LISTEN: Dying Wish’s Vitally Pummelling New Track ‘Severing The Senses’

Two weeks till the band’s debut album drops!

Dying Wish have shared another track from their upcoming debut album ‘Fragments Of A Bitter Memory’, and it’s another vital slice of metalcore brilliance.

It’s called ‘Severing The Senses’ and melds classic driving riffs and spiky breakdowns with vicious and volatile storytelling. It’s another sharp and savage example of one of the most exciting and important new bands the scene currently has to offer.

Vocalist Emma Boster explains some of the song’s vital themes below:

“I wrote the lyrics at a time when friends of mine were coming forward about their experiences with abuse after years of their stories being invalidated and suppressed. As a survivor myself, it was triggering for me to see their bravery met with even more denial and excuses from the person who caused them harm. That feeling of anger and sadness I get in those moments will forever be unparalleled. ‘I cannot escape this torment granted by the hand of a coward’ is specifically about those triggered emotions.
“After growing up in a home where I experienced violence, I had a very distorted expectation from men. As a result, I found myself in a relationship where I experienced other forms of abuse. ‘I felt the weight of every mistake you made’ and ‘I took the blame each time you broke my heart’ refers to the gaslighting and manipulation I dealt with in my first relationship. It’s a story I no longer tell because of how many times I’ve been told that my trauma wasn’t real. The idea of the letter on the deathbed is intended for the survivor to have the last word so they never have to feel invalidated again.”

Here we go:

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‘Fragments Of A Bitter Memory’ is set to drop on October 01 via SharpTone Records.

It will also feature the incredible ‘Until Mourning Comes’:

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And heartbreaking ‘Fragments Of A Bitter Memory’:

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