Singled Out: Jay And The Cooks’ Poor Everybody

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Jay And The Cooks Photo courtesy Deutsch PR
Photo courtesy Deutsch PR

Jay And The Cooks’ Jay Ryan tells us about their song “Poor Everybody” from their latest album, “Dried Up Dreams”. Here is the story:

I usually come up with a title and write the song back from that. So, I was thinking “this political and social situation we’re living through really is dire”. Not a revolutionary thought but at the time, two years ago, nevertheless true. I couldn’t read a book, I was obsessed with the impeachments, with proto-fascist groups parading around in military gear, with the feckless opposition in the USA as well as a major political party in the States slipping back to 1933. At that point it was “Poor Me”, I was ranting every morning which was practically ruining my marriage and then I thought “Poor Everybody” because if the brownshirts get the power we’re all in it together.

I needed a heavy-grunge blues guitar, so I did that myself. I needed a weird blues groove, so I inverted a shuffle…I wanted the song to grate your ears. Martin Ingle and Marty Vicker pounded on the bass and drums like they were cannons, and finally, Christian Poidevin (who is essentially a bluegrass player influenced by Charlie McCoy) played the harmonica solo. Christian asked me, “how would you like it to sound?” and I said, “Like the 3rd world war”. He had never played anything like that. I like the line, “vicious little bullies having all the fun, sensitive soul’s minds all stuck in the mud”. Things are getting worse too, so “Poor Everybody”.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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Three Songs From Linkin Park’s ‘Living Things’ Have Hit New Certification Levels In The US

A really wonderful album, still appreciated. 

Linkin Park’s ‘Living Things’ has been celebrated its 10th anniversary. An album that saw the band delve deeper into their love for electronic music whilst still delivering the piercing melody and unrelenting force they had become known for, it’s an underrated gem that you should absolutely revisit.

And with it comes a trio of new certifications for tracks reaching new levels of certification in the US according to RIAA.

The first is ‘Burn It Down’, which is now 3x Platinum. It’s the track’s first move since it was certified 2x Platinum back in 2017:

[embedded content]

The next track is ‘Castle Of Glass’, which is now Platinum. It hit the Gold certification at exactly the same time:

[embedded content]

And ‘Lost In The Echo’ is now Gold. It’s worth noting that the album is also certified Platinum as well:

[embedded content]

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Lockjaw Reach ‘Breaking Point’ With New Video

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Lockjaw Single promo
Single promo

Lockjaw have released a music video for their hit single “Breaking Point”. The track been streamed over 158,000 times on Spotify in 4 weeks and is featured on Spotify’s New Core playlist.

Jeff Ogle had this to say, “‘Breaking Point’, I think has really proved to us that we can stretch outside our normal heavy roots and create something more melodic, vocally and musically. After just a few weeks the song hit over 100k streams on SPOTIFY, and helped us get on 2 Spotify Playlists, (New Core and All New Metal), Which was a really big deal, and milestone for us.

“Anytime you venture into new territory its exciting and nerve racking. We are known for heavy music, so for me it’s easy to rip out those kinds of riffs and write that style. ‘Breaking Point’ really changed my perspective on what is possible with this group when we were in the studio and Joe, our vocalist, came up with the main melody for the chorus. It kind of blew me away! The goal of this record was to take all that we love about metal and rock and just make it ours, with hooks, melodies, screams and ground shaking energy. We recently added ‘Breaking Point’ to our live set, and its really helped us prove to each other what we are capable of, I mean, if you told me 4 of 5 of Lockjaw would be doing vocals harmonies and backups live a year ago, I would have laughed at you. We are proud of where this record and song has brought us as a band.

“The video for ‘Breaking Point’ was shot and directed by Jeremy Peterson. We wanted to try and capture the energy of a Lockjaw show in the most intimate atmosphere we could. So, we invited some of our rowdy fans and friends into the shoot and told them to do what they do best. The final product turned out better than we could have hoped for, and we are so thankful for all the Lockjaw Legion, that always support us.

“The artwork for ‘Breaking Point’ was hand drawn by Tony Squindo, also known for his work with Metallica. Tony and I have become friends for the past year, and he really has a vision for what we were looking for, with art concepts, T-Shirts, etc. We couldn’t believe he wanted to work with us to be honest. But it’s a good relationship and we are proud of the work he has done for us.” Watch the video below:

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Mongolian rock band The Hu unveil UK and European tour dates

Mongolian rock band The Hu have unveiled details of a full UK and European tour this year – check out the dates below.

The band will perform at Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Cardiff, Birmingham, Belfast and Glasgow, as well as a huge show at London’s Roundhouse on December 9.

Tickets for the shows are available here from Friday July 1 at 9am and you can see all the UK dates here:


28 – Manchester, Academy
30 – Leeds, Stylus

1 – Nottingham, Rock City
2 – Cardiff, Great Hall
3 – Birmingham, O2 Institute
5 – 
Dublin, 3Olympia
6 – Belfast, Ulster Hall
07 – Glasgow, SWG3 (Galvanizers)
09 – London, Roundhouse

Back in May, The Hu shared their latest thunderous single, ‘This Is Mongol’.

