11 Pets of Rock + Metal Stars to Follow on Social Media

Surely, after enduring a year of a pandemic, your social media feeds are in a terribly sorry state. The same people posting the same thing (which is nothing — it’s a pandemic, nobody has a life), the latest memes you’re already so done with by the next day and the same six photos of some cute animals. Here to liven up your life, once more, we’ve rounded up some lovable doggos and feisty cats who call some famous rock and metal musicians their prideful owners.

It’s time for some new follows and we’re starting with legendary drummer and his pup Mickey. This Maltese-Yorkie mix of Mike Portnoy‘s has amassed over 8,000 followers and is always smiling, sitting comfortably on a lap or nestled up under a blanket on the couch. He’s a brave little cancer survivor, too, deserving of a round of a-paws!

Keeping with drummers, Motley Crue‘s Tommy Lee boasts Nina Da Weena Dog and Teenie the Weenie. Teenie is a very recent addition to the home, after Lee and wife Brittany Furlan said goodbye to their dear Wicky earlier in 2021. Our condolences. Dog Heaven gained another angel that day.

As you’ll see below, we’ve got plenty more pets to follow from band members. There’s Winston Finnegan Luhrs (August Burns Red‘s Jake Luhrs) and his beefy little leg hanging over the couch, the classic dog and cat rivalry within the home of Cattle Decapitation‘s Travis Ryan, Ice-T‘s chonks and more.

11 Pets of Rock + Metal Stars to Follow on Social Media

Mike Portnoy’s Dog Mickey

Follow Mickey here.

Motley Crue: Tommy Lee’s Dogs Neena Da Weena Dog + Teenie the Weenie

Follow Neena here and Teenie here.

Cattle Decapitation: Travis Ryan’s Dog Ona + Cats Nomi and Patty

Follow Ona, Nomi and Patty here.

Body Count: Ice-T’s Dogs King Maximus and Princess Alexus

Follow King Maximus and Princess Alexus here.

Trivium: Paolo Gregoletto’s Dogs – Lady and Mochi

Follow Lady and Mochi here.

August Burns Red: Jake Luhrs’ Dog Winston Finnegan Luhrs

Follow Winston Finnegan Luhrs here.

The Word Alive: Telle Smith’s Dogs Colby Jack + Darby

Follow Colby Jack here and Darby here.

Ex-Machine Head/Sacred Reich: Dave McClain’s Dog Mr. Indy McClain

Follow Mr. Indy McClain here.

49 Rock + Metal Artists Pose With Their Pets

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15 Rock + Metal Music Video Cliches

The history of music videos is fascinating. The surest way to promote a hit new single, viewers watching closely will notice that music videos have specific tropes within various genres.

Pop music videos tend to be the most avant garde, featuring scenes that literally make no sense or have nothing to do with the song itself (think Britney Spears’s space-Titanic themed “Oops!…I Did It Again” or Lady Gaga’s poolside Dalmatians in “Poker Face”). Hip-hop is littered with voluptuous ladies in sexy, barely-there outfits and over-the-top markers of wealth.

And of course, rock and metal have their own music video clichés seen in plenty of popular music videos. Now, just because a music video depicts some type of cliché doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, there are some straight-up classics in the list below.

From vixens on cars to sad rain, here are the rock and metal music video tropes we’re used to (and very often tired of) seeing.

  • 1

    Performance Videos in Stereotypical Locales

    Performance videos are essential to rock, metal, punk and hardcore bands — everyone knows it’s all about the live show. Yet, for all the creativity that abounds in these genres, bands automatically default to the same locations: abandoned houses or warehouses, open fields, churches (ironically, of course) and empty swimming pools.

    The common denominator here is that rock and metal bands show up to locations where they’re not wanted. The type of location varies depending on the message: a church for the wicked, an empty pool for the Venice Beach-born skater punks and empty homes that signify a broken family or shattered self.

    Examples: Bring Me The Horizon – “Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake”; August Burns Red – “Composure”; Attack! Attack! – “Stick Stickly”

  • 2

    Bands Walking Down the Street Like It’s West Side Story

    They’re comin’ for a rumble! Sporting leather jackets and a don’t-mess-with-me attitude, bands enjoy walking side-by-side down streets, heading directly toward the camera like they’re on a mission.

    They own this town, and everyone should know it. Sometimes they even come face-to-face with a rival street gang, and then it’s a battle of intense facial expressions — winner takes all. Also common is the band leading an army of fans.

