Mike Shinoda Creates ‘Dropped Frames’ Solo Record While on Twitch

For those of you who’ve followed Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda on Twitch, you’re aware that he’s enjoyed sharing the creative process with fans. That will soon pay off in a new solo album from the singer.

Shinoda has been taking suggestions from fans and then recording instrumental material based around the input he’s received. Not only will his vocals appear on parts of the set, but so will vocals from a number of submissions he received for the record. That collaborative process with fans has now yielded 12 new tracks that will be released under the title, Dropped Frames, Vol. 1 on July 10.

The singer told Spin, “Dropped Frames is just as much about the live channel as it is about the album.’ The collection of songs is a highlight reel of the tracks I make on the channel, but a big part of the experience is the stream itself. When I start, I usually have very little idea of where it will go. What comes out is a product of the viewers’ suggestions, my spur-of-the-moment ideas, and whatever inexplicable magic is floating in between.”

During his Twitch stream announcing the album, Shinoda revealed that it’s his hope to continue putting together Dropped Frames albums through the collaborative Twitch process, with viewers continuing to suggest themes.

In advance of the release, fans can now check out three tracks titled “Osiris,” “Open Door” and “Super Galaxtica.” Hear all three below.

The album will be Shinoda’s second solo record, following 2018’s Post Traumatic album. Pre-saves/pre-orders are available here. Keep up with Shinoda’s Twitch activity here.

Mike Shinoda, “Open Door”

Mike Shinoda, “Osiris”

Mike Shinoda, “Super Galaxtica”

Mike Shinoda, Dropped Frames, Vol. 1 Artwork + Track Listing

Kenji Kobayashi Productions

Open Door
Super Galaxtica
Cupcake Cake
El Rey Demonio
Doodle Buzz
Channeling Pt. 1 (feat. Dan Mayo)
Babble Bobble
Session McSessionface
Neon Crickets
Booty Down

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Linkin Park Have an Unreleased Song With Chester Bennington

Linkin Park‘s future remains uncertain, but Mike Shinoda has just revealed the name of one unreleased song that was recorded with Chester Bennington during the One More Light sessions. Still, it will likely be a long time before we ever get to hear “Friendly Fire.”

Shinoda has been active on his Twitch channel lately as fans can engage with him while he does things ranging from playing the Animal Crossing video game to recording new music. It’s an ideal time for fans to spring questions on the Linkin Park co-vocalist and, last week, Shinoda discussed unreleased Linkin Park material.

“There was a song — a One More Light song that… we mixed more [songs] than [are present on] the finished album and we mixed a couple other songs just to see if one of them would make the cut or whatever — if we could use it for a B-side and it was ‘Friendly Fire,'” Shinoda disclosed in a video shared by a Linkin Park fan page, as seen below.

Shinoda mentioned the track was co-written with Jon Green, who collaborated with the group on 2017’s One More Light album, which proved to be the final record with singer Chester Bennington before his tragic death by suicide in July later that year. Guitarist Brad Delson was also in on the writing process for that track.

“I still love that song,” beamed Shinoda, who then wondered out loud if Linkin Park had released that song already, asking, “Is that out somewhere? Did we put ‘Friendly Fire’ out at some point? We didn’t, did we?”

One viewer requested that the band just release the song right now, to which Shinoda brushed off, understanding what a monumental moment the debut of an unheard Linkin Park song would be.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that “Friendly Fire” will be shared any time soon. “You literally are going to have to wait years to hear that song, fyi,” said Shinoda at the tail of the video clip.

Fortunately, however, Linkin Park fans have already received at least one posthumous song featuring Bennington. Prior to his death, the singer contributed to “Cross Off,” one of the tracks which appeared on Anesthetic, the debut solo album from Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton. Listen here.

Plus, Bennington’s vocals can be heard on the Grey Daze album, Amends, due this Friday (June 26). You can pre-order the album from Bennington’s pre-Linkin Park band, which has already yielded the tracks “What’s in the Eye,” “Sickness,” “Sometimes,” “Soul Song” and “B12,” at this location.

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