Metallica to Play the ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

No concerts, no problem. Metallica have been taking advantage of the opportunity to play televised performances, and they are set to play the Late Show With Stephen Colbert next week.

The CBS performance will start at 11:35pm ET on Wednesday, March 3. This televised appearance comes just a few weeks after the metal legends played the Super Bowl edition of the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, which took place on Saturday, Feb. 6.

Shortly after the performance aired, Metallica claimed feats on two different Billboard charts. They became the first act to claim the Top 5 spots on the Vinyl Album Sales chart, and then five of their albums creeped into the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 following a set of Walmart reissues.

Hopefully, Metallica will be cracking the charts with new material soon, as they’ve done a bit of writing for the follow-up to Hardwired… To Self-Destruct during the pandemic, though Lars Ulrich has admitted that the progress has been quite slow. “These are the craziest of times and nothing is letting up. There’s a little bit of movement [in that direction], but it’s hard to do a lot when we’re not together,” he told Classic Rock.

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Twitch Mutes Metallica’s Livestream at Video Game Conference

As part of the annual video game conference BlizzCon, Metallica were tapped for a livestream performance at the event. It was the first time the band had played the conference since 2014 and it was memorable for all the wrong reasons. A few seconds into the Twitch stream of the event, the metal faded out and was replaced by computerized folk music instead, to the ire of viewers.

In recent years, Twitch has cracked down on the use of copyrighted audio on its platform under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The impact on content creators has been immense, with some accounts being locked or banned entirely for the use of music they did not own the rights for.

As Metallica began playing the Ride the Lightning track “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” Twitch silenced the performance, and instead swapped the metal titan’s classic track for something copyright free, cartoonish and, ultimately, rather slapstick, despite the overwhelming commonalities present in metal and video game soundtracks.

Viewers quickly flocked to Twitter to express their outrage, while also pointing the finger at Twitch for the shortcoming, now having felt the wrath of their own restrictions first hand.

Others referenced Metallica’s 2000 battle with the music pirating platform Napster when commenting that the band, too, have a notorious history regarding copyright enforcement. “Metallica placed themselves front and center in the copyright debacle. This couldn’t have happened to a more deserving band,” wrote one user, seen below.

View some of the responses below, which has embedded some clips from the snafu. A 37-second video at the bottom of the page also captured the fade out from Metallica and into the copyright free music.

Twitch Cuts Off Metallica Performance at 2021 BlizzCon

Metallica, “For Whom the Bell Tolls” at 2021 BlizzCon

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Watch Metallica Being Censored with Terrible Choice of Music

Fans following the online edition of this year’s BlizzCon gaming convention may have been looking forward to a live performance by Metallica – but that’s not what many of them got.

Instead, as the band started to play the Ride the Lightning classic “For Whom the Bell Tolls” from their studio, the live stream on the Twitch platform was suddenly muted and replaced by synth music reminiscent of gaming tunes from the ‘90s. You can experience the disorienting effect below, followed by the uncensored version via another stream.

The censoring was keyed up with the onscreen message: “The upcoming musical performance is subject to copyright protection by the applicable copyright holder.” AV Club noted that the “dorkiest” move avoided Twitch “issuing one of their ubiquitous DMCA takedown notices to themselves.” The report added: “[I]t is extremely funny to watch this happen, especially – as many people have pointed out – since Metallica is at least partially responsible for the restrictive character of many online musical streaming laws that dominate the internet today, after their high-profile campaign against Napster way back at the dawn of the MP3.”

Last year, guitarist Kirk Hammett reflected that the band’s famous battle for artists’ control over their music had been a waste of effort, saying: “We didn’t make a difference … it was just bigger than any of us, this trend that happened that fucking sunk the fucking music industry. There was no way that we could stop it. … What had happened was all of a sudden, it was just more convenient to get music and it was less convenient to pay for it, and there you have it.”

In his introduction to the new performance, frontman James Hetfield told the audience: “Thanks for having us at BlizzCon 2014. We’d love to be there this year, but obviously can’t be. So here we are, and this is for you.”

Metallica – ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ Censored at BlizzCon

Metallica – ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ Uncensored at Blizzcon

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Adorable Metal Baby Drums to Slipknot, Pantera, Metallica + More

TikTok gets more metal every day. Liz, also known as the heavy metal baby, has more followers on the app than most rock and metal musicians probably do, and that’s because she drums to bands like Slipknot, Pantera and Metallica. And she’s adorable.

