Mark Tuan says he has “finished” work on a solo “album-like project”

GOT7 member Mark Tuan has teased his debut solo album, saying that he’s done working on the upcoming record.

In a recent interview with Singles Magazine, the Taiwanese-American K-pop idol revealed that he had recently completed an “album-like project”, just prior to his arrival in South Korea to join GOT7 for the boyband’s comeback.

“I’ve worked on a lot more songs than the singles that have been released,” said Tuan, as translated by Soompi. “Before I came to Korea, I hastily finished working on an album-like project then threw a listening party for my friends and staff members and the response was good.”


The Taiwanese-American singer added that he had prepared “quite a lot” of songs, and that everybody at his listening party had different favourites. “I plan on releasing the finished album before the year ends,” he teased.

Elsewhere during the interview, Tuan also spoke about his songwriting process as a soloist. “Since this is work that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, I focused on writing lyrics that many people can relate to,” he said, adding that he expresses messages in his music by creating fictional characters.

“Because it has to do with personal matters, I needed courage, but I think letting it out like this has made me feel more free,” he added.

Yesterday (May 23), GOT7 made their long-awaited return with their brand-new self-titled EP. Leader JAY B shared during a press conference that it was “surreal” to have all seven members reuniting for the new record. “I am so relieved that we can release an EP as a septet,” he added.

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Dreamcatcher say it is an “honour” to be “the face of rock in K-pop”

K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher have opened up about being at the forefront of rock-influenced music in the K-pop scene.

Dreamcatcher recently spoke to Rolling Stone India, which dubbed the group as “the face of rock in K-pop”, where the girl group discussed being at the forefront of the resurging rock genre, especially in the K-pop space. Notably, the septet’s releases since their debut in 2017 have been largely inspired by rock, metal and other similar sounds.

“It is such an honour for us to hear that,” said Dami, adding that the girl group simply try their best to showcase their “unique identity” in their music. “There’s an energy that rock music delivers that brings excitement. I’m happy to see that rock is found in many different songs and will be heard by many people.”


Meanwhile, youngest member Gahyeon voiced her happiness at the “return” of rock music. “I hope people can get to know it better because it definitely has its own charm,” she added. “And we just hope that people continue to listen to our style of music.”

“Personally, for me, rock can get me emotional and extremely excited,” chimed in SuA. “And when you do want to experience these sorts of emotions, please listen to our songs. You’ll know it once you hear our songs – because it’s so good.”

Elsewhere in the interview, leader JiU also spoke about how the group ended up making rock music. “It began with building our concept. Our search for our signature sound began from our initial conversations about how we could deliver Dreamcatcher’s stories,” she explained.

“And that is how Dreamcatcher met rock,” she added, explaining that while the group has gone on to include influences from EDM and other genres in their music, that rock music remains at the root of their sound. “Rock is Dreamcatcher’s identity. It’s us.”

Last month, Dreamcatcher returned with their second studio album ‘Apocalypse: Save Us’, which was led by the single ‘Maison’. Notably, the record had included solo tracks by all seven members, each one co-written by themselves.

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Jackson Wang, NIKI, Rich Brian and more to play 88rising’s California festival Head In The Clouds

88rising has announced the line-up for its upcoming Head In The Clouds festival in August in Pasadena, California.

The label took to social media on Monday night (May 23) to announce the lineup, while is being led by Jackson Wang’s Magic Man Experience, NIKI and Rich Brian.

Also on the bill are Jay Park, BIBI, Chung Ha, the debut of Audrey Nuna and Deb Never’s collaborative project, No Rome, Warren Hue and a Yebi Labs DJ set from Joji, among others. Check out the complete lineup below.


This year’s Head In The Clouds festival is scheduled to take place on August 20 and 21 at Brookside at the Rose bowl. Ticket presales are slated to begin on Thursday (May 26) via the official Head In The Clouds website. Ticketing details have yet to be announced, although fans can sign up for first access to two-day passes here.

88rising most recently ran its Head In The Clouds Forever stage at Coachella in April featuring performances from Jackson Wang, Rich Brian, NIKI, Warren Hue, MILLI, BIBI and a surprise reunion from K-pop girl group 2NE1 during CL’s set.

