Robert Fripp and Toyah Willcox take on Rolling Stones classic ‘Satisfaction’

Robert Fripp and Toyah Willcox‘s Sunday Lunch has continued today (April 18) with a cover of The Rolling Stones‘ ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ – watch the performance below.

The pair have been delighting fans during lockdown with their exuberant, hit-packed series of covers, shared each Sunday.

The pair launched their video series last year, sharing renditions of songs by NirvanaDavid BowieMetallicaBilly IdolGuns N’ RosesZZ TopAlice Cooper and more through Willcox’s YouTube channel.


Last week, they covered Judas Priest’s ‘Breaking The Law’, and now is the turn of The Rolling Stones.

Watch the new cover, which sees Willcox covered in body paint and the pair joined by “mysterious stranger” Sidney Jake on guitar, below.

[embedded content]

Willcox revealed in February that her Sunday Lunch video series started because her husband, Fripp, was having withdrawals from performing during the COVID-19 lockdown.

“Here I am in this house with this 74-year-old husband who I really don’t want to live without,” the musician and actor said of Fripp, explaining that she wanted to occupy the guitarist. “He was withdrawing, so I thought: ‘I’m going to teach him to dance.’ And it became a challenge.

“I do the lighting, the filming, the conceptual side and the persuading Robert to take part,” she added.


Meanwhile, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger shared a new song with Dave Grohl this week.

Discussing ‘Easy Sleazy’, NME wrote: “Reclaim your Stone and your Foo please, they’re lost. It’s like watching two people who have been teamed up at a ‘Write your own song’ workshop and they’ve given it a good go.”

Following the song’s release, Jagger has announced that he is selling an art piece built around the song as an NFT (non-fungible token) to raise funds for beleaguered independent music venues.

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Paris Jackson opens up about dad Michael: “He’ll always influence everything I do in some way”

Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, has opened up about her father in a new interview.

Speaking to The Evening StandardParis discussed her new indie-folk album which has been influenced, as noted in the article, by artists including Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke and Grandaddy.

Whilst not leaning towards the pop music of her father, Paris said her father’s work will “always” influence her in some way.


Paris said: “I think he’ll always influence everything I do in some way, whether it’s subconscious or intentional.

“I was around that creativity all the time, so I’m sure I learnt a lot of what I have from that.”

[embedded content]

She also spoke more about the music the two used to listen to together.

“We listened to Kanye West around the house as well,” Paris explained. “I was always singing growing up. It was cool seeing the look on my dad’s face when he realised I could match pitch and harmonise.”

Paris also revealed that her godfather, Home Alone’s Macauley Culkin, is encouraging her music career. “His music taste is really cool,” she said of Culkin.


“He listens to stuff like Devendra Banhart and The Orwells, so when I do stuff closer to that kind of stuff I send it to him. He’s been really, really supportive.”

Meanwhile, The Struts have recently teamed up with Paris on new song ‘Low Key In Love’.

“‘Low Key In Love’ was written after a date in Los Angeles at 70’s retro bar, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s,” the band’s frontman Luke Spiller said of the track (via Classic Rock). “I walked into the studio explaining that we needed the song to have the essence you feel when entering the bar and absorb the vibe.”

Reviewing Paris’ recent album, ‘Wilted’, NME said: “‘Wilted’ feels caught between the twee folksy pop of Paris Jackson’s previous releases with The Soundflowers and the bewildering alt-rock icon she may become.

“As a musical introduction, it’s enthralling, inconsistent and, at times, excellent. Ultimately, this is a glimpse of the artist that Jackson could be.”

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Bobby Shmurda teases upcoming new music with Lil Uzi Vert, DaBaby and more

Bobby Shmurda has teased upcoming collaborations with DaBaby, Lil Uzi Vert and more following his release from prison.

The rapper – whose real name is Ackquille Pollard – was freed from jail in New York back in February, after serving seven years behind bars for conspiracy and weapons possession.

Appearing on the Maino Presents: Kitchen Talks podcast, Shmurda discussed an upcoming album that’s in the works, including some high-profile collaborations.


“Man, we got so much new music coming,” Shmurda said. “We got music coming with the biggest artists, from Maino, Quavo, DaBaby, 42 [Dugg], Uzi, Rowdy [Rebel], Jay. There is so much shit coming out it’s gonna be a hot summer.”

Listen to the interview below.

Following his release from prison, Shmurda said he wants to be a “role model” moving forwards. In a new interview, the rapper spoke about how the letters received from fans when he was in prison impacted him.

