets off to a fast start before settling in for the traditional long winter’s nap.

Three major releases arrive within the first two release cycles, topped by Paul McCartney‘s third one-man-band release. Appropriately titled McCartney III, the album was recorded during the COVID-19 lockdown – which the former Beatles star has taken to calling his “rockdown.” Steve Perry‘s Traces (Alternate Versions & Sketches) features stripped-down updates of seven songs found on his 2018 solo album. There are two takes on “Most of All,” which serves as the advance single.

The New OK arrived just months after the resurgent Drive-By Truckers‘ most recent studio project, January’s The Unravelling. Vinyl lovers can now get a listen. Elsewhere, Neil Young‘s Way Down in the Rust Bucket returns to a Crazy Horse show recorded 30 years ago at the Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz, Calif.

A new box set celebrates the 50th anniversary of the KinksLola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One, adding B-sides, alternate mixes, outtakes and previously unheard instrumental and acoustic versions. Cat Stevens also takes a look back at two classic albums with expanded editions of Mona Bone Jakon and Tea for the Tillerman, both of which were also released in 1970.

More information on these and other new rock-related efforts can be found below. Remember to follow our continuously updated list of 2020 New Music Releases for details on projects issued throughout the year.

Dec. 4
Blackmore’s Night [Ritchie Blackmore], Here We Come A-Caroling (four-song EP)
Bob Marley and the Wailers, The Complete Island Recordings (11CD set)
Cat Stevens, Tea for the Tillerman and Mona Bone Jakon (50th anniversary expanded box-set reissues)
George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Live in Boston 1982: The Complete Concert
Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders, GarciaLive Volume 15: May 21st, 1971 Keystone Korner (2CD set)
Little Richard, Southern Child (previously unreleased)
Mudhoney, Real Low Vibe: The Reprise Recordings 1992-1998 (4CD set)
Neil Young, Way Down in the Rust Bucket
Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers [with Spanish cover image], Time Waits For No One: Anthology 1971-1977, Made in the Shade, Sucking in the Seventies, Rewind (1971-1984)
Steve Perry, Traces (Alternate Versions & Sketches)
White Stripes, Greatest Hits

Dec. 11
Firefall, Comet
Neil Young, After the Gold Rush (50th anniversary expanded reissue)

Dec. 18
Drive-By Truckers, The New OK (vinyl version)
Kinks, Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One (expanded 50th anniversary reissue)
Paul McCartney, McCartney III

January and Beyond
Barry Gibb, Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers’ Songbook, Vol. 1
Dead Daisies with Glenn Hughes, Holy Ground
Steven Wilson, The Future Bites
Foo Fighters, Medicine at Midnight
Alice Cooper, Detroit Stories
Steve Lukather, I Found the Sun Again

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James Durbin Debuts New Band With Metal Song Feat. Jericho

Singer James Durbin, formerly of Quiet Riot and of American Idol acclaim, has formed a new band, dubbed Durbin. He’s just announced the group’s first album, The Beast Awakens, for a 2021 release and has debuted the song “Kings Before You,” which features AEW star and Fozzy singer Chris Jericho as well as Vio-Lence, BPMD and ex-Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel.

On “Kings Before You,” Durbin embraces the power and the might of classic heavy metal, as if a sword running through the band logo wasn’t indicative enough that this is a throwback to a time when metal was overrun by mythic tales of ages long gone.

“2020 has been such a strange year for all of us,” reflected Durbin. “Coincidentally, our shelter in place order happened just as I had begun writing for the album. It really forced me to write by myself and not rely on others to write the riffs for me. And then to write the lyrics and melodies too.”

Read the lyrics to “Kings Before You” below and hear the new song further down the page.

