Phil Collen Puts 2021 Motley Crue, Def Leppard Tour Odds at 50-50

Phil Collen said it’s “50/50” that Def Leppard’s Stadium Tour – alongside Motley Crue, Poison and Joan Jett – will commence in 2021.

The guitarist discussed the postponed trek during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation.

When asked if he was confident the tour would proceed in 2021 as rescheduled, Collen seemed unsure. “I honestly don’t know,” he remarked. “I’d say it’s 50/50. If everyone does what they are supposed to do, then we will be there next summer.”

Despite the hesitations, Collen insisted he’s “really looking forward” to getting out on tour, admitting that he and his fellow rockers had been gearing up for the original trek before the coronavirus forced its postponement.

“Me and [Motley Crue bassist] Nikki Sixx were talking [about] getting in shape for it. We were, like, ‘How you doin’?’ and all of this stuff, and it was awesome. And then we had the plug pulled,” Collen explained. “So, we actually have got a year to look even better, so it will be even cooler.”

The Stadium Tour was originally scheduled to begin on June 18 in Jacksonville, Fla. Much was made of the delayed postponement of the dates, which weren’t officially pushed to 2021 until June 1. According to Collen, it was all a matter of logistics.

“First off, it was Major League Baseball. We’re playing in their buildings, so that has to be taken care of first, then the promoters,” he explained. “And then we’re down that food chain. So we are ready for when everyone else is. Absolutely, at the drop of a hat, we’ll be there, good to go. I’ll definitely be ready by then, for sure.”

If things go to plan, the rescheduled Stadium Tour will kick off on June 19, 2021, in Nashville.

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Nikki Sixx Shares Gratitude for 19 Years of Sobriety

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has surpassed another sober milestone today (July 2), celebrating 19 years of sobriety.

Sixx’s hedonistic lifestyle of the ’80s has been well documented, with the musician himself sharing some of the stories and translating his experiences in books and music. But the rocker has spent nearly two decades now sober and has been highly productive not only in music, but also with his photography and being a radio host.

“19 years of gratitude one day at a time,” Sixx writes in a Facebook posting (seen below). “It is the road worth traveling if you are struggling. Old timers are here to guide us but newcomers to sobriety are the greatest gift to this simple program.”

He continues, “Of course it’s not always easy. First thing I did and continue to do is cut toxic people outta my life, then comes the first step and then freedom (If you work it). Even non addicts could use the 12 step program to better their lives. To me it’s a life program. I am a better man, father, husband, friend, bandmate and creative spirit because of this program.”

Sixx concluded his post with the hashtag #SoberBirthday and the message, “I look up everyday and say thank you.”

In 2017, Sixx penned an op-ed on America’s growing opioid crisis, and he’s dedicated his time over the years to advocate on the recovery process. In a 2011 interview, Sixx told the New York Post that his spirituality came first in his life, paving the way for his sobriety.

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Photos: Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Just Got Two Face Tattoos

Motley Crue‘s Tommy Lee is covered in tattoos and now he’s got a couple more, having recently had the left and right sides of his head inked.

The drummer posted three photos in an Instagram slideshow, first showing a set of dots curling around his eyebrow, scaling up in size from the bridge of his nose to the outside of the brow. From there, Lee added to pre-existing star outlines with smaller, blacked-out stars continuing the arc, which is capped off on the left temple with an upside down bass clef that dovetails into a treble clef to form the shape of a heart.

On the right side of Lee’s face, Japanese characters descend from his temple down to the rear jaw line.

Lee’s bandmate, Motley Crue founder and bassist Nikki Sixx, commented, “Looks awesome. I need a tune up with some of my ink too. Great.” Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 added, “That’s so cool. I love it,” in a pair of comments.

Swipe through the three photos directly below.

