Management firm One House partners on new platform for offsetting touring emissions

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By | Published on Wednesday 25 January 2023


Management firm One House has announced a partnership with a company called Aerial to create a tool to help artists measure, reduce and offset the carbon emissions of their touring activity.

The two companies say that the new product will allow “artists and agencies to plan more environmentally-friendly tours by leveraging accurate emissions data”. The platform also offers options for offsetting the carbon emissions of current, future and past tours.

“The UK music market is responsible for approximately 540,000 tonnes of CO2e per annum, so providing impactful ways to reduce that amount is critical for meeting global climate goals to reduce warming”, they add.

Aerial describes itself as the “easiest and most accurate way to manage your carbon footprint”, adding “we track your emissions, give you simple ways to take action, and offer exclusive insights from credible science writers on how to live more sustainably”. It’s previous work includes tools for offsetting the carbon emissions linked to NFT and other crypto projects.

Discussing his tie up with Aerial, One House founder Napper Tandy says: “When I met the Aerial team I was inspired by their passion for developing simple tools to empower climate action”.

As well as management, One House also operates a booking agency and label, with a roster including Eliza Rose, Folamour, Yung Singh and Sherelle.

Tandy continues: “At One House we’re constantly exploring how we can make it easy for our community to mitigate their climate impact so we decided to invest in Aerial and co-develop the world’s first specialised solution for DJs and touring artists”.

Aerial co-founder Andreas Homer adds: “Helping artists and creators understand their footprints will make a major impact in reducing carbon emissions. We’re pleased to partner with One House on accomplishing this goal together”.

You can find out more about the new service here.


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