Cardi B previews her character in ‘Fast & Furious 9’: “Leysa’s such a badass”

Cardi B has previewed the character she plays in the forthcoming new Fast & Furious film, F9.

The latest instalment in the long-running action film series is set for release in the UK on June 24 and in the US a day later.

Cardi stars alongside the likes of Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Ludacris in F9, with the rapper playing the character Leysa.


Appearing in a new featurette video this week promoting the release of F9, Cardi is seen in the clip filming scenes for the new movie before explaining how Vin Diesel initially reached out to her to star in the new film.

“Vin Diesel reached out and he was talking about a role,” she recalled in the clip, which you can watch below. “I’m like, ‘It’s freakin Fast & Furious. Get me there, put me on a plane!’”

[embedded content]

Speaking about her character Leysa, Cardi added: “I love the fact that I’m representing such a powerful, strong woman. She’s just that bitch… Leysa’s such a badass.”

In a tweet yesterday (June 15) the rapper said that she was excited to finally see F9.

“I can’t wait to watch Fast and Furious 9. I haven’t seen my scenes yet!” Cardi wrote. “That’s the best part about it thooo watching the movie then you see yourself coming in.


“I’m sooo proud of myself. GOD IS GOOD ! Can I get a ALL THE TIME?”

Last month Cardi showcased her Reebok footwear collection, Mommy & Me.

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Florence Welch says Emma Stone’s Cruella “looks exactly like me when I was 20”

Florence Welch has praised Emma Stone’s portrayal of Cruella de Vil in the new Disney film Cruella, remarking that Stone’s take on Cruella “looks exactly like me when I was 20”.

The Florence + The Machine artist contributed the original song ‘Call Me Cruella’ to Cruella, which was released last month.

Speaking with Stone in a new Disney video to promote Cruella, Welch said that she “loved the film” and explained why she “felt such a kinship” with the titular character.


“I just felt such a kinship towards her because, really weirdly, she looks exactly like me when I was 20,” Welch told Stone. “I had that bright red hair, blunt fringe. I was like: ‘I know this girl! I was this girl!’”

[embedded content]

Welch added: “I really kind of felt that desire [of Cruella’s] to create, but also I understand that chaos energy because I have been a chaos person.”

Speaking about the connection between music and fashion, Welch told Stone: “I was always interested in clothes, and fashion seemed like this outlet for creativity. Dressing up, for me, has always been a self-actualising of the inner spirit.

“I feel like it’s a way to get to the soul of you outside of yourself. With music, as my career got bigger, with a lot of the clothes, it was a way of armouring myself against the attention so that I could, very much like Cruella, embody a more frightening persona.”


Back in April it was confirmed that Welch will score a new Broadway adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

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Lewis Capaldi to release new documentary that captures his rise to stardom and creative process

Lewis Capaldi is set to release a new documentary that captures his rise to global superstardom.

Announced today (June 9), the film will see the Scottish singer-songwriter partner with BAFTA-winning director Joe Pearlman and Pulse Films – the creative team behind music films like AppleTV+’s Beastie Boys Story and Beyonce’s Lemonade.

The documentary, which is yet to have its title revealed, was filmed over a five-year period, following a sold-out global headline tour and history-making chart success, and finds Capaldi back at his parent’s house in Scotland to begin work on his forthcoming second album.


According to a press release, the film “captures Capaldi’s defining year, struggling to balance the familiarity of home, normality and all he’s ever known, with life as one of the biggest stars on the planet, gleaning an intimate portrait of his unique character, hopes and fears in his own words.”

It continues: “Digging beneath the popular clichés surrounding the most unlikely of popstars reveals a deeply thoughtful and self-reflective young man at a unique crossroads in his life as he carries the weight of trying to eclipse the success of his record-breaking debut album.”

Lewis Capaldi
Lewis Capaldi. CREDIT: Burak Cingi/Redferns

Speaking about the documentary, Capaldi said: “If the immense pressure of writing and recording a second album that has to live up to the expectations of so many people I’ve never met while also attempting to eclipse the commercial success of my previous album wasn’t enough, I decided to film the process in its entirety for your viewing pleasure.

“I’m very excited to potentially capture the making of the best album of all time, or more likely, to permanently document the scorching of my dreams as years of my life’s work is received like a pile of flaming shite. Either way it’s going to be lots of fun and will be lovely to have people along for the ride.”

There is no release date set for the film as of yet, but Independent Entertainment will be representing it at the forthcoming Cannes Virtual Film Market (June 21-25).


Earlier this year, Capaldi confirmed he was postponing all of his planned shows until 2022 in order to focus on writing and recording his second album.

Meanwhile, uncensored footage of Capaldi‘s swear-filled appearance at last month’s BRIT Awards 2021 has emerged online.

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Watch Noel Gallagher discuss High Flying Birds in exclusive doc clip

An exclusive clip from Noel Gallagher – Out of the Now has just been released – check it out below.

Taken from a new Sky Arts show focusing on Gallagher’s performance at the Duke of York’s Theatre in the West End, it will include both performance and storytelling to span his career with Oasis and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

In the new clip, Gallagher speaks about his first tour with High Flying Birds and his experience writing his first album as a solo artist without his brother Liam.


Noel also reflects on the new relationship with his fanbase, which is split between the new music. You can watch the extract above.

A synopsis for the new Sky Arts documentary reads: “Noel Gallagher – Out of the Now: the legendary songwriter presents an up-close performance of music and storytelling from London’s Duke of York’s Theatre.

“Powered by his full formidable band, Noel will perform ten tracks spanning his career in Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Oasis, and walk us through some of the significant moments in his own life and career which continue to define British pop culture.”

Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher performs live in 2018 (Picture: Stefan Hoederath/Redferns)

Noel Gallagher: Out of the Now airs on Sky Arts, Freeview Channel 11, on Thursday (June 10) at 9pm and is repeated on Saturday (June 12) at 9pm.

Gallagher recently revealed that the first High Flying Birds album released in October 2011 was originally planned to be “the next Oasis album”.


“On the last [Oasis] tour I wrote ‘If I Had a Gun’, ‘Everybody’s On the Run’ and ‘(I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine’,” he recalled.

“‘AKA… What A Life!’ was the last thing I wrote. That’s my birth as a solo artist.”

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