Liz’s drumming debut was Slipknot’s one-off single “All Out Life,” and she has the biggest smile on her face as her arms beat along to the song. Since then, she’s also covered Metallica, Slayer, Korn, Pantera, Disturbed and more.

It’s pretty obvious that Liz’s dad is a big fan of the ‘Knot, because he even has a Corey Taylor mask on during the “Unsainted” clip. Heavy metal baby’s mom has made a few appearances too, but her biggest contribution to the videos seems to be picking out which bow Liz is going to sport during each performance.

Check out the clips below, and visit her profile for more.

The baby has also racked up over a million likes since she first premiered on TikTok in August of 2020. Power to the youth of America!

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Watch Robert Trujillo and Les Claypool in Spoof Western Video

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo and Primus frontman Les Claypool appear together in a new spoof Western video that’s actually a commercial for EMG Pickups, which both musicians endorse.

Titled Precious Metals, the clip opens with Claypool exploring a desert with a metal detector, only to be shot at by Trujillo after finding “gold.” Instead of a fatal standoff, the pair celebrates the fact that they both possess valuable commodities. They’re then seen taking turns soloing in a funk-bass jam.

The five-minute video, written and codirected by Claypool, can be seen below.

“Presented by EMG Pickups, this Northern California Gold Rush story has a surprise twist you didn’t see coming,” the video explanation reads. “Thrills, chills, suspense and a groove that won’t quit.”

Trujillo joined Metallica in 2003 after the departure of Jason Newsted; Claypool had auditioned for the same position before Newsted was hired following the death of Cliff Burton in 1986.

“I didn’t fit the bill at all,” Claypool admitted in 2015. “I showed up with this bass that was a hunk of driftwood, I had two different-colored tennis shoes on, bleach-blond mohawk, baggies, skater pants – I didn’t fit the bill, especially for Metallica back then. … [Drummer] Lars [Ulrich] was probably the most enthused about the audition. They were all still pretty messed up about the Cliff Burton thing. But James [Hetfield], you could just tell, was like, ‘Who the hell is this fucking weirdo?’”

Still, Claypool said it was a “fun” experience and that he “enjoyed playing through Cliff’s rig.”

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Metallica Surge Back With 5 Entries in Billboard’s Top 10 Albums

Yesterday (Feb. 10) it was revealed that Metallica pulled off a rare chart feat, claiming the top five spots on Billboard’s Vinyl Album Sales Chart. But that recent arrival of reissues at Walmart has yielded another chart feat with five Metallica albums returning to the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart as well.

Metallica’s self-titled “black” album leads the bunch, settling in at No. 3 after spending the previous week at No. 67. Ride the Lightning, which was the top-selling vinyl, claimed the No. 4 spot. …And Justice for All placed fifth, while Master of Puppets and Kill ‘Em All finished seventh and eighth on the chart, making Metallica responsible for half of the Top 10 albums this week. Meanwhile, the sixth vinyl reissue for Walmart outlets, the band’s most recent album Hardwired … to Self-Destruct, landed at No. 15 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart.

The biggest beneficiary of the Top 10 albums from the vinyl reissues was the Master of Puppets album, which saw a 1,102 percent increase in sales over the past week. By comparison, Metallica’s “black” album, which remained a popular seller even without the reissues, climbed 383 percent this past week..

Of the remainder of the Top 10, Weezer had the primary rock entry. The group’s latest set, OK Human, arrived at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart with 9,000 copies sold. This marks the group’s twelfth Top 10 album.

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Robert Trujillo + Les Claypool Have Bass Battle in Western Video

Battle of the basses! Metallica‘s Robert Trujillo and Primus‘ Les Claypool went against each other in a bass battle in a new western-themed video called Precious Metals, which was directed by Claypool’s son Cage.

Presented by EMG Pickups, the short film is based on the California gold rush and edited in the style of an old western movie. As Claypool is discovering gold EMG pickups in the dirt, Trujillo shows up in a cowboy hat and holding a gun. The Metallica bassist insists that he isn’t interested in Claypool’s gold because he has his own silver EMG pickups.