    Examples: Motionless In White – “Devil’s Night”; Vanna – “Toxic Pretender”; Michael Jackson “Beat It” complete with knife fight during Eddie Van Halen solo

  • 3

    Relationship Fight

    The breakdowns may sound brutal, but in the end the band is most likely singing a love song. Even big, burly metal dudes get their hearts broken (and, of course, the skinny emo ones). Whether it’s in a motel room or over the phone, yelling at your lover and storming out in a huff or breaking bottles is a rock music video trademark.

    Example: Pierce the Veil – “Caraphernalia”; Nickelback – “Someday”; Bon Jovi “Always”; Guns N’ Roses – “Don’t Cry”

  • 4

    Off-the-Wall Party

    One of the oldest rock and metal music video clichés in the book is as old as rock music itself: crazy, sexy parties. Whether they’re in Hollywood or some random person’s apartment, they give meaning to the phrase “party like a rockstar.” Totally ill-advised and 1000 percent fun, these music videos usually involve Strip Poker, aggressive makeout sessions and drunken hijinks. It’s an extension of tour life and the devil-may-care philosophy that comes with it.

    Examples: Bring Me The Horizon – “Chelsea Smile”; Every Time I Die – “Decayin’ With The Boys”; Beastie Boys – “Fight for Your Right”; Jimmy Eat World – “The Middle”

  • 5

    Trapped In A Box

    Metalcore and post-hardcore bands tend to get trapped in literal glass cases of emotion. The metaphor here is obvious; the quick cuts between camera angles amplify the feelings of claustrophobia and panic.

    In some instances, the imaginary box merely serves to emphasize that the sheer power of the music cannot be contained!

    Regardless of the scenario that inexplicably stuck these musicians in a cube, the lighting is actually what ends up being the most important aesthetic factor in these cramped spaces.

    Examples: Silverstein – “Infinite”; Paramore – “Ignorance”; Wage War – “Low”

  • 6

    Overly Normal

    Pop punk, emo, and rock bands often fall into the trope of exaggerated normalcy in their music videos. These geeky caricatures of the average Joe working a typical 9 to 5 provide clear foils to rock musicians’ rebellious lifestyle. It’s the most obvious declaration of individuality, juxtaposing the headbanger’s life with that of a pencil pusher.

    Examples: Pierce the Veil – “King For A Day”; Halestorm, “Amen”; The All-American Rejects – “Gives You Hell”

  • 7

    Girls on Cars

    This metal music video cliché is so tired and misogynistic, it should’ve completely died out after the 1980s. Alas, the tradition has carried on up to the present day, largely because of musicians desperate to portray the classic rock ’n’ roll image of success. They have money and they’re in the fast lane, but apparently that leaves no room for originality.

    Examples: Falling In Reverse – “Good Girls Bad Guys”; Bowling For Soup – “1985”; Whitesnake – “Here I Go Again”

  • 8

    Satanic or Occult Ritual (Usually Involves Fire)

    Metal bands of all types embrace the weird, the supernatural and the demonic. Satanic and occult rituals are ubiquitous in these music videos, usually featuring hooded figures, altars, and enough wax candles to warrant calling the local fire department. Metal music is all about what is forbidden and the imagery that comes with it, which is why metal bands have some of the most cinematic music videos.

    Examples: Behemoth – “O Father O Satan O Sun!”; Mayhem – “Falsified And Hated”; “Atreyu – Long Live”

  • 9

    High School

    Odds are most of the rock and metal bands you listen to got started in high school. They’re also likely the bands that you listened to in high school, which sets the stage for an incredibly nostalgic experience. These are usually songs about feeling like an outsider or being bullied. This music video trope lends itself to being either really dramatic or really funny, as we remember that high school, for better or worse, was a time of extremes.

    Examples: My Chemical Romance – “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”; Motley Crue “Smokin’ in the Boys Room”; Pearl Jam “Jeremy”; Blink-182 “Josie”; Simple Plan “I’m Just a Kid”; Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit”; Van Halen – “Hot for Teacher”

  • 10


    First and foremost, mirroring is originally a horror trope, both in literature and in film. Mirroring or doubling works to throw the viewer’s sense of reality off balance. It’s also a way of getting into the protagonist’s frame of mind. The mirror — or a split screen that acts like a mirror — provides a look into an alternate, imaginary landscape, as well as the musician’s innermost feelings.