“It was 2016, I was in the box,” he told GQ. “A six-year-old girl wrote to me; she said I was her favourite rapper.”

He added: “That just let me know the kids are watching me, and I have to be a role model.”


Since Pollard was released from jail, streams of his music have increased by over 600 percent. When news of the rapper’s imminent release from prison broke on Monday, February 22, and when he was freed the following day, streams of his music tallied up at 3.7million in the US, up 624 per cent from the previous two-day period.

On the day of his release, Migos rapper Quavo was on hand to personally pick Shmurda up from prison in his private jet.

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Little Simz reveals details of new album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’

Little Simz has revealed details about her upcoming new album, ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’.

Speaking to The Observer, London rapper Simz explained that her fourth studio album was written largely in lockdown (in London and later Berlin) and that it explores her difficulty in opening up about her personal life in an industry where everyone is expected to be “an extrovert.”

Speaking about lockdown, Simz said: “I spent the time doing what everyone was doing really, just reflecting.”


She added: “I know that I’m quiet, innit? …I’m just very to myself and I didn’t know how to really navigate that, especially coming in this industry where you’re expected to have this extroverted persona all the time.”

Little Simz
Little Simz CREDIT: Ben Bentley/NME

“I wanted to just let people know like, yo, I’m actually this way inclined…being this introverted person that has all these crazy thoughts and ideas and theories in my head and not always feeling like I’m able to express it if it’s not through my art.”

The Observer revealed that the album is 19-tracks in length with spoken-word interludes. It describes the album as “an epic, Wizard of Oz-style quest as Simz confronts her fears and counts her blessings.”

Despite her difficulties opening up, Simz’ new album sees her addressing personal issues, including a distanced relationship with her father and a relationship.

Simz added: “When it comes to business and my work, I’m not shy at all, I don’t hold back with that. I’m very serious and direct, but other stuff sometimes…”


“You come out of it, and it’s like, oh shit, now I’ve gotta perform it, and everyone’s gonna know how I really feel…It is a lot, but at the same time, it is super freeing. I feel like I’m ready to gooooo for it. I’m charged.”

Earlier this month, Simz teased a new video that was shot at London’s Natural History Museum.

As shared on Twitter, Simz appeared in the museum’s iconic concourse, with a blue whale skeleton suspended from the roof, alongside a host of dancers.

“end of the month , let everybody know,” she captioned the post.

Whilst not yet confirmed, the video could accompany Simz’ first single from the album, ‘Introvert’, which will be released next week (April 23).

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Lil Nas X wants Rihanna and Bad Bunny on a ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ remix

Lil Nas X says he wants to feature Rihanna and Bad Bunny on a remix of his hit single ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’.

The song, which has topped charts and also attracted criticism since its release last month, returned to streaming services this week after it was temporarily removed.

In a series of tweets this week, the rapper asked his fans to check if the track was still available to stream on Apple Music in their respective countries. He then retweeted replies from fans who were unable to stream the song.


Now, the rapper is already looking ahead to potential remixes for the song. In a new interview on Capital Radio with Roman Kemp, he was asked who his dream collaborators for a ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ remix.

“Rihanna and Bad Bunny,” he replied immediately, to which Kemp responded: “It makes me feel like this may already be in the pipeline.”

“I wish!” Lil Nas X said. “What if I ask for it? I don’t want to jinx it.”

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X CREDIT: Filip Custic/Press

Earlier this month, ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ scored Lil Nas X his second UK Number One single. The song has, however, been caught up in controversy since its release, partially due to the religious imagery used in the video. Right-wing voices criticised Lil Nas X for using scenes based on the Garden of Eden and in which he gives the devil a lap dance.

The star has also been accused of copying elements of the video from FKA twigs’ visuals for ‘Cellophane’. Both Lil Nas X and FKA twigs have addressed the claims, with the latter thanking the rapper for acknowledging his inspiration in a conversation with her.


It was also recently announced that pairs of ‘Satan shoes’ endorsed by Lil Nas X, which allegedly contained a drop of human blood, are to be recalled following a lawsuit from Nike.

The shoes, customised Nike Air Max 97s, were designed without the sportswear giant’s permission upon launch last month.

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Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland has reportedly been taken out of solitary confinement

Fyre Festival‘s co-founder Billy McFarland is reportedly out of solitary confinement in prison.

McFarland is currently serving a six-year sentence after pleading guilty to multiple counts of fraud, including for the disastrous festival in the Bahamas in 2017.

McFarland spent six months of this sentence alone in solitary confinement after taking part in the recording of a podcast.