Sitting high atop the mountain – Over all there is to see
The dark side of a rainbow – Touched the earth beside of me
From the sky descends the wizard – As he spreads his hands apart
Manifesting right before me – Holding out the sacred heart

He says You! You are the defender of the land
From the hills to the horizon – from the holy to the desperate and the damned

He said, You are the Kings Before You
That reigned before you became the heir to the throne
And like the Kings Before You
I can assure you will never stand alone. No, no

When your kingdom is collapsing – Your fortress disappears
Every serpent’s in a whisper – Coiling lies around your ears
Shed the dead skin from around you – Purge what enemies are near
Moving fast to burn their bridges – Guiding light will soon appear

Yes, you! You are the defender of the land
From the hills to the horizon – from the holy to the desperate and the damned

He said, You are the Kings Before You
That reigned before you became the heir to the throne
And like the Kings Before You
I can assure you will never stand alone. No, no

Before I leave you on the mountain – You must stare into my eyes
See your failures & your fortunes – You’ve now lived a thousand lives
There’s no future in your past – There’s no flaw in my design
Keep your head & keep your horns sharp – You’ll understand in time

You are the Kings Before You
That reigned before you became the heir to the throne
And like the Kings Before You
I can assure you will never stand alone

No, no – No, no – No, no – No!

The Beast Awakens will be released on Feb. 12 through Frontiers Music SRL. Pre-order your copy here and view the album art beneath the video player for the new song.

Rounding out Durbin (who played rhythm guitar) on the album are drummer Mike Vanderhule (Y&T), bassist Barry Sparks (ex-Ted Nugent, ex-Dokken) as well as guitarists Jon Yadon Jr., Marc Putnman, Dylan Rose and Nick Gallant.

“I’ve found a home for my creativity with Frontiers. They really share my vision for the type of metal I wish to create and we’re all excited to see where it will lead,” said Durbin. “The fact that the album sounds the way it does, with the way it was recorded, is a testament to the passion of everyone involved. I am very grateful for all the love and care that was given to my songs and I can’t wait to unleash my metal upon the world.”

James Durbin, “Kings Before You” Feat. Chris Jericho + Phil Demmel

James Durbin, The Beast Awakens Album Art

Frontiers Music SRL

The 66 Best Metal Songs of the 21st Century

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Frank Iero and the Future Violents Cover R.E.M., Announce New EP

While My Chemical Romance‘s return has been delayed, guitarist Frank Iero is on his way back with new music from his solo band Frank Iero and the Future Violents. In fact, at least one song should sound pretty familiar as he’s just released the group’s cover of the R.E.M. classic “Losing My Religion.”

In 2016, Iero and his guitar-playing brother in law, Evan Nestor, were involved in a brutal motor vehicle accident in Australia – one they barely survived. During the process of recovery, the R.E.M. song, “Losing My Religion” started making pivotal appearances in unusual places / weird circumstance and the mantra repeated itself as time went on.

When Iero resumed touring after the accident, one of the members of the support band, Kayleigh Goldsworthy, struck a chord both literally and proverbially. Iero explains, “From the first show I was completely impressed with her musicianship and by touring together I realized she was also a rad human being who I desperately wanted to write and play music with. In my mind she was already in my next band, I just had to write the music, name the band, find the other musicians, oh and of course ask her.”

He continues, “During that first tour together we got to talking about how she played the mandolin and how we shared a love for R.E.M., and more specifically ‘Losing My Religion.’ So, on the last night of tour in San Francisco we found an empty room/hallway/stairwell type place and made an iPhone voice memo demo of the song. It felt like magic and that was the moment I was convinced this couldn’t be the only thing we did together.”

The two acts continued to tour and during a stop for a BBC Session at the legendary Maida Vale studios, Iero, Nestor and Goldsworthy recorded “Losing My Religion.”

“Losing My Religion” initially appeared on R.E.M.’s 1991 album Out of Time. The band won the Best Short Form Music Video and Best Pop Performance By a Duo or Group With Vocals Grammys for the song. It topped the Mainstream Rock and Modern Rock Tracks charts while crossing over to hit No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it’s been certified as a platinum single in the U.S. Check out Iero’s cover in the player below.

Frank Iero and the Future Violents, “Losing My Religion” (R.E.M. Cover)

“Losing My Religion” is leading off the new EP from Iero’s band titled Heaven Is a Place, This Is a Place. The set is due Jan. 15 via UNFD and it’s available to pre-order at this location.

The new EP is viewed as a companion to the Frank Iero and the Future Violents 2019 debut album Barriers, with Iero revealing that the EP is split into two distinct movements. Side A reveals the true meaning of “Violence”, a song title Iero has teased on bass drums in all his Future Violents music videos. It continues with the song “Sewer Wolf.”

In total contrast to side A, side B finds the band going for more delicate and thoughtful pieces with the “Losing My Religion” cover as well as the set closing “Record Ender.”

