August Burns Red’s ‘Bones’ Used as Torture Device on ‘NCIS: LA’

There have been stories of the U.S. military using heavier music as a torture device during interrogations over the years, so it should be no surprise when Hollywood lifts a page from the playbook. That’s what recently happened with CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles utilizing an August Burns Red song as a means for kidnappers to taunt their captives.

The song “Bones” was used in a recent episode in which Sam Hanna’s (LL Cool J) daughter gets abducted off the streets and is subjected to the heaviness of the chaotic track as punishment for talking to another captive.

Hilariously, the song seems to have little effect on the detainees while one of the torturers is seen heading outside for a smoke admitting, “This music is getting to me.” It’s also pretty comical that the usage of said music automatically engages flashing strobe lights as if they were readily installed in the darkened prison-like environs where the two kids are being held. You can see the scene play out in the video below.

August Burns Red Music Featured in NCIS: Los Angeles Scene

August Burns Red took it all in stride with guitarist JB Brubaker, who wrote the music for the song, responding on Twitter, “Just watched an episode of NCIS: LA where my band’s music is used to blast the ears of prisoners as a means of auditory torture, so yeah, feeling pretty good about myself right now.”

Brubaker created the music while Brett Rambler gave the song its lyrics. “Bones” is featured on the band’s 2020 album Guardians, which is currently available here (As Amazon affiliates, we earn on qualifying purchases). You can hear the song in full below.

In real life, stories have surfaced about the CIA using Red Hot Chili Peppers music being used on detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Metallica and Demon Hunter being among the acts chosen for prisoner interrogations and Skinny Puppy invoicing the government after hearing their music was being used for alleged torture practices.

August Burns Red, “Bones”

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49 Rock + Metal Artists Pose With Their Pets

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