    Examples: Motionless In White – “Voices”; Megadeth “Sweating Bullets”; The Used – “The Bird And The Worm”

  • 11

    Lost in the Woods

    Another horror trope that extends to the rock and metal world is that of the woods. In literature, from medieval times up to the present, the woods represent a certain lawlessness and mystery. Likewise, bands wishing to evoke that kind of mood tend to find themselves performing in the woods, which is made all the more strange by the fact that they should have nothing to plug their electric instruments into.

    Examples: Harm’s Way “Mind Control”; Paramore – “Decode”; Weezer – “Lost in the Woods”

  • 12

    Rain, Because Emotions

    Water is one of the most ancient themes in storytelling of any kind, often connoting a sense of sadness and heaviness. Water can also represent purification, which is also common in music, often washing away sadness and pain.

    Examples: Asking Alexandria – “A Prophecy”; As I Lay Dying – “Confined”; Architects – “Downfall”; Guns N’ Roses – “November Rain”; Bullet For My Valentine – “Tears Don’t Fall”

  • 13

    In the Van, On the Road

    Often a band’s first music video is the found-footage of van trips past, travelling between last night’s show in North Carolina and the day’s show in Tennessee. These are youthful, innocent, and adventurous scenes about experiencing freedom for the first time. Conversely, van and tour footage can also be used in montage videos.

    Examples: Journey – “Faithfully”; Motley Crue – “Home Sweet Home”; FFDP – “Battle Born”; Wage War – “Surrounded”; All-American Rejects – “Top Of The World”

  • 14

    Metalcore Postures 101

    Every music genre is accompanied by a certain type of posturing: hip-hop slouches, pop seduces and metalcore flexes. In the case of the last, it is such a popular trope that YouTubers have made names for themselves imitating them. One metalcore posture is for the vocalist to have their arms stretched out and open wide. This is basically an invitation for a challenge: “I know I can take whatever you’ve got, so come at me.” Another metalcore vocalist habit is taking an open palm to the chest, indicating that they’re in this with all of their being.

    Examples: Basically every metalcore music video ever.

  • 15

    Intimidating the Camera

    Some bands take metal posturing to the next level and get down right ferocious, snarling and spitting into the camera. There are also music videos that attempt to do this but fail, and end up being unintentionally hilarious. Either way, the close-up is standard in genres that love to get in peoples’ faces.

    Examples: Parkway Drive – “Shadow Boxing”; Guns N’ Roses – “Garden of Eden”; The Acacia Strain – “Cauterizer”

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Terror Universal’s 10 Favorite Rock + Metal Supergroups

Just because we haven’t heard much from industrial alt-metal group Terror Universal since their 2018 debut Make Them Bleed was released doesn’t mean they’ve gone away. They’re still eyeing a new record and, you can check out a first look at the new music video for “Spines,” one of the new tracks from their upcoming record, below.

In addition, as a reminder they haven’t gone anywhere, drummer and founder Massacre is sharing his 10 Favorite Rock + Metal Supergroups with you.

He speaks from the perspective of experience as Terror Universal is a supergroup in itself that unites members of Ill Nińo (you’ll recognize Massacre as Ill Nińo‘s Dave Chavarri) and Upon a Burning Body. Here’s what he had to say…

Throughout my career, I had always wanted to put a band together, that had a masked theme, but really heavy like early Metallica and theatrical like Dimmu Borgir/KISS. After jamming initial music together, with then original Terror Universal guitarist Thrax (Rob Cisneros), to the song that became “Welcome To Hell” I knew it was going to be a bloody, heavy and brutal band.

After our initial EP release, I made an amazing lineup change and added monster vocalist Plague and stage beast bassist Diabolus (ex-Upon A Burning Body). Currently, we are hard at work on our sophomore album release.

In the meantime, here are my picks for my 10 Favorite Rock + Metal Supergroups.

25 Awesome Celebrity Metalheads

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A Ranking of Every Ozzfest Lineup From Worst to Best

Ozzfest was a revelation when it debuted in 1996. What began as Sharon Osbourne’s revenge plot against Lollapalooza for rejecting her husband morphed into a massive annual roadshow, spawning countless circle pits, protests and riots across its 20-plus-year history. Ozzfest was a breeding ground for fresh talent, giving several metal superstars their break while also hosting historic performances from the genre’s titans.