This year was supposed to be the return of Motley Crue, who announced last year that they would be breaking their cessation of touring agreement (they quite literally blew the thing up) for a reunion run. The band credited the overwhelming success of their Netflix biopic The Dirt, which adopted the name of Crue’s infamous tell-all book, for spurring the reunion as there is a new legion of fans to play for.

The coronavirus pandemic forced the tour, which also features Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, to be postponed until 2021. No new dates have been announced yet, but Motley Crue vowed that rescheduled stops were in the works.

While Crue remained sidelined, Lee has still been busy, placing a focus on his solo career as he’s set to release a rap album, Andro, on Oct. 16. The drummer released two new singles — “Knock Me Down” and “Tops” — which features guest vocalists. Head here to listen and to get more information on Lee’s solo record.

Additionally, Lee was featured on the collaborate track between rap artists Post Malone and Yaweh. The song, “Tommy Lee,” is even named after the drummer.

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Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Credits Ozzy Osbourne for Big Break

Ozzfest helped launched many a band, but long before Ozzy Osbourne started up his festival, he was helping to bring along the next generation of major rock acts. In a new interview with Apple Music, Motley Crue‘s Tommy Lee credits Osbourne for giving the legendary rockers their big break.

“He took us on tour. We were just starting to make some noise, but nothing like [what happened with Osbourne],” recalled Lee to host Travis Mills. “He gave us an opportunity to play in front or 15,000 people in arenas every single night and that just translated into … the band just blew up after that.”

He continues, “If it wasn’t for Ozzy giving us that opportunity to play in front of that many eyeballs every night, we may not be sitting here right now having this conversation. That’s how crazy it is.”

Motley Crue ended up as the opening act on Ozzy Osbourne’s 1984 Bark at the Moon tour. This came as the band was supporting their 1983 album, Shout at the Devil, which proved to be their breakout. The album cycle saw them starting to receive radio airplay for the title track and “Looks That Kill.” The record would climb to No. 17 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart and would go on to be certified four-times platinum in the U.S.

Listen to Tommy Lee speaking with Apple Music’s Travis Mills here.

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Vince Neil: My Neighbor’s Dogs ‘Murdered’ My Yorkshire Terrier

Motley Crue singer Vince Neil shared the sad news this week that his dog had died with a statement that describes a vicious attack by an opposing pair of canines. The musician took to Instagram to post photos in remembrance of California Wolf Neil, the five-year-old Yorkshire Terrier.

Further, according to the Motley Crue member’s family, a plot among some in their neighborhood is attempting to conceal the real reason for the pet’s death. Neil and his longtime girlfriend, Rain Hannah, attested that Cali was “murdered” in a message on the dog’s Instagram account Monday (June 22). But they indicated that their neighbors are conspiring against them to deny that was the cause.

“With a heavy heart we share the news that our beloved California Wolf Neil has gone to heaven,” the statement reads. “Her passing was tragic. She was brutally murdered on our front door by two evil neighbor dogs, which is caught on our security cameras.”

The statement continues, “Our neighbors are trying to cover it up and say that she ran two football fields to their pasture and their long horn steers killed her!! Please pray for her justice because her killers are still running free!!”

In her short life, Cali had gotten a taste of stardom alongside her rockstar owner. For example, the dog once appeared on a 2015 episode of ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap that featured Neil, as Blabbermouth remembered.

“I’m going to miss this little one forever,” Neil added in a separate social media post this week. “Love you Cali.”

Neil’s not the only Motley Crue rocker who loves animals. In 2018, Nikki Sixx condemned a university for their inhumane dog research. Last year, Tommy Lee called for an end to donkey “taxi” rides in his native Greece and he’s called out Sea World for their torturous practices in the past.

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Motley Crue and Def Leppard Announce 2021 Dates and Refund Policy

Motley Crue announced the rescheduled 2021 dates — and refund policy — for their Stadium Tour with Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett.

The 31-show trek, which was postponed from summer 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is now set to launch June 19 in Nashville and wrap Sept. 12 in San Diego. It’s unclear from Motley Crue’s rerouting-announcement tweet if venues will remain the same from the 2020 dates.