Last year, McFarland launched Dumpster Fyre, a podcast which saw him “share everything that happened” regarding the notorious festival. According to The New York Times, last year, McFarland was given special protection in the Ohio prison as a direct consequence of the release of his podcast.

“We believe the investigation stems from his participation in the podcast and the photographs that were taken and utilised in the trailer, which were all properly taken,” McFarland’s lawyer Jason Russo told the NYT last year.

“We don’t believe he’s violated any rule or regulation, and there can’t possibly be anything else. He’s been a model prisoner there,” he added at the time.

Fyre Festival
Fyre Festival (Picture: Alamy)

Now, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons database, McFarland has been taken out of solitary confinement and release and transferred to Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City.

McFarland’s lawyer reportedly told Insider that he has “got his freedom back.”


Speaking about the time spent in solitary confinement, Russo claimed: “It was punitive. At first, they said he violated rules by speaking to the media — which there is no such rule. Then they accused him of doing three-way calls, which you’re not allowed to do – but these were not three-way calls.”

The prison also brought administrative charges to McFarland over photos of himself which were posted to an Instagram account claiming to be managed by “Billy’s team.” However, McFarland’s lawyer said he didn’t know who was behind the account.

He aded: “Every picture that was sent out was taken with a commissary camera and approved to be distributed” by the Bureau of Prisons.”

Russo also reportedly told Insider that all the administrative charges against McFarland were dropped apart from one which forbids inmates to share commissary funds. Russo claims this was why McFarland was placed into solitary confinement.

Earlier this week (April 16), organisers of the notorious festival reached a $2million settlement with 277 attendees, almost four years after a $100 million class action lawsuit was initially filed.

The new lawsuit will see each of the 277 attendees receiving $7,220 (£5247), although the figure could potentially be lower as Fyre Festival is still in the middle of a bankruptcy case with a selection of various creditors.

Lawyers representing ticket-holders for the Bahamian event have secured the settlement, but, as Billboard reports, it still needs a vote of approval to take place on May 13th.

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Watch Evanescence’s fiery new video for ‘Better Without You’

Evanescence have shared a music video for their song ‘Better Without You’, taken from their recently-released fifth album ‘The Bitter Truth’.

The clip was directed by filmmaker Eric D. Howell, who also helmed the video for previous single ‘Use My Voice’, also taken from the band’s latest album.

Alongside footage of the band ripping through the song, the intense visuals see bandleader Amy Lee navigating a mazelike hall of mirrors, ultimately smashing through the pillars that surround her while wielding a mic stand.


Watch the music video for ‘Better Without You’ below. It comes with a warning for photosensitive viewers due to heavy use of flashing lights.

[embedded content]

‘The Bitter Truth’ arrived late last month after a string of singles like ‘Wasted on You’ and ‘The Game Is Over’.

It marks the first new album of all-new, original material from Evanescence in a decade, following their 2011 self-titled LP. In 2017, the goth rockers released ‘Synthesis’, an album that saw them rework earlier material with orchestral and electronic elements.

Earlier this week, Evanescence announced a livestream concert – dubbed ‘Driven to Perform’ – that will take place on May 13 and be hosted by rock legend Alice Cooper.


The band also recently postponed their UK and European tour to 2022. They will now bring the co-headlining run with Within Temptation to the UK next April, hitting up arenas in Leeds, London, Glasgow and Birmingham.

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Tributes paid to rapper Black Rob, who has died aged 51

Tributes are being paid to former Bad Boy Records rapper Black Rob, who has died aged 51.

The rapper’s death was confirmed by several of his friends and former collaborators including rapper Mark Curry, who revealed Rob had passed away in a video on social media, and singer-songwriter and producer Mario Winans.

“This hit my heart……. we will NEVER forget you brother! RIP BLACK ROB!” Winans wrote in an Instagram post earlier this evening (April 17). His exact cause of death has not yet been revealed.

Last week, a video surfaced that showed Rob (real name Robert Ross) lying down in a hospital bed, saying he was suffering from “crazy pain”.

In the same clip he was asked about how he felt about rap legend DMX, who died last week (April 9), to which Rob said he had “big love” for the Ruff Ryders rapper.

In the days that followed, Rob revealed in another video, shared by DJ Self, that he was homeless and battling health issues including kidney failure, which DJ Self confirmed.

“Oh man, I’ve been dealing with this for five years. Four strokes … I don’t know what to tell you man. Shit is crazy. The shit is hard,” he admitted. “I don’t got no house to live in — except maybe an apartment. Me and my man be trying to get together. I’m telling you man, this shit is strange. It’s hard, you know what I’m saying?”