While every Ozzfest had something to love, not every lineup was created equal. We’ve ranked every U.S. Ozzfest lineup from worst to best, so you can take a trip down memory lane or weep over missed opportunities.

Note: Marilyn Manson appeared on several Ozzfest lineups, some of which are ranked highly on this list. While his inclusion may have improved those lineups at the time, no mention of Manson in the context of this list is meant to overshadow or trivialize the myriad abuse allegations levied against him.

Every Ozzfest Lineup, Ranked

Photos: Ozzy Osbourne Through the Years

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10 Unforgettable Amy Lee Evanescence Moments

Evanescence will release their newest album, The Bitter Truth, on March 26. To celebrate the band’s massive career, we put together these unforgettable moments from Evanescence legend Amy Lee.

It was only a matter of time before everyone’s childhood was captured on camera, and a high school recital tape of Amy Lee made it all the way to YouTube. The duet of Christina Aguilera’s “Reflection” was actually posted by the guy who sings alongside Lee and was filmed on an ancient Hi-8 camera in Little Rock, Ark. From the very beginning of the performance, it’s plain to see how talented even a young Amy was.

It’s true that Evanescence’s breakout hit, “Bring Me to Life,” wasn’t supposed to feature its famous male vocal part. With the nu-metal movement at its height, Evanescence’s record label wanted a rapper added to the band, but the group refused, nearly losing their deal because of it.

“[We drove] all the way back to Arkansas with tears in our eyes,” Lee told Loudwire. “I guess we called their bluff enough that they were like, ‘Okay, we have a movie opportunity and we’re gonna let you do your thing, but you do have to have the rapper on the one song, because they specifically asked for it.’

“It did work out,” Lee laughed. I can’t be mad about it now.”

Check out these 10 Unforgettable Amy Lee Evanescence Moments in the Loud List below and click here to pre-order The Bitter Truth. (As Amazon affiliates, we earn on qualifying purchases)

10 Unforgettable Amy Lee Evanescence Moments

2021’s Most Anticipated Rock + Metal Albums

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10 Best Dark Love Songs by Empty Streets Singer / Adult Film Star

Hello friends! Aaron Thompson here from Empty Streets — some of you may also know me from “something else,” and I’ll let the rest of you figure it out on Google!

[Editor’s note: Don’t Google that at work. It is as NSFW as it gets. If you’re under 18, don’t do it.]

I’m the singer/songwriter/creative mind behind Empty Streets, a one man mess of dark, brooding synthpop.

Valentine’s Day to me has always felt a bit corny in the “chocolates and teddy bears” sense, but I’m a sucker for any occasion that celebrates love, passion and usually involves tears — good or bad.

So whether you’re hunkered down with a loved one, or alone as hell this Valentine’s Day, this playlist has something for both sides of the coin.

In no particular order here are my 10 Favorite Dark Love Songs.

Empty Streets’ ‘Age of Regret’ EP is set to drop in June. Watch the video for the latest single, “Age of Regret” below. Of the song, Thompson said, “Often the hand that grants us our dreams also forever darkens our door. This is a song about how painful it is to make peace with a world that’s fed you beautiful poison since day one. You want to conquer the world, defeat your demons… but at what cost? This is the cost…this is the age that I regret.”

Follow Aaron ‘Small Hands’ Thompson on Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

Empty Streets, “Age of Regret” Music Video

  • Danzig, “How the Gods Kill”

    Lyrically this isn’t actually a “love” song (although I’ve always found everything Glenn does to have an air of romance to it) , but I was once a young inexperienced punk who started dating an older much more experienced goth girl. One night she put this song on, turned the lights low, and gave me the best Valentines Day I’d ever had at that point in my life.

    Sorry, Danzig. Whether you intended it to be or not, this forever will be a love song in my mind.

  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, “Into My Arms”

    This is simply one of the most beautiful songs in every way possible of all time. I can’t even put it into words so I won’t try. Bonus points – Nick weaves a good ol’ middle finger to God and religion throughout the lyrics which is tough to do in a love song.

  • VNV Nation, “Beloved”

    To me this is an ode to a former partner and relationship long past, a beautiful love song because it shows you can look back on someone you may not presently be with – but be so proud of what you were together. It’s a song that ascends to the heavens to let two souls meet again in eternity.