“All tickets will be honored for the new dates,” the band wrote. “If you cannot make the new show, you will receive an email from your ticket provider or you can visit We look forward to seeing you in 2021!”

You can see the rescheduled dates below.

The bands announced the all-star jaunt last December with a video featuring Motley Crue blowing up the “Cessation of Touring Agreement” they signed at a 2014 press conference announcing their supposed final tour.

Drummer Tommy Lee recently enthused that Motley Crue’s stage production for the tour would have been “fucking ridiculous,” elaborating on the band’s extensive preparation.

“We were just about to start [rehearsing],” Lee told “We were gonna start at the beginning of May, rehearse everything, get the production and everything ready, all of May. … We would have been in Miami right now rehearsing in the stadium — we had locked out five days in the stadium to rehearse.”

Lee teased the expanded possibilities of their live show in shifting from arenas to “fucking ginormous” stadiums. He also hyped the eventual atmosphere of a post-pandemic live set. “I want to be onstage, when that day comes and it’s okay for a fucking stadium to be filled with people going fucking crazy for the first time,” he said. “Because that energy? Can you imagine?”

Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett 2021 North American Tour
June 19 — Nashville
June 21 — Cincinnati
June 24 — Charlotte, N.C.
June 26 — Miami
June 27 — Orlando, Fla.
July 3 — Cleveland
July 6 — St. Louis
July 8 — Minneapolis
July 10 — Detroit
July 13 — Philadelphia
July 15 — Flushing, N.Y.
July 17 — Boston
July 18 — Boston
July 20 — Hershey, Pa.
July 22 — Pittsburgh
Aug. 7 — Jacksonville, Fla.
Aug. 9 — Washington D.C.
Aug.12 — Buffalo, N.Y.
Aug. 15 — Atlanta
Aug. 17 — Houston
Aug. 20 — San Antonio
Aug. 22 — Arlington, Texas
Aug. 24 — Kansas City, Mo.
Aug. 26 — Denver
Aug. 28 — Milwaukee
Aug. 29 — Chicago
Sept. 3 — Phoenix
Sept. 4 — Los Angeles
Sept. 7 — Seattle
Sept. 10 — San Francisco
Sept. 12 — San Diego

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Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Featured in Post Malone Song ‘Tommy Lee’

Last week, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee dropped two rap songs of his own. This week, rappers Post Malone and Yaweh released a joint single titled “Tommy Lee,” on which the legendary drummer has been featured.

Lee laid down his drum parts for the single while at home in quarantine after Post Malone sent him the track with what he called “demo drums,” when talking to SiriusXM’s Debatable. “It’s killer,” he said. “It’s basically [an ode to] living that rock star life that people in hip-hop always seem to talk about.”

In recent years, the 24-year old Post Malone has curried favor with the rock and metal community. He was in a metalcore band as a teen, performed 15 Nirvana songs in a livestream benefit show, has his knuckles tattooed with portraits of rock legends, played onstage with Aerosmith at the VMAs and with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Grammys, invited Ozzy Osbourne to sing on one of his songs and later sung on one of Ozzy’s new songs… the list goes on.

This isn’t lost on Lee, who worked with Post Malone in 2018 on the Beerbongs & Bentleys hit “Over Now.” “I’ve known him for a while and that dude is a rock star, let me tell you,” commented Lee. “He’s a freaking maniac.”

As to why the Posty and Yaweh elected to name the song after the Motley Crue icon, Yaweh told NME, “Tommy Lee just doesn’t give a fuck and I love that.”

Read the lyrics to “Tommy Lee” directly below (via Genius) and listen to the song at the bottom of the page.