The two let out an evil laugh, and the scene switches over to the inside of a studio, where they have it out in a funky bass competition — still dressed in their Wild West attire, of course.

Watch the video below.

The video comes shortly after EMG Pickups announced the gold Claypool Signature “Pachyderm Gold” bass pickups, which will be available later this year. According to Guitar World, the company will be releasing new finishes of Trujillo’s “Rip Tide” pickups as well.

Robert Trujillo + Les Claypool: ‘Precious Metals’ Bass Battle

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Slayer’s Gary Holt Praises Metallica, Hasn’t Listened to ‘Lulu’

Exodus and former Slayer guitarist Gary Holt said he’d always support Metallica and “give them credit” — which is why he’s never listened to Lulu, their controversial 2011 album with Lou Reed.

He also recalled the New Year’s Eve concert Exodus played with Metallica on Dec. 31, 1985, along with the accurate prediction Metallica’s James Hetfield made that night. “We crushed Metallica,” Holt said on a new edition of the Alive & Streaming podcast.

“I’m not gloating — we crushed ’em, and they knew it. … It was their big homecoming. They’d just finished recording Master of Puppets. … We came out, and we had more amps, we had a bigger riser. We came out looking like the headliners.”

He recalled how everyone was “partying hard” after the show. “James comes up, and we were just getting wasted,” Holt recalled. “[He said,] ‘That’ll be the last time you guys open for us.’ And it was — we never played with Metallica again until in the recent decade, and that was, like, festivals somewhere.”

You can listen to the interview below.

Holt said he loved the members of Metallica “to death” and that he’d “always support them and always give them all credit where credit’s due. … I consider Master of Puppets the greatest metal album ever made. Nobody’s ever come up with anything close to it — maybe close would be Judas Priest’s Stained Class.

“But I give them all respect. Even with St. Anger, I always said, ‘Yeah, if they made it sound right, it wouldn’t be so bad.’ On YouTube, some guy re-recorded the whole album but did it with a proper drum sound and guitar sound, and the songs are killer.” He continued with a laugh: “I never listened to Lulu because I don’t want it to sully my opinion of the band I admire so much!”

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Lars Ulrich’s 92-Year-Old Father Just Put Out a New Record

Does music run in the family? Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is celebrating a new album featuring his 92-year-old father, Torben Ulrich, that was just issued on Friday (Feb. 5).

In an Instagram post that features a photo with his dad, a photo of the album artwork and video of a recording session, Lars writes, “This is my dad… he’s the one on the left. 92-years-old and just getting started…”

He continued, “Today, as one does at his age, he’s putting out another record… This one being a collaboration with his dear friend @legoldston. If anybody’s interested in checking it out, it’s available on the @obscure_terrible Bandcamp page. Definitely something to aspire to.” Ulrich lovingly hashtagged the post: #wanna and #HeavyMetalGandalf.

The new album is titled Oakland moments: cello, voice, reuniting (rejoicing) and its the first commercially available recording between Torben Ulrich and Lori Goldston. The two musicians however have been close friends since 2005 when they started playing together in the group Instead Of with Jaison Scott and Angelina Baldoz. Just as Metallica showed their fondness on orchestral music with their S&M records, so does Torben Ulrich in his pairing with the classically trained Goldston.

The seven-track release finds Torben relaying his texts and poems that were reportedly inspired by “his rice-paper paintings, exploring elements of athleticism, philosophy and mysticism.” The elder Ulrich has led an artistic life as a poet, musician, radio and newspaper journalist, painter, filmmaker, performer and athlete.

Meanwhile, his counterpart on the record, Lori Goldston, is a cellist, composer, improvisor, producer, writer and teacher from Seattle who previously collaborated with Nirvana. She has worked with writers, filmmakers, choreographers, playwrights, bands, composers and visual artists throughout her wide-ranging career.

As stated, the Oakland moments album is available via their collective Bandcamp page but it should be noted that limited edition clear cassettes have already been snapped up. Digital recordings of the album are available however. Check it out here.

Torben Ulrich & Lori Goldston, Oakland moments: cello, voice, reuniting (rejoicing)

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When Dream Theater Covered Metallica With Napalm Death’s Singer

The worlds of progressive metal and grindcore are fairly opposite one another, but there is that one time Dream Theater teamed up with Napalm Death vocalist Barney Greenway to cover Metallica‘s “Damage Inc.” live in 1995.