Following its 88rising showcase, the label released a three-track EP entitled ‘Head In The Clouds Forever’. The EP comprised songs by Rich Brian, Warren Hue, BIBI and Hikaru Utada that got their live debuts at Coachella.

In April last year, the label teased a third edition of the label’s compilation series, ‘Head In The Clouds’, with the single ‘California’ from Rich Brian, NIKI and Warren Hue. The album has yet to receive a release date.

The lineup for Head In The Clouds Festival 2022 is:

Jackson Wang – Magic Man Experience
Rich Brian
Yebi Labs – Joji DJ set
Chung Ha
Jay Park
Special Guest TBA
Atarashii Gakko!
Audrey Nuna + Deb Never
No Rome
San Fransisco 4AM
Shotta Spence
Stephanie Poetri
Teriyaki Boyz
Tiger JK
Warren Hue
Ylona Garcia

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Hear TREASURE’s moving cover of Big Bang’s ‘Still Life’

YG Entertainment boyband TREASURE have unveiled their cover of ‘Still Life’, the latest song from labelmates Big Bang.

Five members of the boyband – namely Hyun-suk, Ji-hoon, Yoshi, Haruto and Jeong-woo –came together to perform the cover, which was released on their YouTube channel. For their rendition, the quintet stay true to the original version, down to the instrumentals.

At sunset next year, A blooming spring / A midsummer night’s dream / Feeling fall, then winter’s snow / Four times a year, spring comes again,” they sing on the emotionally-charged cover. Meanwhile, the accompanying music video features the five TREASURE members performing the song on a bare set, with a large screen behind them.


[embedded content]

‘Still Life’ had marked Big Bang’s first release in four years, since their 2018 song ‘Flower Road’. It came shortly after member T.O.P. had left YG Entertainment, though they also confirmed that T.O.P remains a member of Big Bang.

Earlier this month, TREASURE unveiled a rock-inspired remix of their viral TikTok hit ‘DARARI’, alongside a brand-new music video. The original version of the song was first released as a B-side from the boyband’s February mini-album ‘The Second Step: Chapter One’.

TREASURE were initially formed through the reality survival program YG Treasure Box in 2018. The group comprises a total of 12 members, namely Choi Hyunsuk, Jihoon, Yoshi, Junkyu, Mashiho, Yoon Jaehyuk, Asahi, Bang Yedam, Haruto, Doyoung, Park Jeongwoo and So Junghwan. The group made their debut in August 2020 with the single ‘Boy’.

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Ex-Day6 member eaJ calls being “cancelled” one of his “biggest fuck-ups”

Former Day6 vocalist eaJ (real name Jae Park) has opened up about his experience being “cancelled” several times before.

In a teaser for the Korean-American musician’s second collection for the app MindseteaJ addresses his past controversies, which seem like they might be discussed in more detail in his upcoming audio series. Earlier this year, eaJ has been slammed online for derogatory comments about soloist Jamie.

The singer had also previously received backlash over controversial comments he made during a livestream in 2021. At the time, Park made what he later described as “inappropriate” comments while playing the video game Rust during a now-deleted Twitch livestream.


“It’s been the craziest year of my life,” the singer says in the teaser. “I left JYP, I got cancelled a few times. Unfortunately, it’s what a lot of people know me for, and that might have been one of the biggest fuck-ups of my life.”

“There have been a lot of people that I’ve hurt, there have been a lot of misunderstandings, but at the end of the day, I just truly always want to do the right thing,” he added.

[embedded content]

“There have been a lot of people that I’ve hurt, there have been a lot of misunderstandings, but at the end of the day, I just truly always want to do the right thing,” eaJ said.

eaJ’s new Mindset collection of audio episodes will see the singer open up about life since he departed from his previous long-time label JYP Entertainment, with the wider collection of Mindset stories having been described by DIVE Studios as “an intimate collection of personal stories and lessons from your favourite artists and celebrities”.


Last month, the former Day6 vocalist unveiled his first official single ‘Car Crash’, the follow-up to several unofficial solo projects since 2020. It also marked his first music since he departed from Day6 and long-time label JYP Entertainment earlier this year.

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