Ah, shit, I’m just workin’ in the studio
Ah, okay
You miss me?
Callin’ me “Papa”?
I want you, Papa
Aight, I’ll call you right back (XL Eagle made it)

[Chorus: Tyla Yaweh]
You always talkin’ about it (You always talkin’ about it)
You never makin’ no profit, uh (You never makin’ no profit)
I treat my hoes like a option (Yeah)
If she talkin’ and get out of pocket, ooh (Okay)
I’m livin’ life like a rockstar (Oh)
Pullin’ up, stretch limousines (Pullin’ up, stretch limousines)
To look at me, that cost a fee (Yeah)
The double C’s all on my feet
You always talkin’ about it, yeah (You always talkin’ about it)
You always talkin’ about it (You always talkin’ about it)
You say that you rappin’ in private, yeah (Woah)
But I see that you cap about it (Yeah)
Livin’ life like a rockstar
Pullin’ up, stretch limousines (Stretch limousines)
To look at me, that cost a fee (Woah)
Them double C’s all on my feet (Woah)

[Verse 1: Tyla Yaweh]
I changed my color to Nipsey blue (Nipsey blue)
Your racks, it get smaller, shit pitiful (Racks)
If you tryna get so physical (Woah)
That .45 will make you invisible (Woah)
I’m livin’ my life like a criminal (Woah)
I call this shit First 48 (Ayy)
I been quiet, there’s no one to blame, yeah (Blame)
My lawyer said we beat the case (We beat the case)
I’m livin’ my life, celebration (Woah)
I’m thankin’ the Lord, I got patience (Woah)
I’m lovin’ the way that she take it (Woah)
I bend it, I fold it, I flip it
She bringin’ it back just to prove it (Prove it)
I’m givin’ her work just to move it, yeah
I’m livin’ the life that I’m choosin’, yeah (Choosin’)
I’m gettin’ these racks, gettin’ stupid, yeah (Oh)

[Chorus: Tyla Yaweh]
You always talkin’ about it (You always talkin’ about it)
You never makin’ no profit, uh (You never makin’ no profit)
I treat my hoes like a option (Yeah)
If she talkin’ and get out of pocket, ooh (Okay)
I’m livin’ life like a rockstar (Oh)
Pullin’ up, stretch limousines (Pullin’ up, stretch limousines)
To look at me, that cost a fee (Yeah)
The double C’s all on my feet
You always talkin’ about it, yeah (You always talkin’ about it)
You always talkin’ about it (You always talkin’ about it)
You say that you rappin’ in private, yeah (Woah)
But I see that you cap about it (Yeah)
Livin’ life like a rockstar
Pullin’ up, stretch limousines (Stretch limousines)
To look at me, that cost a fee (Woah)
Them double C’s all on my feet (Woah)

[Verse 2: Post Malone]
Pull up with the drum like I’m Tommy Lee (Tommy Lee)
Yaweh got a stick, came to rock with me (Rock with me)
Milli’ on wrist, ain’t no rocks on me (Rocks on me, rocks on me)
I’m pretty as fuck, wanna copy me (Copy me, damn)
I heard you was mad ’cause I’m poppin’ as shit (Wow, wow)
I’m poppin’ the ‘pagne and I’m poppin’ that bitch (Pop, ooh, damn)
I hop out a plane and went straight to the whip (Ooh)
I know they can see, I think that’s pretty cool if you askin’ me
Bugatti, no body roll, curtains in back of the candy Rolls (Skrrt)
I love when my lawyer calls, I hate when I run out of smoke
Pull up to the party, oh, and we like to party, oh
I finish the bottle, dawg, get this bitch jumpin’, no Mario
Still shit’s so hard
Cigarettes, cough
Bathroom stalls
Please don’t save my life, oh