Born on July 12, 1969, Rob began his career using the moniker Bacardi Rob. He started out as part of rap group the Schizophrenics, alongside Alto and Godzilla, before joining Diddy‘s Bad Boy Records in the mid-1990s.

He appeared on tracks such as the remix of 112’s ‘Come See Me’, Ma$e‘s ’24 Hrs. To Live’, Total’s ‘What About Us’, and Diddy’s (fka Puff Daddy) ‘I Love You Baby’, before delivering the hip-hop anthem ‘Whoa!’ in 2000.

[embedded content]

That same year he released his debut album, ‘Life Story’, which in addition to ‘Whoa!’ and ‘I Love You Baby’ also featured ‘Spanish Fly’, his collaboration with Jennifer Lopez. The album was certified platinum by the RIAA.

He released his second album, ‘The Black Rob Report’, in 2005, followed by the albums ‘Game Tested, Streets Approved’ (2011) and ‘Genuine Article’ (2015).

Tributes have begun to pour in for Black Rob. “RIP to one of Bad Boy’s finest, storyteller supreme, Black Rob,” Skyzoo said on Twitter.

A-Trak wrote: “Damn, RIP Black Rob. Shit is too much,” while Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg tweeted: “Rest In Peace Black Rob … obviously the iconic hit is ‘whoa’ but for me it’s always gonna be about ‘I love you baby’ off the puff daddy and the family album.”

See more tributes to the rapper below:

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Snoop Dogg joins D-Nice on funky ‘No Plans For Love’ remix

Lockdown hero D-Nice has shared a new remix of his track ‘No Plans For Love’ featuring Snoop Dogg – listen to it below.

The famous DJ and former Boogie Down Productions member has been busy keeping people entertained during the past year with his acclaimed ‘Club Quarantine’ virtual DJ sets.

Those that have stopped by his digital gigs have included Barack and Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, Rihanna, DrakeJoe BidenWill Smith and even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He won Entertainer of the Year at last month’s NAACP Image Awards for his efforts.


Now, the DJ, whose real name is Derrick Jones, has returned to putting out original music. Last month, he released the original version of ‘No Plans For Love’, featuring guest spots from Ne-Yo and Kent Jones, and he’s now put out a remix with Snoop Dogg.

Listen to the ‘No Plans For Love’ remix below:

[embedded content]

Last week, Snoop paid an emotional tribute to his late friend and fellow rapper DMX following the legendary rapper’s death.

Appearing on the Today show, Snoop paid an emotional tribute to DMX, likening him to an angel.

“I’d like to say that DMX was wanting to glorify his relationship with God, and he was always pushing the right thing, and he was always trying to help other people,” he said in a brief clip. “And that leads me to believe that’s why God chose His angel to come back home with him. He did his time out here.


He continued: “He did what he was supposed to do. He influenced, he inspired and he represented. So, DMX, his soul will live on and his music will live on, as well. We thank you, brother, for what you brought to us.”

Meanwhile, the new season two trailer for Mythic Quest has been released and it features Snoop Dogg. 

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The Struts team up with Paris Jackson on new song ‘Low Key In Love’

The Struts have teamed up with Paris Jackson on new song ‘Low Key In Love’ – listen to it below.

It’s the glam rock band’s first release since their 2020 album ‘Strange Days’, which saw them collaborate with the likes of Robbie Williams, Tom Morello and Def Leppard‘s Joe Elliott and Phil Collen.

“‘Low Key In Love’ was written after a date in Los Angeles at 70’s retro bar, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s,” frontman Luke Spiller said of the track (via Classic Rock). “I walked into the studio explaining that we needed the song to have the essence you feel when entering the bar and absorb the vibe.”


He continued: “When we decided to explore the idea of a duet, I thought back to that night and remembered that Paris played a brilliant acoustic set. Something inside was telling me that everything happened for a reason, so I decided to message her.

“I’m convinced some things are just written in the stars. Bringing in Paris just gave the song a whole new dimension and really brings the story to life. She is beautiful and brilliant. A star.”

[embedded content]

“I first heard of The Struts when I went to go see Motley Crue play their final set on New Year’s Eve night at Staples Center a few years ago,” Jackson said. “The boys opened up for them and I had no idea it was going to be as incredible as it was. I just remember turning to my friend and saying ‘who the fuck are these guys!?’ I was so blown away by their talent, their stage presence, and their energy.”

She continued: “It felt like I had time travelled and got to experience what rock’n’roll was at its prime, like with the Rolling Stones and Queen. I started listening to their music and would see them at events here and there, and we’ve always been pretty friendly online.

