David Lee Roth With Zero Context Is Pretty Much Normal DLR

David Lee Roth is one of the most entertaining rock stars of all time. Do we understand what he’s saying most of the time? Not entirely… but it all makes sense now with this compilation.

Shu ba da du ma ma ma ma
Shu ba da du ma ma ma
Shu ba da du ma ma ma ma
Shu ba da du ma ma ma

The amount of high-profile interviews David Lee Roth has done is exceptional, including TV appearances with David Letterman, Joan Rivers, Jon Stewart and many others. DLR always brings over-the-top energy to an interview, electrifying any studio audience with stories about sex, drugs and awkward celeb encounters.

Humala bebuhla zeebuhla boobuhla
Humala bebuhla zeebuhla bop

Ever watch DLR: The Movie? Nobody has, but on Roth’s official YouTube channel, the Van Halen legend released a trailer where he plays a hitman in Asia. Don’t even try and hide your milk from Diamond Dave, because he’ll put a pistol to your head and drink it in front of you. Do not test him.

Bop, boze-de-boze-de-bop, se-de-bop

Watch this compilation of David Lee Roth With Zero Context in the video below.

David Lee Roth With Zero Context

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‘Down With the Sickness’ Cats Are Seriously Disturbed

Cats are so fluffy, cute, adorable and yes, also slightly evil and sinister. In fact, some of their darker tendencies have come out in a new video soundtracked by Disturbed‘s monster hit song “Down With the Sickness.”

Sure, it’s downright cute when a meek little kitten’s meow (Hey Storky the cat) replaces David Draiman‘s animal noises, but the rest of the clip finds these feline felons causing all sorts of chaos. Storky actually became a TikTok sensation last month when his meow was added into a remix of the Disturbed song.

Whether it be an extra shove down the stairs, stealing food from another, tossing a plant on your pet parent or simply attacking their reflections in the mirror, it’s safe to say these cats are down with the sickness. One of the cats scares the ever living bejeezus out someone at the end of the clip (yeah the one in the featured image, if you had any doubt).

While the kitty’s are causing trouble, this was a labor of love for YouTuber Thebadbackpacker, who offered, “Thank you to Disturbed. This is so much more than just a cat video. Disturbed music has help me through some tough times in the past. Also the work they do for mental health awareness!” There’s also the humorous disclaimer, “No cats where harmed in the making of this video although some feelings were I’m sure.”

So kick back, rock out and enjoy some devious and dastardly antics from this cat crew with a Disturbed favorite for the soundtrack.

Disturbed Cats That Are Down With the Sickness

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Construction Vehicles do Synchronized Dance to Metallica Song

We are entirely sure we already know the answer to this question, but here goes nothing… Have you ever seen a fleet of construction vehicles performa a synchronized dance to a classical version of a Metallica song?

If you scope out the video of exactly that at the bottom of the page and wait two minutes, you can change your reply to that question above to a firm, “YEAH-AHHH!”

Bertrand Ostiguy Inc, a construction company from Quebec, Canada put their backhoes on display in blissful dance choreographed and filmed by the owner’s nephew, Julien Ares. The feat is nothing short of remarkable, even if some handy edit work helped raise the level of finesse.

These multi-ton backhoes move around with apparent grace, constructing archways through which a drone flies through and they even manage to tilt over on to one side and spin their treads as if they were executing a series of flutter kicks. The fact that it’s done to an orchestral version of “Nothing Else Matters” makes this all the more amusing as massive pieces of metal machinery are the focal point of the video and there is no other forms of heavy metal to be found.

“My uncle, he had this idea a long time ago,” Ares told Montreal’s CTV News. “We did a Zoom for Christmas and the idea came… about doing some dancing excavators. We just laughed at this but we were thinking about it all night.”

Regarding the song selection, Ares explained, “At the start I wanted to do something that was slow because excavators are really big and can’t make really fast movements. I wanted a song that was slow.” he said.

It was reported his first selection had too many notes and then his uncle advised setting the dance to Metallica.

Watch the clip below.

Construction Vehicles Perform Synchronized Dance to Classical Version of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”

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