[Chorus: Tyla Yaweh]
You always talkin’ about it (You always talkin’ about it)
You never makin’ no profit, uh (You never makin’ no profit)
I treat my hoes like a option (Yeah)
If she talkin’ and get out of pocket, ooh (Okay)
I’m livin’ life like a rockstar (Oh)
Pullin’ up, stretch limousines
To look at me, that cost a fee (Yeah)
The double C’s all on my feet
You always talkin’ about it, yeah (You always talkin’ about it)
You always talkin’ about it (You always talkin’ about it)
You say that you rappin’ in private, yeah (Woah)
But I see that you cap about it (Yeah)
Livin’ life like a rockstar
Pullin’ up, stretch limousines (Stretch limousines)
To look at me, that cost a fee (Woah)
Them double C’s all on my feet (Woah)

[Outro: Tyla Yaweh]
Like a rockstar

Earlier this month, Lee released two new rap songs off his Andro solo record, which will be out Oct. 16. The tracks, “Knock Me Down” and “Tops,” featured the guest vocalists Killvein and Push Push, respectively. Listen to them here and get more details on the album.

Tyler Yaweh + Post Malone, “Tommy Lee”

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Tommy Lee: Motley Crue Stage Would Have Been ‘F—ing Ridiculous’

Tommy Lee said the stage production for Motley Crue’s postponed Stadium Tour would have been “fucking ridiculous.” In a conversation with, the drummer dished on just how far the Crue progressed in their preparation before the coronavirus pandemic put a kibosh on their plans.

“We were just about to start [rehearsing],” Lee said. “We were gonna start at the beginning of May, rehearse everything, get the production and everything ready, all of May. … We would have been in Miami right now rehearsing in the stadium — we had locked out five days in the stadium to rehearse.”

Motley Crue are known for their huge live shows, with pyrotechnics and elaborate stage designs all par for the course. When asked about what they had planned for the Stadium Tour, Lee began to gush.

“Dude, oh, my God. I wish I could tell you. … All I can tell you is, once again, be careful what you wish for,” the drummer exclaimed. “Everybody has clearly seen we take it seriously, and what you can pull off in an arena, I think we’ve pulled off pretty much everything you could possibly ever even fucking think of. So, now we get to play with a fucking ginormous stadium that has no roof on it. … I’m just telling you right now, the production – and it’s still there, it’s just put away in a couple of giant warehouses. Dude, can I just say it’s fucking ridiculous?”

Despite admittedly being disappointed by having to postpone Motley Crue’s tour until 2021, Lee confessed he’s excited to be onstage when fans return to live concerts.

“I want to be onstage, when that day comes and it’s okay for a fucking stadium to be filled with people going fucking crazy for the first time,” he said. “Because that energy? Can you imagine? I mean, you’re seeing it now with people fucking rioting, although it’s for many different reasons, but you’ve got a lot of fucking pent-up anger, energy, and people are going fucking bananas. And I can’t wait for it to go in that other direction of excitement in, ‘Oh, my God! We’re fucking going crazy, and the music’s loud as fuck, and everything’s cool.'”

You can watch Lee’s full interview with Knotfest below.

The drummer has been exceptionally busy lately, even with the worldwide pandemic affecting his plans. Lee recently released two new songs: “Knock Me Down,” featuring nu-metal band Killvein, and “Tops,” featuring South African rapper Push Push. Both tracks will appear on Andro, Lee’s first solo album since 2005. The LP is scheduled for release in October.

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Steel Panther’s Satchel: Sixx ‘A D–k’ But I Love Motley Crue

There’s some tension between the members of Steel Panther and Motley Crue founder Nikki Sixx. The two sides traded barbs in October of last year and, in a recent interview, Panther guitarist Satchel insisted he still felt Sixx “is a dick,” but it hasn’t tainted his love for the band’s music.

In advance of Steel Panther’s “Concert to Save the World” — a fully produced livestream benefit show taking place on June 7 —Satchel spoke with Ultimate Guitar and was asked if the band’s plan was to steal Crue’s audience.

“I’m a fan of Motley Crue,” said the axeman before commenting on two of the band’s members. “I think that Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx can act like total dickheads much of the time, but that’s also what comes with being a rock star sometimes. The guys want to act like dickheads and they do – and that’s cool, I still like the songs. But we can’t steal their fans any more than they can steal ours,” he affirmed.