“The Future Violents was the perfect band at the perfect time for me,” says Iero. “The creativity flowed through us like rapids and we didn’t stop writing because we ran out of inspiration…it was just time to go to the studio. In fact I was still writing at the studio, but I allowed myself the luxury of 14 songs on the record leaving 3 to survive in the shadows. Lying in wait. I knew I wanted them to see the light, it was just a matter of how and when.”

Speaking about the EP origins, he adds, “The title of the EP actually comes from the night before we started recording Barriers at Electrical Audio in Chicago. The band went out to eat and get drinks at a local Tiki bar called, Lost Lake. On the menu that night there was a drink called ‘Heaven is a place/This is the place.'”

He continues, “I love when the universe gives you gifts like that. You just have to be in tune to your surroundings. The name struck me as clever and I started to think about how changing one word in that title meant something way more profound to me. Heaven is a place, if you believe in that sort of thing … It is the reward at the end of a long hard journey of fighting the good fight and living your life to whatever standards you hold dear. But it’s just a place. And so is this … This is a place, the earthly realm, miraculous on so many levels but also just a place. The difference is you and your perception.”

Frank Iero and the Future Violents, Heaven is a Place, This is a Place Artwork + Track Listing

1. Violence
2. Sewer Wolf
3. Losing My Religion
4. Record Ender

Every My Chemical Romance Song Ranked

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Moonspell Return With ‘The Greater Good’ + 13th Album ‘Hermitage’

Portugal’s veteran ministers of goth metal, Moonspell, are set to make their return in 2021 with their 13th album, The Hermitage, which will be released on Feb. 26 through Napalm Records. A preview of what’s coming is available now via a music video for the first single, “The Greater Good.”

Encroaching their 30th anniversary (which will be in 1992), Moonspell remain as venerable a pillar of chilling goth metal tinged with blackened overtones, as evidenced by “The Greater Good.”

Always capable of provoking thought, singer Fernando Ribeiro, reflected on the meaning of this new track, which certainly has significance in regards to current events worldwide, underscoring the ugliness and violence we see today is of our own making and, in turn, it’s up to us to turn it around.

“The Greater Good” is a sociological concept implying the benefit of the public, of more people than oneself. To do which is better and more correct. Unfortunately, a lot of wrong- doing and pure evil actions were taken on behalf of this principle both by world leaders, and citizens. With a “screenplay” designed by myself, and put together by director Guilherme Henriques (Gaerea, Black Crippled Phoenix, Schammasch) The Greater Good strikes at the deep contrast of our priorities as human beings. The plot evidentiate the daily clash between the problems we could never or never wanted to solve; and our ‘first world preoccupations.’ The cult of the body versus the African famine; the killing of the innocent versus the second amendment; the beauty of monuments against the ugliness of violence.

We are all responsible for the things we see here. For the greater good, for the greatest evil. It’s not a question of race, gender, class or education. It’s a question of conscience. It’s vital we renew our communities’ ties, our humanly behavior. Only we can save us from ourselves.

Watch the video for “For the Greater Good” below and view the album art and track for Hermitage further down the page. Pre-order the album, which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jaime Gomez (Paradise Lost, Primordial, Ghost, Sólstafir) at Orgone Studios in the U.K., here

Moonspell, “For the Greater Good”

Moonspell, Hermitage Album Art + Track Listing

Napalm Records

01. “The Greater Good”
02. “Common Prayers”
03. “All or Nothing”
04. “Hermitage”
05. “Entitlement”
06. “Solitarian”
07. “The Hermit Saints”
08. “Apophthegmata”
09. “Without Rule”
10. “City Quitter” (Outro)
Bonus Tracks
11. “Darkness in Paradise” (Candlemass cover – available on LP, deluxe box, MC + mediabook)
12. “The Great Leap Forward” (7″ vinyl – available in deluxe box)

See Moonspell in the Best Metal Bands From 40 Countries

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A Day to Remember Release ‘Brick Wall,’ Announce New Album

A Day to Remember are finally on their way back with new music. Not only have the Florida rockers revealed details for their forthcoming album You’re Welcome, but they’ve also released the new song “Brick Wall.”

The track starts off rather hypnotically in the verses, but builds with aggression toward the chorus unleashing some heavy guitar work in the process. Take a listen to the track down toward the bottom of this post.

