Eagles Touring Members: The Band Behind the Band

When a group lasts as long as the Eagles, evolution becomes a necessity. While growing and stretching in artistic ways helps keep the creative spark alive, it also creates challenges in the live setting.

For the Eagles, being able to bring decades worth of dynamic and influential songs to the stage required added musicians. While not official members, these rockers remain in the background, adding layers and depth to the group’s iconic catalog of tunes.

But their contributions are not limited to the live setting. These touring members have added to the group off-stage as well, thanks to their involvement in recordings and various solo efforts.

Unsurprisingly, the Eagles have been very particular about who they’ve allowed into their inner circle. Here’s a look at the touring members who’ve helped make the band one of rock’s most engaging acts.

John Corey

Corey’s first experience within the Eagles’ orbit came in 1978 when he contributed vocals, guitar and keyboards to the self-titled debut album of former member Randy Meisner. Nine years later, he get involved in another solo effort, delivering guitar, keys and bass on Don Henley’s The End of the Innocence, while also receiving songwriting credits on the tracks “The Last Worthless Evening” and “Gimme What You Got.” The rocker would join Henley’s band, touring in support of the hugely successful 1989 LP.

When the Eagles reunited in 1994 for their first tour in 14 years, Henley brought Corey into the fold. Thus, the multi-instrumentalist appeared on the ensuing ‘94 live album Hell Freezes Over. He also contributed to Henley’s 2000 solo effort, Inside Job. Aside from the Eagles, Corey has worked with such vaunted artists as the Who, Rod Stewart, the Knack and Eddie Money.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Scott Crago

When the Eagles agreed to reunite in ‘94, they knew they’d need some additional musicians to fill out the touring lineup. The band auditioned 10 drummers, with Henley keenly watching over the process. One of those who auditioned was Scott Crago.

“To fit into a band that’s that big, I don’t think they needed somebody else to come in and compete as being a fifth Eagle, a sixth Eagle,” Crago later recalled in an interview with drumstick company Vic Firth. “They brought me in knowing that I could just come in and do the job and not take away from who Don Henley is, and who Glenn [Frey] and Joe [Walsh] and those guys were.”

Still, his arrival wasn’t without incident. Crago’s first rehearsal with the band was on the song “New York Minute.” When Henley stopped the song midway through and suggested the drummer “listen to this song one more time,” Crago assumed he’d immediately lost the gig. “I turned white,” the rocker recalled to Modern Drummer, adding that he had an “immediate stomach ache.” “It felt like a failure.” Still, the drummer went and listened to the song “about 600 times” to ensure he’d never mess it up again. Since then, he’s been a steady member of the Eagles’ larger faction, appearing on the Hell Freezes Over live LP, the 2003 single “Hole in the World” and the 2007 album Long Road Out of Eden. He also co-wrote the song “Everything Is Different Now,” featured on Inside Job.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Steuart Smith

Guitarist Steuart Smith initially appeared on Henley’s Inside Job. Impressed by the musician’s impressive acumen, Henley set up a jam session alongside Frey in the hopes of bringing Smith into the Eagles touring band. After running through a handful of songs, Henley thanked Smith and said that he and Frey would need to discuss further steps. “I looked at Glenn and I said, ‘What do you think?,’” Henley recalled. “And he went, ‘Bingo.’ He said, ‘That’s the guy.'”

Smith is credited on five songs 2007’s Long Road Out of Eden, while also sharing producing duties for the LP. The musician’s contributions to the Eagles have not been lost on the group’s core members or their fans.

“Steuart’s quite a musician, and he’s added a lot of much-needed creative spark to the band,” Henley told The Washington Post in 2003. “He’s incredible, one of the best I’ve ever seen and one of the few people who could have stepped into this position and handled it as gracefully as he has. The thing that is most gratifying to me is that the crowds seem to love him: They applaud him vigorously every night and when he’s introduced, they chant his name.”

Smith’s additional work has included work with Shawn Colvin, Rodney Crowell, Nils Lofgren and fellow Eagles auxiliary member Vince Gill. He also played a key role in Henley’s 2015 album, Cass County.

Michael Thompson

One only needs to look at the credits for Glenn Frey’s 2012 LP After Hours to understand Michael Thompson’s Swiss Army knife-like musical ability. The musician recorded eight different instruments on the release, while also serving as one of the album’s producers. In a 2012 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Frey credited Thompson with helping the singer discover new ways to interpret his classic hits. The musician has enjoyed a similar role with the Eagles, working as the band’s jack-of-all-trades since 2001, including multiple contributions to Long Road Out of Eden.