Satchel denounced any sort of competition, expressing there is room for each band to be appreciated. “People are gonna be fans of both bands and I’m always gonna love Motley Crue no matter how big of a dick Nikky Sixx is because I like how they sound,” he defended, noting that the two groups are “not mutually exclusive.”

Perhaps fans felt like they had to pick sides once the beef between the two hair metal groups erupted last year. Singer Michael Starr and drummer Stix Zadinia were asked what rocker they’d like to bring back from the dead. The two doubled down and named Crue Singer Vince Neil — who is alive — quipping that the Neil from “back in the day” was metaphorically dead.

This incensed Sixx, who called Steel Panther “backstabbers” but Panther quickly shot back and dug up an old interview clip of the band mocking Neil following his jet ski accident that left him with broken ribs during his time away from the band.

Satchel didn’t see the need for fans to pick a side and urged, “You don’t have to hate Steel Panther to love Motley Crue and vice versa. And you don’t have to hate Motley Crue to say Nikki Sixx is a dick as well. [Laughs] I still love Motley Crue even though I think Nikki Sixx is a dick – these things are not mutually exclusive. [Laughs]”

Despite the war of words in the past, the guitar player is seemingly over the whole ordeal. He said if he saw Motley Crue, it’s likely he wouldn’t go out of his way to spend time with them, especially because “Nikki Sixx seems like he doesn’t like my band, so I probably wouldn’t buy him a beer.”

Burying the hatchet a bit, Satchel wished Crue “the best in the future” and then proclaimed, “But it seems like we annoy Nikki Sixx — and I’m fine with being annoying to Nikki Sixx ’cause I don’t really give a fuck.”

Steel Panther’s June 7 “Concert to Save the World” will benefit both Live Nation’s Crew Nation Fund as well as the Heavenly Pets Animal Rescue. Get more details here. Loudwire was even tapped to help Michael Starr pick out his stage outfit for the special event, which can be viewed at this location.

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Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Just Released Two Solo Rap Songs

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is an avid rap, hip-hop and electronic music fan. His nu-metal dalliances under Methods of Mayhem alluded to this and now he’s dropped two solo rap songs — “Knock Me Down” and “Tops” — featuring guest vocalists Killvein and Push Push, respectively. Both come off Lee’s new record, Andro.

Lee has released music videos for both tracks, which were directed by Limp Bizkit‘s Fred Durst. “Knock Me Down” has industrial overtones which fit perfectly for the snarling, about-to-snap mentality Killvein invokes while “Tops” is driven by South African rapper Push Push’s unhinged, unique style over start-stop Afrobeats.

Listen to both songs further down the page.

“I heard his shit on the Internet,” Lee said of Killvein, “and I thought, this dude is badass, ‘Knock Me Down’ had his name all over it. He raps like a beast, is super-talented, and actually says something. He’s gonna blow up.”

As for Push Push, the drummer simply enthused, “She’s a total troublemaker — a maniac!”

“Working with Tommy was an incredible opportunity,” commented Push Push. “He made sure that I was in a comfortable space, free to express myself fully and without limits. The video shoot was a dream come true. I felt empowered to show all my true colors without judgement. Honestly, that team could’ve made anyone feel like a star.”

Killvein was especially excited about the collaborative opportunity. “It was great working with Tommy! It’s crazy because I grew up listening to Motley Crue so I never imagined I’d end up working with Tommy fucking Lee,” beamed Killvein.

“I was surprised he’d even heard of me but that’s all thanks to our mutual friend, Danny Lohner. Danny showed Tommy my music last year and that’s when Tommy sent me the beat. I recorded half the song in my garage in Sacramento and the other half in his studio in Calabasas. I was like a kid in a candy shop in there — he has everything. The video shoot was surreal. Getting to work with both Tommy and Fred Durst on that was a dream,” the rapper added.

