When Motorhead Festival Show Became Onstage Fight

Mikkey Dee recalled his worst-ever Motorhead show, which, unfortunately, happened to be a headlining festival appearance.

The band’s 2011 set at the U.K. event Bloodstock disintegrated into an onstage fight between the drummer and bandleader Lemmy, who’d been advised to cancel it because he was suffering from a heavy cold. A clip from the show can be seen below.

“Lemmy was sick,” Dee told Drum for the Song in a recent interview. “He had an absolute normal cold, nothing dangerous, but he was sick as a dog. He had a fever; he could barely speak; he was in a shitty fucking mood. … I said, ‘Lemmy, we have to cancel. You cannot do this show.’ And he insisted on doing this show.”

Things started to go wrong even as the performance began, Dee said. “[W]ithin one song… he turned around and said, ‘Mikkey, you motherfucker, you are killing me! Slow the fuck down!’ And I played every song slower than I have ever done because of Lemmy. … He was really angry at me.”

During a break in the show as guitarist Phil Campbell changed instruments, Lemmy went up to Dee and repeated the allegation that the drummer was “killing” him by playing too fast. “I had a bucket of ice where I had a towel in, and I took the towel and I fucking threw it right in his face, with ice and everything, and told him to fuck off, and I left the stage.”

As he prepared to leave the festival, Lemmy and Campbell continued playing, seemingly oblivious over Dee’s absence. He was persuaded to return. “I walked on stage, and we finished the show,” he said, “but it was horrendous; it was terrible. I was throwing drum sticks at Lemmy; I was throwing towels. He was yelling at me throughout the show. It was just terrible. [It was a] very, very important [show].”

He added that it was “so great” to return to Bloodstock as a member of the Scorpions after Lemmy’s death brought Motorhead to an end. “[W]e did a kick-ass concert,” he reported. “And I even said at the press conference, ‘I can only apologize for what we did in 2011.’”

You can watch the full interview below.

In April, Scorpions released their new song “Sign of Hope.” It’s the first sample of an upcoming studio LP, their first since 2015’s Return to Forever.

Motorhead at Bloodstock 2011

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Motorhead Members Nearly Quit Over ‘Pop’ LP ‘Overnight Sensation’

Mikkey Dee recalled how Motorhead nearly split because of disputes over their 1996 album, Overnight Sensation.

The drummer said he’d walked out at least twice, as he and guitarist Phil Campbell believed leader Lemmy Kilmister was replacing their trademark heavy style with a more pop-oriented sound.

“I like Bastards and Sacrifice,” Dee told Campbell’s son Dane in a new episode of Drum for the Song (clip below) as he reflected on the records he made with Motorhead. “Overnight Sensation is a very good album. But at that time … that was the toughest time of the period with me in the band because Lemmy got fairly soft.” He continued: “Me and Phil, we were looking at each other. [Lemmy] wanted to have an acoustic guitar, and the melodies were almost fucking pop melodies. We would go, ‘What the hell is this?’”

He said they continued “arguing a lot” into the album mixing process. “I believe I left the band two, three times on that period,” he recalled. “And I think your dad did the same thing. We said, ‘Fuck it, Lemmy, you can do this fucking record yourself. We don’t give a shit anymore.’ It was a tough time.”

Overnight Sensation was Motorhead’s first album following the departure of guitarist “Wurzel,” leaving the three-piece lineup that continued until Lemmy’s death in 2015. In Joel McIver’s 2011 book, Overkill: The Untold Story of Motorhead, Dee said of the record: “Wurzel, I used to say, was more Motorhead than me, Phil and Lemmy put together. … He wrote super-hard songs and riffs, and I miss that sometimes.” He added: “[M]e and Phil, we might sometimes write a little too…not soft, but maybe too musically correct songs, where Wurzel was very simple, straight, very hard riffs. Nothing complicated with him whatsoever.”

Mikkey Dee Discusses ‘Overnight Sensation’

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New Lemmy Kilmister + Bret Michaels Funko Figures Coming Soon

The rock line of Funko Pop!’s collectible figures continues to evolve, this time with a new edition of Motorhead‘s Lemmy Kilmister and Poison singer Bret Michaels arriving soon.

For the late Motorhead founder, this will be his third Funko doll and first as part of the brand’s “album” series, which aims to recreate the looks rockers sported during the time a particular album was released. For Lemmy, he gets the Ace of Spades treatment, outfitted as the outlaw seen on the cover of the breakthrough 1980 album.

Past iterations include Lem with sunglasses on and holding a cigarette while the other is an onstage replica, bass in hand. The band’s iconic Snaggletooth even has its own Funko figure.

Poison fans have the option of purchasing two brand new editions of Bret Michaels — one figure shows the singer wearing a red bandana and the other depicts him wearing a black cowboy hat. Michaels is wearing the shirt of his solo band — Bret Michaels Band — rather than Poison in both collectibles.

Head here to order the Lemmy figures and go here to snag the Bret Michaels figures.

Lemmy Kilmister — Ace of Spades Funko Figure

Bret Michaels Funko Figures

78 Rock + Metal Artists Turned Into Funko Pop! Figures (as Amazon affiliates we earn on qualifying purchases)

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AC/DC, Motorhead and Bret Michaels Funko Figures Unveiled

AC/DC, Motorhead and Bret Michaels are the latest rock stars to receive the Funko Pops! treatment.

The new AC/DC and Motorhead figures arrive as part of the Album series, which sees the collectibles accompanied by a replica of one of the artists’ classic albums.

For AC/DC, the choice was their iconic 1979 LP Highway To Hell. The set comes with a figure of Angus Young in his devilish schoolboy outfit, backed by the album’s cover art. “This is one drop you rockers do not want to miss out on!,” boasts a description accompanying the collectible.

This marks the second AC/DC LP to be part of the Album series, following a Back In Black release which was unveiled in 2020.

Motorhead’s 1980 album Ace of Spades also gets the Funko treatment, complete with a figure of Lemmy in his recognizable western-inspired attire. “Release your inner rocker and celebrate the timeless album from rock legends, Motorhead!,” declares the item’s description. “Labelled as its most commercially successful album; this is going to be a massive hit amongst fans, so don’t miss out on your chance to grab this latest Pop! Albums drop and give it centre stage in your growing collections!”

Elsewhere, Poison frontman Bret Michaels is immortalized in his own Funko Pops! figure. The collectible captures the rocker wearing a t-shirt, ripped jeans and his custom bandana. One hand holds a guitar, while the other throws up the traditional rock “sign of the horns” gesture. One in six of the Michaels Funkos will also come with a “chase variant,” featuring Michaels wearing a cowboy hat over his bandana.

All of these new releases are available for preorder now.

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