Grayscale Have Announced The Details Of Their New Album ‘Umbra’

You can also listen to their shimmering new single ‘Dirty Bombs’ right now.

Grayscale have announced the details of their new album.

This is everything you need to know:

1) It’s called ‘Umbra’.

2) It’s dropping on August 27 via Fearless Records.

3) The artwork looks like this:

4) And the tracklisting like this:

01. Without You
02. Dirty Bombs
03. Bad Love
04. Motown
05. Over Now
06. Dreamcatcher
07. Live Again
08. Carolina Skies
09. King of Everything
10. Babylon (Say It to My Face)
11. Light

5) You can also check out the first taste in the form of ‘Dirty Bombs’, a colourfully atmospheric beauty, right now.

Vocalist Collin Walsh had this to say about the song’s themes:

“‘Dirty Bombs’ touches on the constant, excruciating need most people have to seek attention and gain approval from complete strangers. The verses discuss life lessons learned through experience — ranging from both playfully optimistic and beauty-seeking (‘Try stomping puddles / Let yourself get soaked / If you don’t see the sun / You’ll never grow’) to harshly realistic and dry (‘Try harder drugs with friends when you get old / There’s never push without some pull’). ‘Dirty Bombs’ stresses the importance of growing into yourself and who you truly are throughout life, rather than growing into what you want people to think of you.”

You can check it out alongside a beautifully shot video below:

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