Dream Theater die-hards are likely well aware that the link to the grind originators dates back further than 1995 as singer James LaBrie was seen wearing a Napalm Death shirt in the music video for the Images and Words hit, “Pull Me Under,” pictured in the screenshot below.

YouTube: Dream Theater

“When we did a special concert, Live at Ronnie Scott’s, which is a small jazz club in the U.K. in London, we had many guests come up with us,” guitarist John Petrucci told Loudwire when he dropped by our studio prior to the release of the band’s latest record, Distance Over Time, and the subject of extreme metal came up.

“At the time, Mike Portnoy was a big fan of Napalm Death and knew Barney and that’s how that connection was made,” he continued. “Me personally, I wasn’t as in tune with that metal scene, but I love when things cross genres and you realize there’s this great brotherhood of music, regardless of the style.”

Watch the performance clip below and hear Dream Theater like you’ve never heard them before.

Dream Theater Cover Metallica’s “Damage Inc.” With Napalm Death’s Barney Greenway


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Kirk Hammett Has Richard Ramirez Memento From Video Shoot

Back in 2003, Metallica visited San Quentin Prison to shoot their video for the title track of their St. Anger album. And in a new interview with Kerrang, guitarist Kirk Hammett revealed he left the shoot with an odd memento from one of the prison’s most well-known inmates – Richard Ramirez, often labeled The Night Stalker during his ’80s home invasion killing spree.

Ramirez was found guilty in 1989 of 43 crimes including 13 counts of murder and five attempted murders. The inmate was placed on Death Row for his actions and he died in 2013 from complications secondary to B-cell lymphoma. His story was revisited in Netflix’s 2021 documentary, Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer.

As Hammett learned during the visit, Ramirez was a Metallica fan. The guitarist recalled, “I got a really cool thing from one of the correctional officers. It was a magazine with us on the cover and the subscription tag said ​‘Richard Ramirez’– the ​‘Night Stalker’ killer who was at San Quentin while we were playing. He was a Metallica fan, but he was on death row and he could only hear us. I still have the magazine. It’s a nice little novelty item.”

The video shoot itself had the band playing their song inside the prison for the inmates. Hammett recalled of that shoot, ​At one point, one of the inmates screamed over to me and said, ​Hey, Kirk, I know your mom!’ and I was like, ​Excuse me?’ He goes, ​Yeah, I used to mow her lawn!’ He added that he knew so-and-so from the neighborhood, too. I was like, ​I might know more people here than I thought!’ But it was cool, it was really mellow. All the inmates were really appreciative of the fact that we were there and it was a distraction for them.”

Revisit Metallica’s “St. Anger” video below.

Metallica, “St. Anger”

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Metallica Grant Rare License for ‘Enter Sandman’ in Ford Spot

Metallica‘s “Enter Sandman” is invading the TV airwaves yet again thanks to placement in Ford’s new commercial for their F-150 Raptor. The spot, which highlights the vehicle’s rugged terrain capabilities, is now rolling out during commercial breaks.

Though “Enter Sandman” is a huge song, it’s rare that the track has been used for commercial use. This marks the second time it’s been authorized for usage in a commercial spot (with the other being for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare trailer). It’s also a favorite vehicle for James Hetfield, who shared that he uses a Raptor for his daily transport in a 2020 Motor Trend article.

Ford F-150 Raptor

Ford Motor Company

Ford’s chief communications officer Mark Truby said, “When we thought about what song captured the new Raptor in all its dune-bashing, desert-running glory, one stood out: ‘Enter Sandman’. It’s a song that has almost never been used commercially, but luckily Metallica are Raptor fans.”

The F-150 Raptor features an all-new five-link rear suspension, electronically controlled next-gen FOX™ shocks with Live Valve technology, has Over-the-Air updates and is available with 37-inch tires.

Ford F-150 Raptor

Ford Motor Company

In the commercial spot, a man wakes early in the morning using “Enter Sandman” to soundtrack his ride through rough desert terrain to obtain a memento to pay tribute to a friend. It’s a full throttle ride that shows off exactly how well those shocks and rear suspension work as he travels to compete his task.

Get a closer look at the vehicle in the commercial spot below.

Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” Soundtracks Ford’s F-150 Raptor Spot

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