As one of the most in-demand session musicians in Hollywood, Thompson’s long and impressive resume includes work with many of the biggest names in music. including Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Hall & Oates, Bob Seger, Stewart Copeland, the Bee Gees, Steve Perry, Phil Collins. He’s also released three studio LPs with the Michael Thompson Band.

Will Hollis

Keyboardist Will Hollis joined the Eagles touring band in 2001. Over that same timespan the musician also supported Frey and Henley during their respective solo tours. In addition to nearly two decades of live performances, the keyboardist also contributed to the Eagles’ 2007 LP Long Road Out of Eden. Outside of the band, Hollis has worked with artists such as Rod Stewart and Tonic. He also served as the musical director for Dancing With the Stars the Tour in 2007 and 2008, and America’s Got Talent Live in 2011.

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Rock + Metal Virtual Performance Streaming Calendar

Updated July 10

If you’re missing out on concerts and festivals because of cancelations over the coronavirus, you’re not alone. The live entertainment industry is taking a pretty big hit due to the illness, but musicians are coming together all over to put on streamable live performances for their fans in the meantime.

Dave Grohl and Billie Joe Armstrong have hosted concerts from their living rooms, where they play the classics everyone loves. Whether it’s an online festival in a game or a Facebook live, there’s something for all rock and metal fans alike. Some organizations and labels will be even be hosting a different artist every week.

We have compiled a list of virtual performances you can stream throughout the coming weeks while you continue to quarantine, and will update as more come up. Some will be recurring on a weekly basis, while others are one-time events. See them all below.

Enjoy, and stay safe!

Knotfest Weekly Live Streams

Knotfest’s website will stream a live performance from your favorite metal bands every Friday. So far, they’ve aired sets by Lamb of God and Megadeth, which both featured live chats with members of the bands.

Napalm Records’ “Napalm Sofa Series”

Napalm Records will host several bands on their “Napalm Sofa Series,” which take place in the form of live streams on their Facebook page. Be sure to stay tuned for updates, as they announce different performances every few days.

Crush Coronavirus by Washing Your Hands to These Rock + Metal Songs

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25 Great American Rock Bars

Who could use a drink and some good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll? It sounds pretty tempting right about now. And as National Dive Bar Day arrives (July 7), we thought we’d take a closer look at the top spots across the country that keep us rocking while making sure the spirits are high.

Some of these places are true hole-in-the-wall bars, while others have added dining and live music options to the mix, expanding the lure of their operations. But they all have the draw of creating an atmosphere that just makes people want to hang out and have a cold one while rocking out to some great tunes.

Sure, there are other draws and some of these places have gotten creative with their drink, dining and entertainment options. A pinball room with tournaments? Sure. Aussie meat pies and other munchies? Yep. Ever evolving projections on walls changing the look of the place? You bet. Some of these places have found their unique niche that helps them stand out from the rest. So join us as we salute 25 Great American Rock Bars.

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10 Rock Stars Wasted on TV

Back when television was the only place to see your favorite rock stars live in two dimensions, wasted musicians created some unforgettable moments.

The Dick Cavett Show was a home for rock and roll during the ‘60s and ‘70s, creating a forum for in-depth and personal conversations. While making an appearance on the show, David Bowie showed up coked out of his mind, twitching and sniffing while erratically answering questions. The suspenders and cane add another brilliant touch to the interview, giving Bowie the persona of a Batman villain.

One of the most famous wasted moments on TV comes from Courtney Love at the 1995 MTV VMAs. Not long after the death of husband and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, Love interrupted a Madonna interview by throwing her shoe at the pop star, eventually making her way up to a platform where host Kurt Loder was speaking with Madonna. Love hijacked the show, chasing Madonna away and bringing a horrified look to Loder’s face.

Of course, Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue make appearances in this list. Both bands can be seen during their early years, taking their trademark party lifestyle to televised interviews both backstage and on the red carpet.

Check out these 10 Rock Stars Sh!tfaced on TV in the Loud List below.

10 Rock Stars Sh!tfaced on TV

Top 50 Nu-Metal Albums of All-Time

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14 Native American Artists in Rock + Metal

Native American influence is deeply engrained in rock and metal, whether you realize it or not. From the greatest guitarist of all time, to the innovator of the power chord, to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions and sharing the stage with the Beatles, we’re paying tribute to First Nation American musicians.