  • Andrew W.K., “She Is Beautiful”

    I feel like EVERY Andrew WK track is a love song to life and existence itself, but this one is the most direct one to a person. Not a ballad or “dark” at all just a rip-shit banger professing love for a beautiful girl as loud as possible. If you’re ever blasting down the highway at 100mph because you’re just TOO FREAKING EXCITED to pick up your date and you can’t get there fast enough…this is what you’re playing.

  • Depeche Mode, “Stripped”

    There are countless great DP love songs, but what makes this one my favorite is the fact that even though its got such a cold sexy beat slithering around, that massive brooding synth, and one of the greatest chorus lines to sing in an arena EVER….yet at it’s core it’s a simple love song about just wanting to get away from the big city and have sex out in nature.

  • Roky Erickson, “I Walked With a Zombie”

    Next time you want to slow dance with your goth sweetie and harken back to simpler times and better days put this song on. If a zombie appears, make it a thruple.

  • Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, “I Hate Myself For Loving You”

    The ultimate anthem for the lover that you hate to love and love to hate. This is the song you play right before you have very aggressive make-up sex.

  • Prayers, “Black Leather” (Feat. Kat Von D)

    The only duet on this list, real life lovers Leafar and Kat sound absolutely intertwined in a beautiful hellscape thats as haunting as is romantic. Leafar’s dark poetry is on full display here with lines such as “Let my ashes dance with the wind, I’m countin my blessings, I’m shedding my skin”.

  • Nine Inch Nails, “Closer”

    I don’t think theres a way to have this list and not have this song on it. Absolutely iconic in every way, I listened for years as a youth to this and imagined that having sex while this song was playing would be the way I wanted to die…kinda still is.

  • Elvis Costello, “Alison”

    In my opinion one of the saddest love songs of all time. Costello’s inner monologue with himself – coming to grips with the fact that not only will he never get the girl he loves, but he has to silently exist by her side as a friend and watch her die a slow miserable death at the hands of other’s abuse is heartbreaking. Additionally, “My aim is true” just might be the second best way to say “I Love You” EVER.

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Rock + Metal Virtual Performance Streaming Calendar

Updated Feb. 12

If you’re missing out on concerts and festivals because of cancelations over the coronavirus, you’re not alone. The live entertainment industry is taking a pretty big hit due to the illness, but musicians are coming together all over to put on streamable live performances for their fans in the meantime.

Dave Grohl and Billie Joe Armstrong have hosted concerts from their living rooms, where they play the classics everyone loves. Whether it’s an online festival in a game or a Facebook live, there’s something for all rock and metal fans alike. Some organizations and labels will be even be hosting a different artist every week.

We have compiled a list of virtual performances you can stream throughout the coming weeks while you continue to quarantine, and will update as more come up. Some will be recurring on a weekly basis, while others are one-time events. See them all below.

Enjoy, and stay safe!

Crush Coronavirus by Washing Your Hands to These Rock + Metal Songs

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10 Best ‘Second Bands’ Rock + Metal Artists Have Been In

The Lonely Ones are a band you may remember as being the ones who did that incredible cover of Queen’s “Flash” and “The Hero,” which drew praise from Queen guitarist Brian May himself. The band is comprised entirely of former members of Bobaflex, who disbanded in 2019.

With their new song “Change the Station” out now, we thought we would have some fun and ask them to talk about their favorite ‘second bands’ prominent rock artists have been in. As is the case with supergroups and second chances, some of the bands feature members who are part of even more than two groups. All right, Jymmy and Marty, time to turn things over to you two…

Hey there!

This is Jymmy Tolland and Marty McCoy from The Lonely Ones. We were in one band then we started a new band — who just released our label debut single “Change The Station” via Imagen Records.

As your resident experts on the subject — here’s the list of our favorite “second bands.”

Follow The Lonely Ones on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify and listen to their new song below before taking a peek at those best ‘second bands.’

The Lonely Ones, “Change the Station” Music Video

10 Best Second Bands Rock + Metal Artists Have Been in According to The Lonely Ones

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The 40 Best Rock Albums of 2001

What a year 2001 was for rock music! You had nu metal dominating the scene, pop-punk providing a solid representation and emo starting to take its place at the table. With this list, we reflect on the year that was with the 40 Best Rock Albums of 2001.

It was a year for breakouts. Who remembers when garage rock was supposed to be the next big thing? It’s not surprising given critically hailed breakout releases from The Strokes, White Stripes and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It was also a year in which labels rolled out a fresh new batch of nu metal upstarts. Adema, Alien Ant Farm and Puddle of Mudd all made an impression.