As for the new album, You’re Welcome will be released on March 5 by Fueled by Ramen. Singer Jeremy McKinnon says of the set, “It’s finally here—almost! To all our fans around the world, we want to say, ‘Thank you!’ You’ve waited patiently, and we can’t wait for you to hear this. There’s a lot of detail in everything we do from the mixes to the artwork, because it all tells a story. So, we made sure each element was perfect. Every line happens for a reason. We took what we envision modern music to be and made a hybrid of who we were, who we are, and who we want to be. It took a lot of maneuvering to get it right, but we feel like we did. We’re here now and very happy to present You’re Welcome.”

Pre-orders for the album are now live with exclusive merch bundles also available. All pre-orders will also come with the instant grat downloads of “Brick Wall” as well as the previously released cuts “Degenerates,” “Resentment” and “Mindreader.” Place your orders here.

It’s been a year of ups and downs for the band. While the new album is finally en route, earlier this year bassist Josh Woodard faced sexual assault allegations that had been made against him. In August, Woodard issued a statement calling the allegations false and stating the events described never happened. He also explained that he was choosing to defend himself through proper legal channels rather than debate the topic on social media.

A Day to Remember, “Brick Wall”

A Day to Remember, You’re Welcome Artwork + Track Listing

Fueled By Ramen

1. Brick Wall
2. Mindreader
3. Bloodsucker
4. Last Chance to Dance (Bad Friend)
5. F.Y.M.
6. High Diving
7. Resentment
8. Looks Like Hell
9. Viva La Mexico
10. Only Money
11. Degenerates
12. Permanent
13. Re-Entry
14. Everything We Need

Best Rock Songs of 2020 (So Far)

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Clutch to Release ‘Weathermaker Vault Series’ Collection

Clutch have been keeping fans occupied over the past year with a series a digital releases under the Weathermaker Vault Series moniker. Now the band is putting together this series of cover songs and re-recordings in one complete set, which will arrive on Nov. 27.

“This Clutch release is unique in that we chose to record some of our favorite songs by artists that have provided us with inspiration over the years as well as re-record some Clutch Classics,” states drummer Jean-Paul Gaster. “Hitting the studio this way was great to keep our recording chops up as well as celebrate some music that has meant so much to us as fans and musicians.”

The series started in the summer of 2019 with new offerings coming approximately every six weeks. Over time, nine songs were issued and to complete the set on the round number of 10, the group is adding a Spanish language cover version of “Algo Ha Cambiado,” a hard-rocking shuffle written by the legendary blues-rock guitarist Norberto Napolitano affectionately known as Pappo of the pioneering Argentinean blues metal band Pappos Blues.

The album will arrive on CD and 12″ vinyl, with a special Opaque White colored vinyl following in early 2021. Check out the track listing and artwork below.

Clutch, The Weathermaker Vault Series Vol. I Track Listing:

Weathermaker Music

01. Passive Restraints
02. Electric Worry
03. Run, John Barleycorn, Run
04. Evil
05. Fortunate Son
06. Algo Ha Cambiado
07. Spacegrass
08. Precious And Grace
09. Smoke Banshee
10. Willie Nelson

40 Best Rock Songs of 2018

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Dead Poet Society Set to Make 2021 Album Debut, Drop New Song

It’s a new decade for rock, which has more recently come to embrace a swath of new stylistic elements. Ready to make their mark are Dead Poet Society, who have set -!- (pronounced The Exclamation Album) as the title of their 2021 debut album. A music video for the song “.CoDA.” has just been released.

The band offered just one cryptic reflection on the song, stating, “More fighting, more screaming matches, another day walking out the door with a sick feeling in your stomach. Fuck them. You don’t need them. They need YOU… but still… you love them. Love? More like you’re addicted to them and they’re addicted to you. Talk shit bitch, say it like you want to leave. You love me like cocaine.”

Dead Poet Society rely entirely on tension here with synth-textures atmospheres and rigid, trench-digging bass grooves to complement a devastatingly catchy chorus.

Watch the video toward the bottom of the page and read the lyrics directly below. Pre-order -!-, which will be out Feb. 12 on Spinefarm Records, here and see the album art and complete track listing beneath the music video.