The track is another preview of their upcoming second studio album, which is set for release later this year via Better Noise Music.

A statement said of the track: “As with all of their music, The HU connects the world to Mongolian culture and its unique core values of natural preservation and spiritual connection with the earth. These core values are on full display in the new, epic official video for ‘This is Mongol’.”


Speaking about the video, singer and tumur hhuur player Jaya from the band said: “We shot in the Mojave Desert, Nevada and the environment reminded us of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. We enjoyed shooting the video, it happened during our tour and it gave us a little break to reminisce about home.

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Coachella owner seeks to force a rebrand at another ‘chella’ festival: Washington DC’s Moechella

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By | Published on Tuesday 28 June 2022


Owners of the Coachella festival have filed yet another trademark action in relation to an event that has ‘chella’ in its name, this time a Washington DC based street party called Moechella. In part the new trademark complaint cites a shooting that occurred at the most recent edition of that DC event earlier this month, insisting that the Coachella brand is negatively impacted when incidents of that kind happen at events with similar names.

AEG’s Goldenvoice, which promotes the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival, has sought to block a number of other events that have ‘chella’ in their name, arguing that such chella event brands imply a formal connection with the Californian music festival.

Events previously targeted include CarchellaBookchella and Floatchella, as well as a New Year’s Eve mini-festival that had the full Coachella name in its title, mainly because it was taking place in the Californian city of Coachella.

Moechella, which was first staged in 2019, describes itself as “an advocacy festival that is the intersection of culture and politics in DC”. It’s organised by a group called Long Live GoGo, a “collective of liberators” built around the funk sub-genre GoGo, which originated in the US capital.

Although past editions of the event have gone ahead without incident, this year a shooting occurred that resulted in the death of a fifteen year old, with three other people injured, including a police officer.

One of the people involved in organising Moechella told a local news network that the event was actually over when the shooting occurred. Meanwhile, on Instagram, the Long Live GoGo organisation said in a statement: “We are deeply saddened by the tragedies that occurred in the hours following Moechella on 19 Jun 2022. We send our condolences to the victims and their families affected by this senseless tragedy and hope for a healthy recovery to those that were affected”.

“Moechella has always been a peaceful demonstration of our constitutionally protected right of assembly and free speech under the first amendment. The purpose of this demonstration has always been to speak out against the social inequities plaguing Washington DC, like gun violence, the lack of resources for the underserved community, police brutality and the need for DC statehood”.

“The gun violence in DC has gotten out of control and we need to address this plague in our community at the root. The violence that occurred is exactly what the Moechella demonstration is designed to address and prevent. We will continue to represent the heartbeat of DC culture and push for peace and equality. Let’s continue to uplift each other and find ways to deal with and activate true change for peace and programming in the nation’s capital. And keep us all safe”.

However, local police chiefs and politicians were critical of the festival and its organisers. In his statements, Police Chief Robert Contee repeatedly stressed that Moechella was an “unpermitted event”.

He told reporters: “We will certainly want to make sure people are held accountable when they hold unpermitted events in our city. This is one of the reasons why we don’t want unpermitted events taking place in our city. Unfortunately things like this can happen when you have the wrong mix of people or people who introduce firearms into a situation”.

Meanwhile, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser said at a press conference: “We have a child who was killed today at an event that did not have any proper planning. We need some accountability here”.

Given that Goldenvoice has been seeking to block various other chella events over the last couple of years, it’s no surprise that it is seeking to block Moechella too. Especially as organisers of the DC festival have been trying to trademark their event’s name.

It was in response to that trademark application that Goldenvoice formally filed legal papers with the US Trademark Trial And Appeal Board last week.

In that filing the Coachella owner said: “On information and belief, applicant intentionally selected the Moechella mark to trade on the goodwill of the Coachella marks. As one media article explains, ‘the name Moechella is a combination of the popular music festival Coachella and Washington DC’s slang word for ‘friend’ which is ‘moe’”.

“The use of Moechella would be recognised by consumers as referring uniquely and unmistakably to opposer and opposer’s festival”, it went on. “Opposer is not connected with applicant or applicant’s services in any way”.

Not only is the DC event called Moechella, but in promotional materials Moechella is written in lettering that very much mimics the Coachella logo. “Applicant has attempted to draw a false association between his event making use of the Moechella mark and opposer’s own festival by using the same stylisation for Moechella as opposer uses for Coachella”, the legal filing continued.

Although it seems likely that Goldenvoice would have been seeking to block the registration of the Moechella mark either way, its legal filing nevertheless noted the shooting at this year’s edition.

“Tragic headlines of shootings, at least one of them fatal, followed the event, resulting in a flurry of negative press concerning the event”, it stated. “In fact, the mayor is quoted as having said, ‘We have a child who was killed today at an event that did not have any proper planning’”.

“On information and belief”, it then continued, “the negative publicity generated by applicant’s Moechella event reflects negatively on opposer. Thus, applicant’s continued use and registration of the Moechella mark will continue to irreparably harm opposer and to damage its goodwill and the goodwill in its Coachella marks”.

We await to see how the Trademark Court rules – and whether Moechella will be forced to pick a new name in the future.


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