In thrash, two of the metal sub-genre’s greatest vocalists come from a Native background — Testament‘s Chuck Billy and Anthrax‘s Joey Belladonna. Billy has sung about his Pomo heritage on Testament cuts such as “Trail of Tears” and “Native Blood,” while Belladonna famously lent his voice to Anthrax’s “Indians.”

When a musician’s accolades include collaborating with John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Jackson Browne, Emmylou Harris and more, you think they’d be extremely famous. In reality, that’s not necessarily the case, but you can learn more about the life of Jesse Lee Davis in this post.

Check out these 14 Native American Artists in Rock + Metal in the gallery below.

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20 Must-Have Rock + Metal Comics, Graphic Novels + Photo Books

Has there ever been a better time for comic book fans or even just to be a collector in general? One look through these 20 Must-Have Rock + Metal Comics, Graphic Novels + Coffee Table Books makes a convincing case that it’s never been better than right now.

Over the last decade in particular, there has been a surge of rock and metal bands lending their names and likenesses to the pages of comic books and graphic novels. Other artists, meanwhile, have chronicled their history — or at least parts of it — into captivating coffee table books that offer a one-of-a-kind look that die-hard fans just can’t pass up.

Today, bands are more than just musical artists, and their creative visions have opportunity that just wasn’t afforded up until quite recently. Sure, KISS have had comic books for ages and they were the first to adopt the concept of “b(r)ands,” but that was something reserved for a band so uniquely different than anyone else at the time.

Whether you’re a fanatic collector or just looking to support one of your favorite artists, all these comics, graphic novels and coffee table books listed below can be yours (as Amazon affiliates, we earn on qualifying purchases), so crack the spine on something new and get some reading done!

20 Must-Have Rock + Metal Comics, Graphic Novels + Coffee Table Books

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24 Rock + Metal Postage Stamps

The phrase “stamp of approval” may take on a little more significance when you realize just how special you have to be to receive recognition on a stamp. Around the world, countries have saluted their greatest artists with recognition on a stamp, yet there are still legends who have not been recognized as of yet.

In the U.S., the U.S. postal service started a series back in 1993 honoring some of the pioneers of American rock ‘n’ roll. Included in that series are Elvis Presley, Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly among others. In addition, legends such as The Beatles, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin have made the cut, but when you look at the history of rock ‘n’ roll, there are still many deserving acts who don’t have a stamp stateside.

But other countries have stepped up in that matter. AC/DC has been saluted in Australia, the U.K.’s Royal Mail has chosen to celebrate some top acts by sharing their album covers on stamps. And in Finland, a few years back, they honored the country’s top hard rock and metal acts with stamps.

Who’s got a stamp? You might be surprised. Check out some of the history of rock and metal bands on postage stamps below.

24 Rock + Metal Postage Stamps

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10 Up-and-Coming Bands You Need to Hear in 2020

It’s time again for our most debated-upon list of the year. We’ve put together a group of 10 up-and-coming bands you need to check out in 2020, with the goal of introducing you to a new favorite act.

Polaris have been taking the metalcore world by storm with their second studio album, The Death of Me. Adding to the ferocious legacy of Australian metalcore, Polaris reached No. 3 on their home country’s album chart, surpassing the breakout success of their 2017 debut. Polaris have all the makings to become another Parkway Drive, thanks to a brutal vocal delivery and solid songwriting.

When it comes to rock, Fire From the Gods have emerged as a standout genre-bending act, attaining multi-million view counts on YouTube. The band’s biggest hit, “Right Now,” dropped in 2019, allowing them to chart on the Mainstream Rock chart for the first time and gain an even broader following. If you’re into metallic rock anthems with big choruses, give FFTG a shot.

SeeYouSpaceCowboy are bringing sasscore back, creating chaotic and experimental music in the vein of the 2000s math movement. The anti-racist and intersectional band released their debut album, The Correlation Between Entrance and Exit Wounds, in 2019 and have since emerged as one of the most energetic young bands in metal’s underground.

Check out these 10 Up-and-Coming Bands You Need to Hear in 2020 in the Loud List below.

10 Up-and-Coming Bands You Need to Hear in 2020

2020’s Best Metal Songs (So Far)

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13 Actors Who Could Play Lemmy Kilmister in Upcoming Biopic

Motorhead icon Lemmy Kilmister previously graced the big screen in the 2010 documentary Lemmy, but the director behind that film is set to oversee a new biopic based on the singer’s life. So who should play Lemmy?