Dead Poet Society, “.CoDA.” Lyrics

Right babe you listen, I’m done yeah, I’m leaving
I’m getting weak feeling tweaked out and faded
God help you darling cause my love is drying up

You feel so lovely, when you touch, but I can’t do this anymore
Your nails on my back feel that summer sadness
Baby it’s too late to talk
I feel like we’re drifting apart

Talk shit babe say it like you wanna leave
You love me like cocaine
Don’t lie get it right, need me every night
You love me like cocaine

I heard your friends say that you think you’re better off
Don’t pretend to love me when you’re feeling alone
I need to know the truth cause you’re talking like you’re fed up
I feel like we’re drifting apart

Talk shit babe say it like you wanna leave
You love me like cocaine, yeah
Don’t lie, get it right, need me every night
You love me like, you love me like cocaine
You love me like, you love me like

I don’t want you darling, I don’t want you darling
You don’t love me darling, you don’t love me darling
I don’t love you darling, I don’t love you darling

Talk shit bitch say it like you wanna leave
You love me like cocaine
You love me like,
You love me like cocaine
You love me like, I love you like

Dead Poet Society, “.CoDA.” Music Video

Dead Poet Society, -!- Album Art + Track Listing

01. “-!-“
02. “.futureofwar.”
03. “.burymewhole.”
04. “.getawayfortheweekend.”
05. “.AmericanBlood.”
06. “.intoodeep.”
07. “.georgia.”
08. “-JU-“
09. “I never loved myself like I loved you”
10. “.SALT.”
11. “.CoDA.”
12. “.loveyoulikethat.”
13. “-gopi-“
14. “.lovemelikeyoudo.”
15. “.beenherebefore.”
16. “.haunted.”

The 66 Best Hard Rock Songs of the 21st Century

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Sevendust’s Morgan Rose Reveals Debut Solo Single ‘The Answer’

As revealed last month during a Sevendust livestream, the band’s drummer Morgan Rose is preparing his first ever solo release. Controlled Chaos now has a Nov. 27 street date and today we’re getting Rose’s first solo single, “The Answer.”

While Rose does make the drums felt within the chugging rocker, the song takes you on a journey through hypnotic verses and a soaring chorus. It’s definitely a solid solo start for the musician. You can hear the song toward the bottom of the page and check out the lyrics right below.

Seething under my skin
Protecting all that I am
Anticipating for the last time
You can be broken
All that you want

Cause I won’t give anymore
Wish you feel alive inside
But nothing can change your mind
Erase the shadow left behind
Stop and realize
I’m not the answer

Waiting for the next face
Consider all you can take
Before you end up like the last one
Cut you right open

Just so feel what it’s like
Nothing left unknown

Wish you feel alive inside
But nothing can change your mind
Erase the shadow left behind
Stop and realize
Now you see
I’m not the answer

Tell me you want it to stop
Look me in the eyes and imagine
A world filled
With so much love and hope

Where you can feel alive inside
And nothing can change your mind
Erase the shadows left behind
Now you realize
I’m not answer
The shadow left your eyes
Finally realize
Then you’ll see
I’m not the answer

Rose co-wrote the Controlled Chaos EP with fellow Sevendust rocker Clint Lowery and welcomed Corey Taylor bassist Jason Christopher to round out his musical backing. The record will drop on Nov. 27 via Rise Records and you can pre-order the set right here.

Check out the new song “The Answer” below.

Morgan Rose, “The Answer”

Morgan Rose, Controlled Chaos Artwork + Track Listing

Rise Records

The Answer
Faster Man
Come Alive

Best Rock Albums of 2020 (So Far)

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Hear Melvins ‘F––– Around’ With the Beach Boys’ ‘I Get Around’

The Melvins have released a foul-mouthed version of “I Get Around.”

You can hear “I Fuck Around,” their NSFW take on the Beach Boys‘ first-ever No. 1 single, below.

While retaining the basic structure and sunny layered vocals of Brian Wilson and Mike Love’s 1964 hit, the Melvins replace every “get’ in the chorus with “fuck,” and also re-write the verses to add additional f-bombs.

For example, “I’m getting bugged driving up and down the same old strip / I gotta find a new place where the kids are hip” is replaced with “I’m getting fucked fucking up and down this fucking street / I’ve got to find a fucking place where the fuckheads meet.”

The update is “reflective of our 8th grade sense of humor, which we’ve never grown out of,” singer and guitarist Buzz Osbourne explains in a news release. “We hope Brian Wilson doesn’t get mad.”