Staind took a giant leap forward to become one of the biggest acts of 2001. Incubus channeled their surf surroundings for a gem of a record and Nickelback was inescapable with the most played song of the decade.

Join us as we take a look back at the 40 Best Rock Albums of 2001 in the gallery below:

40 Best Rock Albums of 2001

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James Durbin’s 10 Favorite Rock + Metal TV Performances

Heavy metal singer and one-time ‘American Idol’ contestant James Durbin has formed a brand new band, simply dubbed Durbin. The debut album, ‘The Beast Awakens,’ is an ironclad homage to metal’s classic New Wave of British Heavy Metal era, which finds the frontman in peak form and will leave you convinced this must be some long lost gem that was inexplicably left in the vaults of a long-defunct indie metal label from nearly 40 years ago. We’ll always appreciate Durbin’s willingness to bring metal to the mainstream on ‘American Idol’ and have invited him to share his favorite rock and metal performances on television.

Greetings, rock & metal fans!

Those who are familiar with me know that I came to prominence on 2011’s Season 10 of the reality singing competition show, American Idol, where I unabashedly waved the flag for metal and performed with the likes of Zakk Wylde and Judas Priest.

In the 10 years since my fourth place finish, I’ve released four solo albums, multiple side projects and singles, performed alongside my heroes and am on the verge of releasing my latest album of classic heavy metal, The Beast Awakens, with my new band Durbin.

So, let’s get this thing kicked off — and in no particular order because they’re all amazing!

Frontiers Music SRL

‘The Beast Awakens’ comes out on Feb. 12 on Frontiers Music SRL. Get your copy here and follow James on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

  • Singing Sammy Hagar’s “Heavy Metal” with Zakk Wylde

    ‘American Idol’ Season 10

    I have so many great memories of this performance.

    The theme that week was “Songs From Movies,” and I chose Sammy Hagar’s “Heavy Metal” from the 1984 cult cartoon of the same name.

    I had recently become friends with Chris Jericho who was on Dancing With The Stars and happened to film in the adjacent studio. Knowing Chris and Zakk were close, I asked the Idol producers if they would allow Zakk Wylde to accompany me on guitar on the condition that I handled booking him. They said yes, and I did the work to make it happen — thanks to Jericho and Zakk’s wife Barbaranne.

    To make things more memorable, that same week I got the honor of being someone’s Wish through the Make A Wish Foundation. In the video you’ll see me high-five and dedicate the performance to my buddy Cole.

  • Aerosmith on Wayne’s World

    SNL – Feb. 17, 1990

    If Wayne and Garth aren’t enough, you’ve got the almighty Aerosmith (with Joey Kramer playing tambourine to Garth’s drums lol). And if that is not enough, you’ve got Tom Hanks as Aerosmith’s roadie — aka Garth’s cousin Barry!

    Since seeing this video, I don’t think I’ve done a single sound check without saying, “Check, check one, sibilance, sibilance. Check 2, sibilance…” Still not worthy.

  • Caleb Johnson Slays Whitesnake’s “Still Of The Night”

    ‘American Idol’ Season 13

    I first got to know Caleb during “Hollywood Week” of Season 10 when we were in the same group during Group Rounds before he was cut.

    He would continue to audition every season for the next three years, each year getting a little farther until he hit his stride on the show’s 13th season and rode it all the way to the finish line. A killer vocalist and an even better dude who I’ve been a fan and champion of ever since.

  • Singing With Judas Priest at the American Idol Finale

    Not only was this a dream come true, making American Idol history and bringing heavy metal to the masses, this was also guitarist Richie Faulkner’s debut performance with the band.

    Earlier in the day, I got to play dress-up and try on Rob Halford’s stage coat when Jack Black happened to walk in (he would perform later that night with my fellow contestant Casey Abrams). I asked Jables if he’d like to try it on next and of course he did!

    Two of my favorite pictures I have are of me crowning Jack Black in this moment with my own Halford-esque military hat and one of Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton, Richie Faulkner, Ian Hill, Scott Travis, Jack Black and myself all posing in the sacred name of heavy metal.

  • Green Day at the iHeart Radio Music Festival


    I put this one in here because it’s just legendary.

    Some bands wouldn’t care to have their set cut short, because they’re still getting paid the same either way. The fact that Billy Joe genuinely gives a shit enough to use that last minute to let the people know, shows exactly how much they care.