The film will follow Lemmy’s life from growing up in Stoke on Trent to becoming a roadie for Jimi Hendrix and eventually hitting the stage himself as a member of Hawkwind. From there, the movie will chronicle Lemmy branching out on his own with Motorhead, who were influential to many acts that flourished in metal in the ’80s and beyond. So as you can see the film will span a rather large portion of Lemmy’s life, which could lend itself to someone able to play Lemmy through the full run or breaking it up into “young Lemmy” and “old Lemmy” actors.

We have a few suggestions of who should be considered for the role. Take a look at our picks and see if you have a favorite or even another addition that casting directors should take a look at. The film is expected to start production in early 2021 depending on the current pandemic.

Which Actor Should Play Lemmy Kilmister?

25 Actors Who Transformed Into Real-Life Rockstars

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When Metalheads Troll Normies

Metalhead trolling is glorious, especially when the victims have no idea what’s going on. From playing brutal music in public to artists on the Grammys red carpet, we’ve put together the finest in metalhead trolling moments.

Let’s start with the death metal ice cream truck that serves nothing but sadness. If your ugly kids spot Minneapolis’ Hell General, they won’t be receiving a Rammstein or Strapping Young Lad popsicle… they’ll be served some brutal music while the Hell General flies past them at top speed. You can even request the Hell General visit your neck of the woods, so you can get behind the troll job.

Mastodon attended the 2015 Grammys after being nominated for Best Metal Performance for “High Road.” They lost the golden gramophone to Tenacious D, but Mastodon won the red carpet. Brent Hinds dressed as a L.A. Dodger while Brann Dailor donned his best birthday suit, messing with two interviewers who didn’t know quite what to make of the Georgia metal giants.

Remember that time Marilyn Manson smoke bombed the paparazzi? After leaving the premiere party for the movie Spring Breakers, Manson avoided cameras by dropping a smoke bomb, navigating to his vehicle under cover like a ninja. The fire department was even called, with paparazzi left to explain exactly what had occurred.

Watch these metal trolling moments in the Loud List below.

When Metalheads Troll Normies

25 Legendary Extreme Metal Albums With No Weak Songs

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26 LGBTQ+ Icons in Rock + Metal

Happy pride month everyone!

June is the commemorative LGBTQ Pride Month, in honor of the Stonewall riots that occurred in June of 1969. The uprising was in response to a police raid that occurred in Greenwich Village, N.Y., and is considered the single most important event to spark the gay liberation movement.

It’s been 51 years since the riots took place, and while progress has been made, the LGBTQ community has suffered a great deal of oppression while fighting to be seen as equals – they still do today.

In honor of celebrating pride month, we’ve compiled a gallery of LGBTQ figures in the rock and metal community. These are brilliant musicians who are either lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or pansexual.

2019’s Most Anticipated Hard Rock + Metal Albums

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12 Times Musicians Took on the Government

When you’ve become a celebrity for your music, you can often work as an advocate for change. These 12 musicians went to bat for their causes, taking on the government either in Washington D.C., their local chamber or on the road.

In 2000, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee to present his argument against Napster and peer-to-peer downloading. “I don’t have a problem with any artist voluntarily distributing his or her songs through any means the artist elects– at no cost to the consumer, if that’s what the artist wants,” Ulrich said during his testimony. “But just like a carpenter who crafts a table gets to decide whether to keep it, sell it or give it away , shouldn’t we have the same options? My band authored the music which is Napster’s lifeblood. We should decide what happens to it, not Napster — a company with no rights in our recordings, which never invested a penny in Metallica’s music or had anything to do with its creation. The choice has been taken away from us.”

When the PMRC was waging war against the rock and metal community, three musicians had the courage to address the government in person — Frank Zappa, John Denver and Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider. All three delivered compelling testimony supporting freedom of expression, fighting against censorship and the oppression of creativity.

Some rock stars have even run for office, with varied success. Dead Kennedys vocalist Jello Biafra unsuccessfully ran to be the mayor of San Francisco in 1979, with his platform mandating that businessmen had to wear clown suits within city limits. D.O.A.’s Joey ‘Shithead’ Keithley, however, won his election, becoming a city councilman in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Check out these 12 Times Musicians Took on the Government in the Loud List below.

12 Times Musicians Took on the Government

25 Legendary Metal Albums With No Weak Songs

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