Florence Welch says Emma Stone’s Cruella “looks exactly like me when I was 20”

Florence Welch has praised Emma Stone’s portrayal of Cruella de Vil in the new Disney film Cruella, remarking that Stone’s take on Cruella “looks exactly like me when I was 20”.

The Florence + The Machine artist contributed the original song ‘Call Me Cruella’ to Cruella, which was released last month.

Speaking with Stone in a new Disney video to promote Cruella, Welch said that she “loved the film” and explained why she “felt such a kinship” with the titular character.


“I just felt such a kinship towards her because, really weirdly, she looks exactly like me when I was 20,” Welch told Stone. “I had that bright red hair, blunt fringe. I was like: ‘I know this girl! I was this girl!’”

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Welch added: “I really kind of felt that desire [of Cruella’s] to create, but also I understand that chaos energy because I have been a chaos person.”

Speaking about the connection between music and fashion, Welch told Stone: “I was always interested in clothes, and fashion seemed like this outlet for creativity. Dressing up, for me, has always been a self-actualising of the inner spirit.

“I feel like it’s a way to get to the soul of you outside of yourself. With music, as my career got bigger, with a lot of the clothes, it was a way of armouring myself against the attention so that I could, very much like Cruella, embody a more frightening persona.”


Back in April it was confirmed that Welch will score a new Broadway adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

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