    I am glad that Billy Joe got the help he needed following this raw display of drunken anger and pure punk rock adrenaline.

  • Ghost Perform “Cirice”

    ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’

    The commitment that Tobias Forge gives to Ghost always shows in everything they do. This isn’t just a band playing on TV — it’s a theatrical performance piece that just so happens to be wrapped in a shiny, Satanic outer shell.

  • Iron Maiden’s “Run To The Hills” by Erik Grönwall

    ‘Swedish Idol’ – 2009

    Before I had auditioned for American Idol in 2010, I’d wondered if anyone had brought metal to any of the other Idol franchises around the world and that’s when I found Erik Grönwall.

    His run and eventual win on Swedish Idol was a huge influence on me and what I brought to the American Idol stage. Since 2012 Erik has fronted the Swedish rock band H.E.A.T.

  • Eric Church Disturbs the Peace With “The Outsiders”

    2013 CMA Awards

    I vividly remember sitting in the living room watching this performance with my jaw dropped. First off, I am a big fan of Mr. Church and rank his live show as one of very best in the business. This performance shows why. Smoke, fire and raw rock ‘n’ roll energy from start to finish.

  • Imagine Dragons Play “Demons” and “Radioactive”

    2013 American Music Awards

    My wife Heidi and I were in the audience for this performance after I walked the red carpet, did press and debuted a new single that day. These guys elevated the bar so high that night, that no performance before or after them was anywhere near their passion and energy.

  • Judas Priest “Dreamer Deceiver” and “Deceiver”

    Live On BBC’s ‘Old Grey Whistle Test’

    I’ll finish of this list of favorites with a more recent favorite of mine, from 1976, where Judas Priest perform this perfect rendition of “Dreamer Deceiver / Deceiver” from their album Sad Wings Of Destiny. Summer of 2020, the year of our Lord, Voldemort, I realized the complete power that is this album and it has taken its rightful place as my favorite album, front to back.

    Here, we are able to witness one of my favorite bands at such an early stage. This performance inspired me to listen to the whole album, which inspired me to write my own album — Long Live Heavy Metal!

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The 25 Best Metal Albums of 2001

Looking back to the 25 Best Metal Albums of 2001, it has the making of one of the most unique years in the genre’s history, defined by comebacks, evolution and reinvention.

The rumblings of metalcore’s eventual breakout were felt through both landmark releases in the genre in addition to early, raw records by bands who would later help define what was branded as the New Wave of American Heavy Metal (caveat: Avenged Sevenfold and As I Lay Dying‘s debuts did not make this list).

Elsewhere, two German thrash juggernauts and an American staple (SLAAAAAYEERRRRR!!!) roared back with new millennium classics, black metal’s ambitions grew increasingly progressive and experimental and artsy prog was ballooning.

Oh, and then there’s Slipknot and System of a Down who each put out career bests and established themselves as the next gigantic forces in heavy metal.

But enough teasing, let’s get right to it!

The 25 Best Metal Albums of 2001

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10 Times System of a Down Outclassed Interviewers

With System of a Down’s recent release of new music for the first time in 15 years, we decided to look back at the band’s most entertaining interviews. Watch as the band either takes the high road or verbally bests their inquisitors.

System of a Down never seemed to get along with Fuse host Mistress Juliya, sparring with her on at least two occasions. The Uranium host often attempted to probe too far into the meanings of SOAD’s songs (a mistake we’ve certainly made in the past) leading to both hilarious and uncomfortable verbal jousting between herself and the band.

“If anyone’s looking for us, or at us, for answers, then they’re in more trouble than when they started,” guitarist / vocalist Daron Malakian said. “Most of the songs are, personally, about how screwed up I am, lyrically, in some ways. Has nothing to do with answers.” That’s one of Malakian’s more direct answers from the interview, where he often responded to questions with a thousand-yard stare and the word “fellatio.”

In another interview, bassist Shavo Odadjian was asked if the members of System would ever self-censor their criticism of various governments, including the Bush administration. “Self censorship? Never self censorship,” he said. “I’m telling you everything I feel right now. I could be political and say the nice things and make you think that I’m different, but I’m telling you the truth. I would never self-censor and I hope no one else in my band would either.”

Watch these 10 Times System of a Down Outclassed Interviewers in the Loud List below.

10 Times System of a Down Outclassed Interviewers

Top 50 Nu-Metal Albums of All-Time

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