Andro will be released on Oct. 16 and the artwork can be seen beneath both music videos. The album will feature additional guests — Buckcherry’s Josh Todd, Brooke Candy and Mickey Avalon — as well as a Prince cover from Rock Star Supernova’s Lukas Rossi.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Motley Crue officially postponed their North American stadium tour with Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, vowing to reschedule the dates for 2021.

Tommy Lee, “Knock Me Down” Music Video Feat. Killvein

Tommy Lee, “Tops” Music Video Feat. Push Push

Tommy Lee, Andro Album Art

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Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Set to Release Two New Songs

Tommy Lee is returning with his latest solo project, announcing that two new songs will arrive this Friday, June 5.

The Motley Crue drummer teased the releases on social media, excitedly sharing the “BIG NEWS” with his fans.

Each of the new tracks feature guest artists. “Knock Me Down” includes a collaboration with Killvein, whose most recent album, MK Ultra, came out in 2019. “Tops” features South African rapper Push Push, who broke through to the American audience after her songs were featured on the Comedy Central hit series Broad City. Clips of both songs can be heard in the promotional video posted by Lee, which can be watched below.

“Knock Me Down” and “Tops” mark the first pieces of material from Lee’s upcoming album, Andro. The rocker initially teased the LP, his first solo effort in 15 years, back in September of 2019.

“Hey kids!” Lee tweeted at the time. “Finally …my new record is done and getting mastered now ….. lookin like a March release! Y’all gonna LOVE this! Been working on this for 2 years! Making sure everything is amazing for you! This is gonna be a flip! 2 sides 2 genres I’ll explain more later.”

Obviously, that initial March timeline has since been pushed back, but the new songs do seem to echo Lee’s two genres statement. Judging only by the brief clips, “Tops” appears to be more of a hip-hop club banger, while “Knock Me Down” has more of a hard rock sound.

Lee’s last solo effort was 2005’s Tommyland: The Ride. Since then he’s also released material via his Methods of Mayhem rap-rock side project, as well as a collaboration with DJ Aero. The drummer also joined his Motley Crue brethren to record four songs for their Netflix biopic The Dirt, released on the film’s official soundtrack in 2019.

Fans had been hoping to see Lee on tour this summer, drumming alongside his Crue bandmates on The Stadium Tour. That trek, which would have also featured Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett, has now been pushed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Motley Crue and Def Leppard Postpone 2020 Summer ‘Stadium Tour’

This summer’s tour starring Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett has been postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“The official decision has been made to move all 2020 North American Stadium Tour dates into the summer of 2021,” reads a statement posted on Twitter. “The new stadium dates are being rescheduled, your tickets will be honored for all postponed shows and refund policy information will be made available shortly. Stay tuned, be safe and we will see you next year!”

The 28-city tour was supposed to start on June 23 at Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium and conclude at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on Sept. 5.

The trek was announced last December to much fanfare – and debate – after Motley Crue released a video in which they blew up the “Cessation of Touring Agreement” that they signed at the 2014 press conference where they announced their last tour.

While the language in the document was mostly a safeguard to prevent any lineup without the four members from using the band’s name, they had nonetheless remained adamant that they would no longer go out on the road in the nearly four years since they said goodbye at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve 2015.

Then came The Dirt, the Netflix biopic that premiered in March 2019.

As the press release accompanying the blow-up video said, the decision to perform again came after the movie saw “Motley Crue’s popularity rush to new highs, catapulting the band’s music back to the top of the worldwide charts with the younger 18-44 demographic now representing 64 percent of the band’s fan base. Moreover, in the six months following the release of The Dirt, Motley Crue have celebrated a meteoric rise of almost 350 percent increase in streams of their music across all streaming platforms. However, most of the new fans have never seen any of the legendary live shows that Crueheads have relished for close to four decades.”

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