“When Luke asked to work with me, it was an immediate yes. It’s been a privilege and an honour to sing on a song that I know means so much to Luke, and I’m grateful for the friendship that has sprung from such a lovely project. It’s unlike anything I have ever done or thought to do before, and I’m here for it!”


Meanwhile, Paris Jackson has spoken in a new interview about the time she spent with late father Michael Jackson during her childhood.

Paris spoke about her dad, who died in 2009 when she was 11, during an interview with Naomi Campbell for the latter’s No Filter YouTube series, with the pair discussing the former’s acting, modelling, activism and work in sustainability.

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Listen to ‘Founders Remix’ of Gang Starr’s ‘Glowing Mic’

DJ Premier has shared a ‘Founders Remix’ of Gang Starr track ‘Glowing Mic’ – you can listen to it below.

In 2019, the iconic rap duo released ‘One Of The Best Yet’, their first album in 15 years and the first since the death of co-founder Guru.

The album was previewed by advance singles ‘Family and Loyalty’, featuring J. Cole, and ‘Bad Name’. The former track got a poignant music video that features Premier, Cole and Guru’s son Keith Casim.


They followed it up last year with an instrumental version, which featured ‘Glowing Mic’ as a bonus track. The new remix version of the record features a new verse from Gang Starr Foundation rapper Big Shug.

Accompanied by a video starring comedian and former NFL player Spice Adams and Guru’s son Keith Elam, you can listen to ‘Glowing Mics (Founders Remix)’ below:

[embedded content]

Speaking on his decision to release ‘One Of The Best Yet’ in instrumental form, Premier said last year: “The DJ market, especially for instrumentals has never waned. I have always stayed in tune with my consumers because I am one of them. I like to release what I would buy and it seems like I am not alone.

“I feel totally satisfied knowing I made so many people happy; including Guru’s family, his fans and peers who love him and Gang Starr.”

In a three-star review of ‘One Of The Best Yet’, NME‘s Will Lavin called the album “a celebration of life, love and legacy”.


Meanwhile, Public Enemy returned last year with an explosive new protest song, ‘State of the Union (STFU), produced by DJ Premier.

The emotive track sees P.E. take “a fiery return to the frontlines as they take on Donald Trump and his fascist regime,” according to a new press release.

It continues: “An unflinching statement about the destruction the current administration has unleashed on the country and its people, ‘State of the Union (STFU)’ speaks truth to power while urging people to fight against racism, injustice and oppression with their vote.”

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Tom Petty’s ‘Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions)’ is now available to stream

Tom Petty’s ‘Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions)’ has now been added to streaming platforms – listen below.

The collection of alternative versions of some of Petty’s most beloved songs first appeared on the 2020 collection ‘Wildflowers & All The Rest’, an expansive retrospective of 1994’s ‘Wildflowers’, which was produced by Rick Rubin.

Made up of 16 alternate takes, long cuts, and jam versions that didn’t make it on the original LP, ‘Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions)’ also includes the 1992 track ‘You Saw Me Comin”, which had been unreleased until the release of ‘Wildflowers & All the Rest’.


In addition to being made available digitally, ‘Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions)’ has also been released on CD and as a limited-edition gold vinyl. Listen to the album on Spotify below.

‘Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions)’ track list:

01. ‘A Higher Place — Alternate Version’
02. ‘Hard On Me — Alternate Version’
03. ‘Cabin Down Below — Alternate Version’
04. ‘Crawling Back To You — Alternate Version’
05. ‘Only A Broken Heart — Alternate Version’
06. ‘Drivin’ Down To Georgia — Alternate Version’
07. ‘You Wreck Me — Alternate Version’
08. ‘It’s Good To Be King — Alternate Version’
09. ‘House In The Woods — Alternate Version’
10. ‘Honey Bee — Alternate Version’
11. ‘Girl On LSD — Alternate Version’
12. ‘Cabin Down Below — Alternate Version’
13. ‘Wildflowers — Alternate Version’
14. ‘Don’t Fade On Me — Alternate Version’
15. ‘Wake Up Time — Alternate Version’
16. ‘You Saw Me Comin’’

Last month, Spoon shared covers of two Tom Petty classics on digital streaming platforms for the first time.

The Austin band initially covered the 1976 song ‘Breakdown’ for the late rock star’s 70th Birthday Bash concert last year. The original track was the first single to be taken from Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers’ self-titled debut album.


Meanwhile, Dave Grohl has revealed that he turned down the chance to become Tom Petty‘s drummer because it would have been too “sad” to sit behind the kit so soon after Kurt Cobain‘s death.

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