Lzzy Hale, Baroness + Code Orange Members Cover Pantera

Pantera‘s “Mouth of War” is the latest in a series of all-star collaborations for Two Minutes to Late Night, this time pulling in a killer lineup of Halestorm vocalist Lzzy Hale, Baroness guitarist Gina Gleason, Code Orange guitarist Reba Meyers and Year of the Knife bassist Madi Watkins.

The cover is bolstered by Two Minutes to Late Night regulars Jordan Olds (aka Gwarsenio Hall) and Converge and Mutoid Man drummer Ben Koller.

Gleason took the lead with the song choice, as revealed in the video’s description: “Gina wanted to cover Pantera so we covered the crap out of Pantera!” And “covered the crap out of it” they did, with both Meyers and Gleason laying down some blistering playing during the performance. Meanwhile Hale’s power vocals fit perfectly on the song, occasionally accentuated by Olds’ vocal assistance.

As with previous covers in the series, the artists involved agreed upon a charity to donate their proceeds with the Dallas Hope Charities Transitional Living Center being aided by this cover.

To see more of the Two Minutes to Late Night Bedroom Covers series, check out their YouTube site here.

Two Minutes to Late Night, “Mouth for War” (Pantera Cover)

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Halestorm Rock Blistering Who Cover for ‘Long Live Rock’ Film

What we wouldn’t do right about now for the connection of a frenetic, sweaty, pulse-pounding rock show! That fever is all the more intensified today as Loudwire brings you the premiere of Halestorm‘s cover of The Who‘s “Long Live Rock” as tied to the upcoming rock documentary of the same name.

The film, titled Long Live Rock … Celebrate the Chaos, will arrive March 12, taking us back to pre-pandemic times in which the spirit of heavy music was alive and thriving within the festival circuit, examining the connections created with a new generation of rock fans who refuse to listen to the platitude calling out rock’s supposed death knell.

The documentary includes some of rock and metal’s biggest names including members of Metallica, Guns N ’Roses, Slipknot, Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Rage Against the Machine, Greta Van Fleet, Halestorm, Papa Roach, Godsmack, Black Veil Brides and many more. And yes, you can expect music, which brings us to Lzzy Hale’s killer cover of The Who’s “Long Live Rock.”

“It was such an amazing experience to record the iconic song, ‘Long Live Rock,’ by one of the greatest rock bands of all time The Who,” stated Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale. “We are so proud and excited that this film is getting the global release it deserves that will help spread the word of this hard rock genre that we care so much about! Rock Will Never Die!!” Take a listen in the player below.

Halestorm, “Long Live Rock” (The Who Cover)

The film, directed by Jonathan McHugh and produced by Gary Spivack and Jonathan Platt, not only offers insight from the rockers currently carrying the torch for the heavy music scene but also connects viewers with some of the fans who have given their undying love and passion for the music they love so much.

McHugh says, “Long Live Rock is a celebration of the chaos that makes this music and its fans, the most passionate in the world. I hope you enjoy watching this film, as much as I enjoyed making it. With all the music festivals and concerts shut down across the world, we hope this film can help tide you over, and we can get back out there and rock the fuck out again.”

Check out the trailer for Long Live Rock … Celebrate the Chaos below. Ticketing info is available at this location.

Long Live Rock … Celebrate the Chaos


Long Live Rock … Celebrate the Chaos Trailer

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Lzzy Hale Touts the Joy of Playing Without Pre-Recorded Tracks

Over the years, there has been an increase in bands utilizing pre-recorded backing tracks to help bolster their live performances, but Halestorm are one of the acts who prefer to provide fans with an experience that is very much in the moment. In a new Instagram posting, Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale offers some words of encouragement to the younger generation of musicians, touting the joys of playing without relying on the assistance.

“To perform a live rock show… no tracks, no click, no lip syncing, no trickery… is the most real, pure feeling you can get in this life,” says Hale. “To hold the moment in your hand, to know in your bones that this could be magic or a train wreck, depending on how you’ve prepared and the risk you take being onstage… and then trusting in your soul to perform.. that is LIVING in its purest form.”

She adds, “I encourage every young musician to expose themselves in this way. Know what it’s like to have the room depend on you to elevate it. Play in front of a room filled with two people and the sound guy… make it sound like u are performing to a stadium instead. It’s the most beautiful way to find yourself as an artist.”

Hale concludes, “If you can do all these things and then make it to playing to stadiums and major festivals, that FEELING is an intangible void that cannot be filled with anything on this earth.”

Halestorm continue to use the downtime from touring to work on their next album. In a chat with Detroit’s WRIF, drummer Arejay Hale revealed that the group members spent a good amount of time writing individually and doing Zoom sessions in 2020, but recently reconvened in the studio to work on songs together.

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Rob Halford Gifted a Killer Pair of Spiked Platforms By Lzzy Hale

Rob Halford and Lzzy Hale have a couple of things in common. Firstly, they both have intense vocal power and insane ranges. Secondly, they share a similar interest in fashion, which tends to be decked out in leather and spikes. Halford was actually gifted a pair of killer spiked platforms by Hale herself.

“Those heels were given to me by the beautiful Lzzy Hale, from Halestorm. When Priest were on tour in New Zealand we worked with Halestorm and I was chatting to Lzzy backstage and she had those particular heels on her feet,” the Judas Priest frontman told Metal Hammer. “I was going, ‘Oh my God, how do you even walk in them?’ She said, ‘Oh, you know, it’s a girl thing…’ But they looked so powerful and they scream ‘heavy metal!'”

Halford recently received a package from Hale, and it turned out to be the same pair of heels she was wearing on that tour in New Zealand. The Priest singer, in turn, posted a series of photos of himself flaunting the shoes on his Instagram.

“If you’d have been in my house watching me do that photo, you’d have been roaring,” the Metal God continued. “It took me forever and I was blacking out in pain. Those heels fit me, but you’re being pitched at this extraordinarily abnormal angle and then you try to keep your balance. I took about five or six pictures and I threw myself on the couch and ripped those shoes off and was massaging my feet, sweating from head to toe. It was absolutely fucking hilarious.”

Halford’s Instagram account is one of our absolute favorites. Check out the images of the vocalist rocking the shoes below.

Judas Priest were basically the innovators of heavy metal fashion, wearing biker gear loaded with spikes and other metal accents to make it even more cool. Hale has followed suit, but the one thing she’s mastered that Halford hasn’t yet is being able to strut around onstage in high heels while playing guitar. Practice makes perfect!

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