They paired “I Fuck Around” with “Bouncing Rick” as the first tastes of the Melvins’ newly announced Working with God album, which will be released on Feb. 26 by Ipecac.

Working With God features the “Melvins 1983” lineup of the ever-shifting band, on which original drummer Mike Dillard returns and longtime drummer Dale Crover moves over to bass. This trio previously released Tres Cabrones in 2013. “Bouncing Rick” is inspired by Osbourne and Dillard’s junior-high biology teacher.

In addition to Working With God, the Melvins will re-issue their 1987 full-length debut Gluey Porch Treatments and 2002’s Hostile Ambient Takeover on vinyl on the same date. You can pre-order all three albums directly from Ipecac.

Hostile Ambient Takeover was previously only available on vinyl as a series of 7″ singles, each featuring a different cover song on the back. Those B-sides were recently compiled on Hostile Ambient Besides, which is available from

Crover will also release his second solo album, Rat-A-Tat-Tat!, on Jan. 15.

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Jacoby Shaddix to Make Acting Debut, Papa Roach Announce Hits Set

There’s a lot of Papa Roach news today as the band has released a new song, announced a Greatest Hits record and revealed that singer Jacoby Shaddix will be making his acting debut in the upcoming film The Retaliators.

Shaddix will portray Quinn Brady in the upcoming horror film, and in keeping with the synergy, the band is releasing a remastered version of “The Ending” to serve as the first single from the movie’s soundtrack. You can hear the track at the bottom of this post along with a video featuring footage from the film.

Shaddix says, “When I heard about this film last year, I spoke to the creative team and I felt I had a vehicle to see if I could expand my range as an artist. Truly, I couldn’t have imagined how much I enjoyed this experience and can’t wait to find another film in the future.” He appears alongside a diverse cast, which includes Michael Lombardi (FX’s Rescue Me, The Deuce), Marc Menchaca (Ozark, Black Mirror, The Sinner) and Joseph Gatt (Ray Donovan, Game of Thrones, Banshee, Dumbo) in the high-octane horror thriller.

Lombardi, who is also a co-producer on the film, says of Shaddix’s acting in the role of Quinn Brady, “I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought he might be good because he’s a great storyteller with his songs, but I was truly blown away by his performance as an actor. I found Jacoby to be incredibly focused and committed! He was never afraid to jump off that cliff. For example, he and I had a scene together where his character has to slap me, pull my hair and lick my face. Lucky for me we only needed two takes, because he 100 percent went for it. I had a red, smacked, wet face when the director yelled cut. He’s a beast!”

In other Papa Roach news, the band has a new hits collection focused on their tenure with their current label. Greatest Hits Vol. 2 – The Better Noise Years is due March 19. In addition to some of their well-known hits, the 21 track collection includes three unreleased remixes and two unreleased acoustic recordings. Plus Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop joins the band on their song “Broken as Me” that originally appeared on the F.E.A.R. album.

The band noted, “We wanted to commemorate the last 10 years of our journey with this special collection of the music that got us here.”

Greatest Hits Vol. 2 – The Better Noise Years is currently available to pre-order at this location. Check out the track listing below.

Papa Roach, Greatest Hits Vol. 2 – The Better Noise Years Track Listing

1. Born for Greatness (Remastered 2020)
2. Help (Remastered 2020)
3. Elevate (Remastered 2020)
4. Come Around (Remastered 2020)
5. Broken as Me (feat. Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria)*
6. Falling Apart (Remastered 2020)
7. Who Do You Trust? (Remastered 2020)
8. Gravity (feat. Maria Brink) (Remastered 2020)
9. American Dreams (Remastered 2020)
10. Face Everything and Rise (Remastered 2020)
11. Periscope (feat. Skylar Grey) (Remastered 2020)
12. Still Swingin’ (Remastered 2020)
13. The Ending (Remastered 2020)
14. Burn (Remastered 2020)
15. Kick in the Teeth (Remastered 2020)
16. Elevate (Aelonia Remix)*
17. Help (Aelonia Remix)*
18. Born for Greatness (Cymek Remix) *
19. Top of the World (Aelonia Remix)*
20. Face Everything and Rise (Live Acoustic) *
21. Leader of the Broken Hearts (Live Acoustic)*

* – previously unreleased

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